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1091 AF Amsterdam

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A personal journey of healing and discovery. I will assist you in preparing for your psychedelic experience, to host ceremony and create a setting where you feel safe and are able to surrender to the what lies ahead, and afterwards to help integrate your experiences into daily life.


Beautiful loft space in central Amsterdam.

This service is offered as standard on a non-residential basis. You stay in your own accommodation close by in Amsterdam. Provision can be made to come to your location for ceremony or to plan this in a residential setting. Ask for more information.

What's Included

Meeting one - At the start of our time together we will discuss what has brought you to this point, your background, your intentions, as well as expectations and possible concerns.
Preparation - You will be supported along your journey with remote guidance including undertaking a guided process of self-enquiry, and practical preparation advice
Meeting Two - One-on-one coaching session where we can reflect on this process and further refine intentions

Private Ceremony

Full day private plant medicine ceremony in loft location in central Amsterdam, including:
Welcome – settling in, tea drinking and housekeeping.
Ceremony – including stating intentions, meditation/breath/energy work and the conscious consumption of your truffles.
Journeying – 4-6 hours of your psychedelic journey, where you will travel through different energy flows, levels of personal connection and transformative insight.
Landing – time will be allowed for you to land softly and come back down to earth. We will finish the day eating a light meal together
Return to accommodation
This service is offered as standard on a non-residential basis (see below).
Integration and Aftercare

Integration Meeting 1 - The day after ceremony we will come together for a light integration session to check in, gently connect with what occurred, and to reflect on your experience. Weather depending this will be outside in nature.
Remote integration support – Integration materials provided to provide guidance. Further communications over the following days via text etc. is possible to help
Integration Meeting 2 - A further integration session will be held 4 weeks later to reflect and connect further with the emerging process.
Further support – further support is as an extra service including coaching, sharing-circles, and workshops etc. are offered.

Meal Types
  • Vegetarian

Retreat Topics

  • Mindfulness


Phone +31614544454


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