M Ruhl

Healing Through Connecting


Michaelene Ruhl



Constellation Healing Arts

33750 Freedom Rd

Farmington, Michigan, 48335 United States

Treatment Approach

Each session provides you with the experiences you need to begin to thrive and move forward in your life; living from a stronger perspective and handling challenges that arise in a new and healthy way. These experiences may lead to an increase in self-confidence, self-esteem, and well-being as well as decreases in anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship tensions. “It is my honor to be of service, supporting you on your path of healing to reconnect with love for Self and others."


School: Michigan School of Psychology

Graduated: 2013

Degree: PhD Clinical Psychology

School: Michigan School of Psychology

Graduated: 2008

Degree: MA Humanistic and Clinical Psychology

License or Certificate Doctoral level #6301015641

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