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Kuma Bwenze (He - Him)

Nganga Na Somba


Ikara Iboga Centre


Savegre, Provincia de Puntarenas, 60504 Costa Rica

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Ikara Iboga Centre Background

School: Mboka A Nzambe

Traditional Lineage Training

I have been trained as a Nganga Na Somba in the Miobe branch of Bwete. I work with the people´s of Mboka a Nzambe (The Universal Village of God). The Bwete branch called Miobe is a healing branch and it is devoted to traditional medicine from the forest. It is mainly practiced by the Babongo, Tsogho and Apindji peoples and it has its origins in the province of Ngounié. The Miobe Nganga helps restores the physical and psychic health of man through a series of treatments. It is one of the oldest and more traditional branches of Bwete and close to the mother branch of ''Disumba di muro na bata".

Additional Training

At Ikara Iboga Centre we are centered around the protection of ancestral knowledge and tradition. We are not part of the plant medicine movement or modern psychedelics but an extension of the traditional Bwete Village of Mboka A Nzambe. We are a spiritual centre as all diseases are born from mind. If you are after a traditional experience with IBOGA and are interested in indigenous culture worldwide, our centre is for you.

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