Mindpeace Clinics Offer Highly Specialized Ketamine Infusion Therapy


Mind Peace Clinic

1600 Wilson Boulevard

Arlington, Virginia, 22209

United States

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5 Reviews on “Mindpeace Clinics Offer Highly Specialized Ketamine Infusion Therapy”

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  • Mike Collins

    The ketamine therapies definitely improved my mood. The doctors and other workers on site were extremely kind and professional. Thank you MindPeace!

  • M J

    I’ve been a patient at the MindPeace Arlington clinic for about two years, and I’m really happy to have found it. The doctors are always available to answer questions and are responsive to my needs. They and the nurses do everything possible to make the treatment sessions comfortable. They’ve worked with me to find a regimen that keeps my symptoms under control. They’ve also been sensitive to the fact that treatment isn’t covered by my insurance, so they do what they can to keep the costs down. Highly recommend!

  • Mark Gregg

    I never thought I would be able to admit that I ever needed help with depression/anxiety. Depression/anxiety took control of me, as I have always struggled with depression and anxiety in the past, but finally was hit by so much at once that I realized I couldn’t manage through my normal coping mechanisms and I needed help. I came to the Mind Peace Clinic and wasn’t really sure about how or if it could help me. Dr. Oliver was awesome in explaining everything clearly, then assessing my needs, while ensuring it was the right fit for me. It turns it was the right fit and improved my day to day life immensely. Thanks to the Mind Peace Clinic team and Dr Oliver I now know what it feels like to have what many have known as normal days without heavy depression and anxiety.

  • Jack Leavell

    Dr. Oliver provided me with a service that saved my life. There is no doubt about it. For the past fifteen years or so I have taken dozens of medications for my mental health. None of them were anywhere close to the effectiveness of the Ketamine treatments. I received my first treatment during the depths of a major depressive episode. After that one treatment I started to feel better within a few hours! The rest of the ketamine infusions ( I had a total of 7) completely pulled me out of one of the worst episodes of my life. This all occurred over the course of about two weeks. His doctors and nurses are unmatched in regards to professionalism and bedside manner. The scheduling and payment departments are the best I have ever dealt with. Everyone at MindPeace clinics really are there to help. If you take the help which they offer, your quality of life WILL improve.

  • Ziad Shihab

    A very knowledgeable, professional, and attentive staff works here, and attends very well to your medical needs during a ketamine infusion. But there is much more value in: the responsive and friendly staff; the safety and care offered by the overall experience; close follow ups to ensure medical benefit; and data-driven personalized dose optimization that uses a very well designed, elegant software app to ensure your comfort and mental wellbeing. If ketamine is indicated for your condition, this is the best place I have found by far in the Washington, DC area. However, they do not serve candy except by special arrangement in advance.

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