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Dr. John Shealy

Licensed Clinical Psychologist | PhD


13402 Thomasville Cir

Tampa, Florida, 33617 United States



School: University of South Florida

Graduated: 1991

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical and Community Psychology

School: Clemson

Graduated: 1986

Degree: Bachelors in Psychology

License or Certificate #128197 Kentucky

Traditional Lineage Training

I feel blessed to have discovered Integral Zen and enjoyed a strong working alliance with Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi. IMZ proved transformative for me and I continued to strengthen my connection with Doshin and deepen my experience of this ever-evolving, cutting-edge Zen tradition. IMZ also introduced me to the power of Somatic Experiencing in trauma resolution as well as to powerful ways of engaging shadow work. My personal healing experiences with these practices inform the body-centered and trauma-related therapies I provide my clients. Over the past few years, I am being drawn back to my Christian roots by way of the Mystical traditions. I am finding the teachings of Thomas Merton and Richard Rohr particularly helpful as I attempt to "reclaim the Baby from the bathwater" - discovering and directly experiencing the early teachings of Jesus on his path to becoming the Christ. I resonate with the message offered in two of Thich Nhat Hanh's books, Living Buddha, Living Christ and Coming Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers and often expressed by the Dalai Lama," a disciplined Buddhist practice can make you a better Christian." More recently, I have been investigating the ways that psychedelics can facilitate one's Awakening to a higher Spiritual perspective regardless of one's religious background or current orientation. I am finding supporting a wide variety of folks who have had these powerful experiences very rewarding (learn more about my work with psychedelics).

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