West Michigan Ketamine Clinics Provides Specialized Ketamine Therapy Services for Women and Men of All Ages


West Michigan Ketamine

2093 Health Dr SW STE 201

Wyoming, Michigan, 49519 United States

Website: wmketamineclinics.com

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6 Reviews on “West Michigan Ketamine Clinics Provides Specialized Ketamine Therapy Services for Women and Men of All Ages”

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  • Chris Fitch

    My wife and I have both been getting treatments and I have to say I feel incredible. I had lost my will to live and now my future looks bright and clear. We have done the depression and a pain session, my chronic pain is not gone but I’m not focused on it and have reduced the amount of pain medicine required to get through the day. I highly recommend this to anyone having problems with anxiety/depression or chronic pain. The staff is professional and the treatment center is clean and comfortable.

  • Laura Boss

    Nick is amazing. He is very kind and personable while also being extremely educated and professional. He works very hard to adjust his schedule to accommodate you. Ketamine has been a life saver for me. I can’t thank Nick and West Michigan Ketamine Clinic enough for what they do.

  • John Smith

    This place is wonderful, the people are wonderful, and the treatments really are helpful.

  • Alyssa Gritter

    Professional, kind and accommodating – the patient comes first. Nick truly cares for and is dedicated to helping his patients. Lisa has been so helpful in setting up appointments (helped me to set up my first appt. same day), and also truly cares about the patients coming in. I’ve recommended this office to so many already; if you’re looking for help you should absolutely give them a call.

  • Samantha

    I have undergone different treatments in the past, but they all have failed in getting me where I need to be. Going to West Michigan Ketamine clinic was probably the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. The medical professionals there are all very thorough in my treatment, personable and kind. The treatment I’ve received there has greatly improved the overall quality of my life!

  • Jon Pell

    Talking about Ketamine Infusion is a lot like dancing about architecture. I mean, I guess it’s possible, but at a certain point your going to reach a disconnect and you won’t be able to see where the one started and the other stopped. This is also true with the nature of Ketamine Infusions. I can only speak from my own experience, but the catharsis felt while being administered, was such an entirely, deeply, personal event that the disconnect mentioned earlier between language, and experience, began to break down in ways I can’t use language to explain. And I don’t mean in just a little way. I mean within orders of magnitude, that can only be appreciated by under going the treatment. Nicholas is professional, makes sure you understand everything and is happy to answer any questions. I rarely write reviews, but I felt compelled to do this one given my experience and hope it helps others consider this fantastic tatreatment.

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