Psychedelics for PTSD/Trauma

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      Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of using psychedelics for healing from PTSD or trauma? Do you want to learn how others are using these powerful substances as part of their treatment plan? If so then join the discussion here.  Our forum is open 24/7 and we welcome anyone to come here and seek support. You can also share your own stories or browse through our articles section.

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      Shea Prueger

      I actually think ibogaine and trauma should be talked about a lot more!

      I have had some really positive experiences in my own work with ibogaine and also with clients. I wish there were more studies that looked at trauma.

      Anyone else?

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      Peter Gulka

      A specific kind of trauma – religious trauma – needs to be talked about more. My personal experiences in the LDS/Mormon church have led me to healing through integrating from plant medicine experiences, and I now work with others as part of their journeys.

      Religious trauma is characterized by many things, but one of the most noteworthy is a lack of an internal voice, or authority. A lack of intuition. After a lifetime of a religious structure filling that role, and being actively taught not to listen to my own intuition, it is very difficult to find it, hear it, and trust it.

      Difficult – but not impossible, and how rewarding that process is!

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