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How Reviews Work on Psychable

Therapist reviews are an incredibly important part of your healing experience, which is why we take them so seriously. Trust and safety are our #1 priority, and this begins with making sure that reviews are authentic.

Our Promise

As a community, we are stronger thanks to the shared knowledge that comes from public reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the reviews on Psychable have been submitted by clients after receiving care from their respective practitioners. Our goal is to present reviews that are fair, accurate, and trustworthy. The questions we ask in our ratings are unique to psychedelic-assisted therapy and integration coaching.

After each appointment, we ask that individuals provide feedback about their experience.

After you attend an appointment, find your practitioner in Psychable. Once you find them, simply click “Write a Review”, complete the stars for each question and then add any notes you would like.

No. As long as the review meets our guidelines and does not violate our website terms of service, any review of any flavor can be posted. Try to keep it constructive so that the practitioner can learn, grow, and improve.

Users also have the option to post reviews anonymously, and as outlined in our Community Standards, providers are prohibited from unduly influencing reviews or taking negative action against users who leave a negative review.

Yes. Reviews are public and the practitioner always has the opportunity to respond. Psychable only gets involved if a review is not in compliance with our guidelines or the website terms of service. When that happens we will work hard to make the best possible decision based on the specific situations around the flagged review.

We’ll publish any review that adheres to our guidelines and Acceptable Use Policy and Community Standards. We’ll remove any that do not. To give your review the best chance of staying posted, make sure to avoid the following:

Profanity. Please keep it classy. We will not publish anything profane, vulgar, or otherwise offensive.

Personal information. Privacy is important to us. We will not post reviews that include personally identifiable information such as your full name, phone number, email address, etc.

Pricing specifics. It’s fine to state your opinion of whether a provider’s service came at a good price, but we won’t publish pricing specifics.  Service prices are frequently determined by insurance providers than the providers themselves. Prices also change over time.

Accuracy of treatment. We encourage you to describe your feelings about the practitioners’s treatment of you as a patient, but we don’t publish claims about the accuracy of a provider’s treatment or psychological diagnosis.

Promotional content. Do not spam the reviews with promotional links. We want our reviews to be as relevant as possible to the actual service rendered. We will remove reviews that promote a website, product, topic, or items unrelated to the client experience.

We care about you, and we want you to have the great therapy or coaching experience you deserve! We moderate our reviews to ensure that we’re building a trustworthy, representative, reliable review system that is helpful to both practitioners, clients and service-seekers.

Keep it relevant. Imagine you are a prospective client. Include the key points that a service-seeker would be most interested in reading, that will help guide them towards selecting their ideal practitioner.

Ask yourself. Would I see this provider again? Answering this question in your review is one of the best ways that other patients can gauge your overall sentiment about the providers.

Consider the length. No need for a manifesto or a journal entry about your day – the community forum is the place for this! A short paragraph or two works great. Just make sure it’s easy for other patients to read… bullet points are wonderful for readability.

Be specific. In addition to stating how you felt about your experience with the provider include why you felt that way. Specific descriptions of your experience help paint a clearer picture.

Include relevant details. Try to include any details that you think may be useful to another service-seeker to help guide them towards a decision. For example, whether or not the office has easy parking, will validate parking; whether it is located close to public transportation; whether it takes insurance; and whether or not the office accepts credit cards are all great tips for future patients.

Your reviews are helping create a better psychedelic therapy or integration coaching experience for other Psychable users. Thank you for playing such an important role!