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Has your life been profoundly transformed through the therapeutic use of psychedelics? If so, we want to hear your story!

Psychable strives to raise awareness of the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics when used safely, responsibly, and with integrity. We love to receive personal stories of healing and transformation, as well as articles covering important developments in the psychedelic sector that pertain to safety, diversity, inclusion, equitable access, and drug policy reform. 

These can be shared as informative listicles, step-by-step decision-making guides, and heartfelt personal narratives. Please note that we are only considering topics that are relevant to one of these four categories:

1. Psychedelic Medicine

Once considered to be extremely dangerous drugs with the harshest criminal penalties, psychedelic substances are being heralded as breakthrough therapies in the new frontier of psychotherapy. Our community loves to hear about the latest scientific research, discoveries, and therapeutic applications in the emergent field of psychedelic medicine.

Example: Why Are Veterans Turning to MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy?

2. Psychedelic Safety

Safety and harm reduction is one of our primary concerns in a world that continues to prohibit psychedelics. Our community is always eager to learn about different psychedelic medicines, and what it takes to have a safe, profoundly healing experience with these therapies whether it involves awareness of drug and medical contraindications, best practices in ceremony safety, or facilitator screening processes.

Example: How to Find a Ketamine Treatment Center that’s Safe, Qualified, and Good

3. Personal Healing

We are always amazed and deeply touched by the stories we hear from people who have had profound healing experiences with psychedelics, especially if they found relief from persistent depression, deep trauma, grief, or physical illness. At Psychable, we are on a mission to dismantle the stigma surrounding the use of psychedelics. By sharing your stories of healing and personal transformation, we hope to change public perception of psychedelic medicines and impact drug policy reform.

Example: Healing Religious Trauma with Psychdedelics

4. Drug Policy Reform and Advocacy

In order for psychedelic-assisted therapy and medicine to become accessible to people around the world, there must be significant drug policy reform so that further progress can be made in scientific research studies, more qualified practitioners can enter the field, and access to psychedelic therapies can expand without risk to personal or professional safety or fear of legal consequences such as incarceration.

Psychable invites the contributions of activists, advocates, and policy experts that share different perspectives on how to dismantle the War on Drugs and pave the way for destigmatization and decriminalization of psychedelics.

Example: Decriminalization and Legalization of Psychedelics: What’s the Difference?

5. Diversity and Inclusivity in Psychedelics

Our company is unequivocally anti-racist and committed to long-term advocacy, proactive inclusion, and diversity. We recognize the violence and harm that the Drug War has explicitly and intentionally enacted on communities of color. We recognize the need for restorative justice as substances like cannabis, psilocybin and MDMA become decriminalized and legalized for medical and therapeutic use. We recognize the continuation of systemic privileges and inequities that make the psychedelic sector predominantly White and affluent and hope to do our part to make the sector more inclusive and diverse.

We are not perfect and we will make mistakes, but we will absolutely not stand silent nor silence others as we do our part to pursue racial and gender equity.

Racism, hate speech, tone policing, and persistent ignorance will not be tolerated in our spaces.

Example: History of Psychedelics in America

The Psychable Voice

The voice of Psychable is thoughtful, informative, curious, and grounded. It is important that the content we present is evidence-based as well as personal. We recognize that many of the topics we cover are complex and deeply nuanced and that we don’t have all the answers. While we are hopeful, we uphold the mantra that more scientific research is needed.
At times we can be thoughtful, informative, and concerned:
and other times, we can be helpful and curious:

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people do not have an outlet where they can share authentic stories of healing and transformation, and be heard by others who understand and appreciate where they are coming from.

When you share your story with the Psychable community, not only do you reach other people who have had similar experiences, you add to the groundswell of positive testimonies and contribute to the destigmatization of psychedelics in society.

While we’d love to accept all submissions, we can only accept between 2-4 articles per month.

Not at all! We welcome authentic stories and perspectives from people of all backgrounds and writing experiences. However, if you are submitting a post on behalf of a company or business, we ask that you include your organization’s website in the byline of your article submission.

Please keep your article between 800 – 1800 words.

We do not offer monetary compensation for article submissions.

Yes! While your article can be on a variety of topics, we ask that you link to the Psychable home page and at least 1 Psychable blog article in the copy. We also encourage you to cite sources and link any relevant content when applicable in your post.

No, but if you do submit photos, we ask that they are high-resolution JPGs (300 dpi) and that you have the permission, a license, or rights to use them. 

Please be sure to credit the original photographer. We may resize your images for formatting purposes.

Yes! Please include a short author bio at the end of your article with links to your personal website or blog.

We will review your submission and respond within 30 business days.

We ask that any content that is written for Psychable be original, not published elsewhere, and unplagiarized. If your submission is accepted, we’d love for you to promote the link to your Psychable guest article on your social media channels.

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