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Psychedelic Spotlight: Interview with Matt Zemon, Co-Founder, Psychable

Interview with David Flores

Today on the Psychedelic Spotlight podcast, we speak with Matt Zemon who is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Psychable, an online community connecting people who are exploring (or would like to explore) the power of psychedelic-assisted therapy with practitioners who can support them.

In our conversation with Matt, we tackle a variety of extremely important and highly-relevant subject matters such as how technology can be utilized to enhance the community of psychedelic healing, conscious capitalism, corporate responsibility, and how companies like Psychable are willing to go out of their way to connect with investors who are motivated not only by profit, but a company’s ability to contribute to the greater good of humanity.

*To find out more about Psychable, visit their website:

*Learn about the North Star Ethics Pledge

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