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Our Story

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Psychable was created to be a community, connecting people who are exploring (or would like to explore) the power of psychedelic-assisted therapy with practitioners who can support them.  

As the legal landscape continues to shift, Psychable wants to simplify the process of finding experienced professionals offering legal healing modalities (i.e. Ketamine-assisted therapy, somatic healing, and breathwork) along with those that can help patients with their pre- and post-psychedelic experiences.


We empower individuals seeking the healing properties of psychedelics with practitioners, knowledge, and a community that legally supports them.


A world where the safe, legal, and ethical use of psychedelics has transformed global mental health, allowing more people to heal, transform and access their true potential.
the Journey

Founder Story

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Jemie Sae Koo, M.A. had a transformative experience with psychedelics that lead to the creation of Psychable. Along the way, she pursued a Master of Arts degree in the field of Psychology with an emphasis on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and has spoken at some of the largest psychedelic conferences alongside leaders in the industry. Jemie also runs her own private practice where she offers personalized wellness and integration programs. You can learn more about her offerings here.

Our Council of Guides

Jemie Sae Koo, M.A.

Sinclair Kennally
Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC
Dr. Trina Nguyen
Dr. Trina Nguyen
Kate Northrup
Kate Northrop
Tina Kat Courtney
Tina Kay Courtney
Lily Safrani
Lily Safrani
Anahita Anais
Anahita Anais
joi whitmore
Joi Whitmore


Psychable strives to create a culture of people who share four core values:

Right Understanding

My purpose is to help people heal and explore by connecting them with practitioners who can support them.

Right Speech

The language I use is appropriate, accurate, and not intended to harm.

Right View

I look at things without ego. I do not know all the answers.

Right Efforts & Actions

My efforts and actions are to further Psychable’s mission.

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Advocating for Psychedelics

Psychable is the force behind the #NatureHeals campaign, supporting Heroic Heart’s good work.

Psychable supports a number of other nonprofit organizations and is supportive of the legislation being passed to decriminalize natural entheogens and fungi and to legalize MDMA and Psilocybin for medical use.

Our Journey and The North Star Pledge

Psychable is committed to the seven principles outlined by the North Star Ethics Pledge:

1. Start Within: We pledge to ground our work in this field with work on ourselves, and to treat our personal growth as a lifelong process.  Included in this is working to understand our full selves and recognizing that we have undiscovered biases, blind spots, desires, motivations, and intentions that influence our decisions and actions.  We will work to explore, understand, and resolve these.  We will seek mentorship and guidance from people in the field who we trust and we have made commitments to ethical action public to our team, organization, stakeholders, customers, and community.

2. Study the Traditions: We pledge to grow our knowledge of the history of psychedelics and their many traditions of use, in a good-faith effort to appreciate both the potential of these substances and the conflict and complexity around them.  Included in this is studying the history of indigenous use of psychedelics, and listening to the perspectives of indigenous people on psychedelic use today.  We also understand and appreciate the sacrifices made in time, resources, and, in some cases, lives towards the mainstreaming of psychedelics possible.  We are committed to exploring the history of psychedelics in the West, including the scientific research and cultural uses so that we understand the controversy around these substances.  We will continue to learn about the history of drug policy, including the history and implications of prohibition, the social and political consequences that continue today, and the drug policy reform movement. 

3. Build Trust: We pledge to invest in building trust in our relationships across the psychedelic field and repairing trust where possible.  We start from a place of trust and assume the best intentions in others.  We remain open to difficult conversations and honest dialogue.  We take steps to understand and engage with the people impacted by our work, to be sure to know their perspectives.

4. Consider the Gravity: We pledge to consider the implications of the choices that we make, understanding the potential consequences of unethical behavior to individuals, communities, and the psychedelic field at large.  We will put patients first, recognizing the need to make high-quality treatment accessible and affordable for all those who can benefit.  We will study the history, including the precarious legal standing and the enduring cultural stigma of psychedelics, asking questions on where we can minimize risk. 

5. Focus on Process:  We pledge to make the process as important as the outcome, letting the future we hope to see guide the approach we take in getting there. We ask people that we care about to hold us accountable to our goal of being a model of ethical behavior. We are transparent in our thinking around decision-making in key areas, creating a window for community input to ho build accountability.  We are committed to choosing what is right, not what is easy.

6. Create Equality & Justice:  We pledge to actively take steps to make the world more equitable and just. This means examining the places we have personal, organizational, and societal power and, whenever possible, using our position to lift others up. We empower diverse leadership within our organization. We appreciate that everyone’s worldview has limitations, and we work to seek out and empathize with perspectives that are different from our own.

7. Pay It Forward:  We pledge to support the flourishing of the psychedelic field and the communities in which we work, and to give back should our work lead to personal gain.  We commit to giving a percentage of profits to support the people whose effort and sacrifice the field now stands. Where applicable, we will share learnings, tools, resources, and assets in the public domain in the service of advancing the field at large.

There are a wide range of practitioners who choose to use the Psychable platform. We believe that giving individuals the ability to access the shared knowledge of the Psychable community is the best way for each individual to decide who they would like to work with. While Psychable works with and listens to many practitioners, each practitioner is responsible for their own behavior and opinions, and our association should not be interpreted as us agreeing with their opinions or as an endorsement of their behavior.

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Psychedelic medicine offers a new world of therapeutic approaches to address conditions that can be difficult to treat, such as ibogaine for addiction, ketamine for depression, LSD for anxiety and mood disorders, MDMA for PTSD, psilocybin for cluster headaches and smoking cessation… and more.  

As the legal landscape changes, access to psychedelic therapy will continue to expand. If psychedelics have had a profoundly transformational impact on your life, and you would like to make an impact on global mental health, we invite you to explore a career at Psychable.

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