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Laura Beann



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Santa Rosa, California, 95404 United States

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Using an integrative perspective, I will pull from several theoretical orientations.


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  • SJ

    I’ve been working with Laura for five years now, ever since she opened her practice in California. I’ve had private sessions with her, and have been at many of her weekend workshops. She’s helped me with business decisions, difficult personal issues, and I’ve had a some profound spiritual insights during the weekend workshops I’ve been a part of.

    I’m not totally comfortable going into the personal details of exactly what I’ve experienced in my sessions given the public nature of this page, but will say that before Laura I had visited a number of more traditional “psychotherapy”-style therapists, and never really got anywhere with any of them. It was all just talking, but no actual healing after hours and hours of processing. That was not the case with Laura, and I believe it was her unique blending of “western” clinical skills with a shamanic worldview that really did it for me. It’s easy to find a psychotherapist, and it’s also easy (in California, at least) to find a shamanic practitioner, but it’s actually really hard to find someone who can draw from the strengths of both disciplines at once. That’s a potent combination, and I believe Laura is a true gem in this regard.

    Anyway, I’m obviously a fan, and would highly recommend seeking her out if you find yourself intrigued by the idea of “Psychoshamanic counseling”, as she talks about on her site. I can say that she holds an incredibly strong container during her workshop retreats, and expects you to do your own work. I suspect some people seek out shamanic practitioners with the idea that they can snap their fingers and provide an instant cure. OMG, I wish it worked that way… It doesn’t. I had to plow through a ton of crap working with my own material, and although she helped and pointed the way, I was the one that had to take the steps and walk towards my own healing. If you are willing to do that, and are truly sincere about taking an active role in your own healing process, she’s an amazing facilitator and guide and you will come out of the process a different person than the one that began it. I can’t recommend her enough.

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