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5 Reviews on “Attentive and Accommodating to the Fullest”

Overall rating
  • Courtney

    Dr Manno and his amazing nurses Kiara and Kim are amazing. I suffer from chronic migraines and PTSD and the ketamine treatments I get there help me with pain management and PTSD symptoms. The team here really genuinely cares about patients and helping people. After years of not being able to get real help and often being blamed that other treatments don’t work, coming here and getting real help from empathetic wonderful health care providers has really given me so much more hope that I won’t just have to suffer anymore.

  • Adam

    Attentive and knowledgeable care team, calming environment

  • Nathaniel

    Attentive and accommodating to the fullest.

  • Miranda

    My experience with Dr Manno and his staff, partnered with my therapist, has been wonderful, safe, nurturing, enlightening… I’m grateful to have found them.

  • Rick

    Dr. Manno is an exceptionally knowledgeable and capable doctor. The office is comfortable. He and his team are highly attentive and I felt exceptionally cared for during my visit.

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