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  • Door of Perception

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Bio :
Door of Perception, in a nutshell:

* More than twenty years experience with and passionate about psychedelics
* A lot of experience with guiding trips in a variety of contexts
* Skilled in helping people move through challenging psychedelic experiences (thanks to many years' experience in psychedelic harm-reduction at festivals)
* Academic background in Medical Anthropology (subtopic of Cultural Anthropology)
* Up-to-date about scientific developments in psychedelics research
* Founder and former chair of the OPEN Foundation, a Dutch NGO focused on promoting psychedelic science
* Years of hands-on experience as a counselor in mental healthcare
* Compassionate and with a highly personal approach

In addition to psychedelic coach I’m also a mother, writer, consciousness explorer, (medical) anthropologist, meditation practitioner, music lover, nature admirer, art-house cinema fan, world citizen and idealist