Bwiti Nganga Makonza

Luis Makonza Da Silva (He Him)

Nganga, Servant to God, Iboga | Initiated into Muiri, Nzegho (Black Panther), Edicka, Moumeney and Mudaki.

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Offering intense Iboga experiences for those who want to meet there souls for a true soul connection. Iboga has been sold for drug addiction and mental illness but far more than that, it’s about spiritual connection. Being one with self and eliminating all the nonsense. It takes work. Iboga is not a miracle drug but it does do miracles. Join us and change your life forever.

Treatment Approach

Don’t waste your time with prescription drugs to solve your depression, ptsd and other emotional, physical and spiritual ailments. Bwiti Canada @ offers a natural and safe way to end the madness in a week. Iboga is a plant medicine that is a spirit. The answers lie in you. Iboga helps you find the answers.


Ikara Retreat Centre


Savegre de Aguirre, Provincia de Puntarenas, 60504

Costa Rica


School: Bwiti School of Life Gabon Africa

Traditional Lineage Training

I have been training in Gabon Africa for many years and am Initiated into Muiri, Nzegho (Black Panther), Edicka, Moumeney and Mudaki. I ma the highest trained Nganga in the west at this present moment.

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I offer retreats in Canada and Costa Rica

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