Psychedelics for Depression/Anxiety

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      Now more than ever people are turning to psychedelics to treat their mental health conditions. If you’re looking for help in dealing with your depression or anxiety, psychedelics may be able to help you find relief from your symptoms.


      Join our community today and discuss how these substances can help improve your life. This is the perfect place to ask questions and share experiences with others who share a similar journey. No judgment, just discussion.


      We have a number of articles addressing this topic. Here are a few of them:


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      Cassie Craig

      I need to find a place that can sagely administer psychedelics to help treat my anxiety

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      Matt Zemon


      If you have not already, you may want to look into Ketamine therapy in your area.

      This link will take you to a variety of resources on Ketamine:

      Hope this helps-


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