Cannabis Connection Journey Circle

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About the Hosts & Speakers

This ceremony is hosted by Quynn Red Mountain, Animist Minister, Spirit Bridge Healing Practitioner and OOlah (One Who Balances) and medical cannabis patient. Pronouns They/She. Cannabis has been a great spiritual teacher for Quynn for many years, and now shares skills of spirit world journeying and drumming to those who are coming to, or back to, Cannabis as medicine. Her intention is to create a safe space, honest talk, and an altering drumbeat for people who are in the care of the Spirit of Cannabis, and those who want a more direct dialog with this powerful teacher. Earth Web Media and Quynn Red Mountain understand that Cannabis use is illegal in federal law. These services are offered for those people who have legally attained Medical Marijuana patient status in their state, or it is legal/decriminalized. Only participate in this ceremony when you are in a safe place where you do not have to drive. Quynn and EWM are not responsible for your actions during or after the offered ceremony.

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Type of Event Online
Price $9-29 (sliding scale)

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Tucson AZ 85710

Tucson, Arizona, 85710

United States



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