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  • Sara

    I had my first appointment with Mari today. She is an absolute gem! She is incredibly warm and kind. She listened to my laundry list of mental health concerns and assured me that together we would find the root of the problem. She has a holistic approach to balancing body chemistry which I absolutely love (and deeply appreciate). I’ve been struggling with severe anxiety and depression for a long time now. I’ve seen several different doctors/psychiatrists/therapists over the years. For the first time in a long time I feel hopeful. Thank you Mari!

  • Paula

    I have a loved one who deals with depression and helped them find help. Call me an enabler but I have seen them fail at other treatment options and knew there had to be something else. Plus, my mediocre pep cheer just wasn’t cutting it anymore! We are so thankful to have found Ketamine For Life! It was a totally new and different experience. I first spoke with Doctor Jessica and she did an awesome job helping us through the process and explaining the treatment. She was super understanding and I actually learned a lot about depression after talking to her which helped me a lot too. My loved one received his treatment from Doctor Jake and was reinvigorated after the ketamine treatment. I also noticed a significant improvement afterwards. He told me that this new treatment has helped him feel better and get out of the rut. It works!

  • Layne

    Terrific and very approachable physician. The treatment itself makes a world of difference in my depression. I have not had depression in the three months since I began treatments and that is remarkable for me. The staff is really friendly and scheduling is a piece of cake.

  • B.H.

    Dr. Hollingsworth and Dr. Bennett saved my life. I am so happy that I found them and have been doing ketamine infusions for my depression. It truly saved my life and the care, compassion, honesty and knowledge they shared with me and how this would benefit me was so thorough and they gave me hope again and I am truly thankful for this office every day!!

  • Tracy

    Dr. Hollingsworth and his staff are excellent. I was well taken care of before, during, and after Ketamine treatment. Dr. Hollingsworth is very skilled with IV insertion. I did not feel it at all. The infusion room was very comfortable with reclining chairs and warm comfy blankets. I was so relaxed before I even got the ketamine.
    Nothing surprised me about the treatment. I was well informed by the doctor what to expect. All my questions were answered.
    The ketamine infusion was a very pleasant experience. My anxiety melted away, and I felt a sense of wellbeing for days afterward.
    I definitely plan to return for more treatments. I recommend Ketamine for Life, and Dr Hollingsworth very highly for anyone who suffers from depression.

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