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      Cub Lea

      I am currently looking for a reasonably well-connected counselor or facilitator to act as a consultant (feeable if required) to assist me with generating a generic intake (this process typically pushes me into shock), selecting an appropriate facility or location for ibogaine treatment which is appropriate for what I believe to be unusual needs, and set up appropriate aftercare (I prefer to refer to it as convalescence, which I believe better describes it) upon completion of treatment.

      I’ve had a range of experiences with non-drug-assisted transformational modalities which at best have been reasonably beneficial and at worst positively scarring. I’ve studied compulsivity disorders and treatment since the early 1980s, and PTSD and transformational psychology since the late 80s.

      I’ve been aware of ibogaine as an aid to transformational psychotherapy since the days when Howard Lotsof was a chat-show mainstay (well…technically since Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail but that hardly counts unless it helps me to identify another Hunter Thompson fan).

      This experience, and my awarenss of my own situation, has led me to conclude that for optimal safety and benefit, I will need a non-standard treatment model from a provider capable of adapting to my requirements, as well as well-matched aftercare for the months following treatment. I am capable of funding this adventure to middle five figures.

      At this time, my focus is on finding a capable consultant to guide me to appropriate resources. Any suggestions or referals that you can provide will be gratefully appreciated.

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