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Psilocybin is a psychoactive compound present in over 200 species of mushrooms, including the most commonly known psilocybe mushrooms. Psilocybin can also be produced as a synthetic psychedelic. It is being researched as a potential treatment for a wide variety of physical and mental health conditions and was recently designated Breakthrough Therapy status by the FDA for the treatment of depression. Browse all Psilocybin articles.

magic mushrooms depression

Do Magic Mushrooms Treat Depression?

Medical Editor: Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, MD, Esq Psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms, grow naturally on every continent — except Antarctica. They are

Growing Magic Mushrooms

How To Grow Magic Mushrooms

Why Do People Grow Shrooms? People grow magic mushrooms for many reasons. Namely, because home-grown mushrooms are preferable to the alternative. On one hand, the

A magical looking pathway with lights and plants and butterflies leads to an opening door bathed in white light

What Happens During a Shroom Trip?

At risk of sounding cliche, anything can happen during a mushroom trip. The mind-manifesting quality of psychedelics can make for some very colorful experiences, and

a clear baggie of psilocybin mushrooms next to a brown bowl filled with psilocybin mushrooms

A Beginner’s Guide to Psilocybin

Medical Editor: Dr. David Cox, PhD, ABPP Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychoactive compound that can be found in over 200 species of mushrooms. Its

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