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Savegre de Aguirre, Provincia de Puntarenas, 60504 Costa Rica

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How I work with Clients

Iboga allows you to see your problems, it removes impediments, specifically those created by the ego. the ones that are in essence illusory, yet very physical in nature. This is why IBOGA has such great success in healing so many disparate illnesses.

When we see past the illusion we have created, what do we find? Truth, a new ability to communicate with our inner self and through that, a direct soul connection, true creativity, an ability to change and to heal - this is the process of Iboga Once the connection is made through Iboga, you are shown how you think and what you have created. It can be confronting to see how you came to be who you are. Iboga, through wholeness, gives you an understanding of you.

The Bwete in Gabon know these processes, they LIVE this process. Creation is universal knowledge attainable for all of those that are ready for change, to do the work, to be accountable. These mechanisms do not need to be understood intellectually, they need to be experienced and applied without conditioning to become real, and with Iboga this can be done.

You must see your self to heal. You do not need to be sick to come to Iboga. Everyone has conflict in their mind, everyone is running in this western world - this is our challenge and a beautiful one at that.

Once you see, you can be. That is how to heal.

Bwete spirituality is not just one thing, it is everything. And so we welcome you to meet your self through Iboga.

Treatment Approach

We offer 5 day retreats in our centre in Costa Rica


School: Mboka A Nzambe (Universal Village of God)

Traditional Lineage Training

I have been trained as a Nganga in the Miobe branch of Bwete. I work with the people´s of Mboka a Nzambe (The Universal Village of God). The Bwete branch called Miobe is a healing branch and it is devoted to traditional medicine from the forest. It is mainly practiced by the Babongo, Tsogho and Apindji peoples and it has its origins in the province of Ngounié. The Miobe Nganga helps restores the physical and psychic health of man through a series of treatments. It is one of the oldest and more traditional branches of Bwete and close to the mother branch of ''Disumba di muro na bata".

Additional Training

From birth I have craved, been compelled by and drawn to, that which is missing. My feeling of safety, my feeling of being loved, my feeling of trust being paramount in my journey. For me, intelligence is temporary without the resolve that we are indelibly interconnected with a spirit that is within all that we experience. Never have I given up on my journey to see myself and others secure what is theirs by birth rite, by pure will I have sought out western and eastern philosophies, psychedelics and numerous other cultural experiences over a period of 30 plus years in an effort to become more whole and more of myself so that i may assist others in their own journeys through living example. After lengthy and ongoing self development, my visionary experience lit my path towards the study of Bwete and Iboga. I have chosen to place my energies in this tradition's great wisdom after witnessing and experiencing its tremendous abilities to merge with the self, to extend the self into the soul realm where we are born, nurtured and free of delusion. Ikara Retreat Center Costa Rica is my home. Having experienced personal transformation through Iboga, it was the catalyst for my ongoing commitment to the study of the self and others emancipation.. My research into undivided wholeness through comparative philosophies and cultures is ongoing. True Bwete is a timeless and pathless land, something that can never be concluded or finished. It is ever beginning and immeasurable. I devote my life now to the tradition of true Bwete as seen from the ancestral roots of Dissumba and its counterpart Miobe.

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Le Don De Vie (Gift of Life Hospital, Gabon) - traditional Medicine Hospital operated by Ebota A Maghanga

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