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From ancient civilizations to contemporary times, the use of psychedelics is woven throughout human history. Many psychedelics have deep indigenous, cultural, and tribal roots and have been used for spiritual reasons. Browse psychedelic history articles.

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Psychedelics Christianity

Psychedelics and Christianity

Before Christianity became one of the world’s major religions, psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics played an important role in the ancient evolution of human religions.

Short List Rituals

Psychedelic Ceremonies Around the World

Different cultures have been using psychedelic substances in rituals for thousands of years. In many cases, these plants are still used in ceremonies to this

History Psychedelics America

The History of Psychedelics in America

Psychedelic substances have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. The word “psychedelic” comes from two Greek words: psyche (soul) and delos

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