Setting a Goal of Lasting, Patient-Centered Healing

Dr. Will Sui

Psychiatry | MD

Treatment Approach

While medications can play important role in the treatment of mental illness, I believe that lasting healing involves psychotherapy. During my psychiatry training, I spent time learning from both classical Freudian psychoanalysis and Jungian analysis. I found that learning from both approaches helped me to integrate Western medicine and Eastern philosophies. I support meditative and spiritual practices in those who have interests in these areas.
Although I do prescribe, most clients that I treat are not on medications. I believe that medications can be helpful in certain situations though I am always mindful of reducing or discontinuing them as soon as my clients and I feel that life can be managed without them. In sum, I view the therapeutic relationship as the agent which leads to lasting change, while medications can be helpful in the short term.
Lastly, I see my role in a treatment relationship not as a healer, but as someone who can use my skills and experience to help people engage their inner healer, to heal themselves. In other words, I see the goal of treatment as to one day not need psychotherapy or medications.



Los Angeles, California, 90024

United States


School: UC Irvine

Degree: MD

School: University of Oxford

Degree: PhD Philosophy

Additional Training

I grew up in California, where I completed college at UC Irvine and medical school at UCLA. Midway through medical school I pursued research interests at the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC and ultimately completed a doctoral degree at the University of Oxford. After finishing medical school I moved to Boston and joined the faculty at Harvard Medical School; completing a psychiatry residency at the Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital. I remained on faculty at Harvard for two years while working at McLean, the nation’s top free-standing psychiatric facility—a distinction it has held for more than a decade. I am in private practice in Los Angeles.

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