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Engage your soul with a true Iboga immersion experience. This 5 day 4 night experience follows African teachings with strong ancestral lineage. We come to Iboga to heal and this condensed experience that keeps our grouping together, follows the traditional way of administering iboga utilised in initiation in Africa.

This is all about the work, the truth, bridging the gap between soul and self without the distractions of the outside world. The waterfalls, beaches and activities can wait, these will happen and happen in new brilliance once you have immersed and met the soul to bring about the ultimate resolution. These are for the end of our retreat.
You come to Iboga for another chance, for redemption of self. It awaits and we feel more than ever that our immersion experience is the most accurate way of experiencing the self in its communication with the soul.

We do not sell pretty images and ideas, this is not what you need. Healing by speaking with our souls is what we need and this exists through strong spirit, protection and guidance. Join us in becoming yourself.


Private room which is immersed in the jungle surrounding.
Ocean views from all parts of the property
5 days, 4 nights accommodation at Ikara Retreat Centre
Vegetarian meals prepared with local, organic ingredients that are ethically obtained from within the southern pacific

Venue & Amenities

At Ikara Retreat center, we have the most magnificent views of the pacific ocean visible from all parts of the property. The vista is so overwhelmingly large that it feels like the oceans horizon is higher than us. We have 180 degree ocean views which includes the islands of Manuel Antonio National Park. This vista brings a great sense of peace and calm to people, Being above the ocean but also in cool mountain air, we are ionized here. The center is quiet and as a result we have regular animal visitors to the property. Everyday we see colibri (hummingbirds), toucans, tolomuco (tayra), pezote (white nosed coati), agouti, white faced capuchins, mariposas (butterflies), eagles and a wealth of frogs, amphibians, monkeys, birds and lizards. There are sloths and wild cats (ocelot, jaguar, puma and margay) but they are all elusive. ​

Our retreat centre has a purpose built yoga deck overlooking the ocean, a pool where you can sit and watch the capuchins in the tree above or listen to toucans while watching the sunset. There is a mix of manicured gardens and jungle to explore. Plenty of space to be by yourself.. Growing on the property we have bananas, aguacate (avocados), pipas (coconuts), jengibre (ginger), manzana (apples) and more. ​​To be honest, the animals eat most of it!

​​Ikara means meeting place in the Adnyamathanha language. The Adnyamathanha are Indigenous People from the Flinders Ranges in Australia. We wanted to bring a piece of true Australian culture with us to our new location in Costa Rica.

What's Included

5 days, 4 nights accommodation at Ikara Retreat Centre
2 traditional Bwiti Iboga Healing Experiences
Counseling and talk therapy (unlimited support pre and post ceremony from Ikara Retreat Centre)
Vegetarian meals prepared with local, organic ingredients that are ethically obtained from within the southern pacific zone. We can cater for any additional dietary needs.
Airport/hotel pickup service will be available on the first and last days of the retreat.

Additional Information

Ikara is the representative for the NGO Ebota A Maghanga which is the cornerstone of The Universal Village of God - Mboka A Nzambe and its traditional hospital Le Don de Vie (The Gift of Life Hospital ) in the west.

When you participate in Iboga treatment here at Ikara, which is your adopted introduction to mind and the beginning of liberation, you directly contribute to our spiritual brothers and sisters who are composed of lovers of culture and natural medicine. Ebota A Maghanga, with support from ikara, works towards sustainability of indigenous knowledge for future generations and for a better world built on the brotherhood of man.

Ebota A Maghanga brings together initiates and healers from Gabon. Globally, the NGO is focused on
- The enhancement and protection of Gabonese cultural heritage
- Participation to health coverage for all through Le Don De Vie
- Integration of indigenous people´s
- Preservation of the environment
- Guaranteed access to organic food for a healthy & natural diet

This is not a promotional business through our association. This is our service to our spiritual teachers, brothers and sisters in an effort to maintain ethical practice and adapted forms of Iboga to the western mind whilst supporting its origin and source.

Radiate back into God's thinking with Iboga.

Venue Details
  • Free parking
  • Pool
  • WiFi
Meal Types
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Retreat Topics

Psychedelic & Plant Medicine
  • IbogaineIboga



Phone +50689837678
Email ikara@ikararetreat.com


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