IBOGA Revolution of the Mind Retreat Costa Rica

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Ikara is the representative for the NGO Ebota A Maghanga which is the cornerstone of The Universal Village of God - Mboka A Nzambe and its traditional hospital Le Don de Vie (The Gift of Life Hospital ) in the west. When you participate in Iboga treatment here at Ikara, which is your adopted introduction to mind and the beginning of liberation, you directly contribute to our spiritual brothers and sisters who are composed of lovers of culture and natural medicine. Ebota A Maghanga, with support from ikara, works towards sustainability of indigenous knowledge for future generations and for a better world built on the brotherhood of man. Ebota A Maghanga brings together initiates and healers from Gabon. Globally, the NGO is focused on - The enhancement and protection of Gabonese cultural heritage - Participation to health coverage for all through Le Don De Vie - Integration of indigenous people´s - Preservation of the environment - Guaranteed access to organic food for a healthy & natural diet This is not a promotional business through our association. This is our service to our spiritual teachers, brothers and sisters in an effort to maintain ethical practice and adapted forms of Iboga to the western mind whilst supporting its origin and source. Radiate back into God's thinking with Iboga.




Savegre de Aguirre, Provincia de Puntarenas, 60504

Costa Rica


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