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Are You a Psychedelic Practitioner?

If you are a medical, clinical, health, or wellness practitioner that believes in the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, feature your practice in the world’s leading directory for psychedelic-assisted therapy and support.
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More Visibility. More Reach.

A brand presence on Psychable allows more coaching and therapy service-seekers to discover your practice. Combined with on-platform marketing, you can increase your reach and exposure.

Learn how your Psychable Business Profile and Psychable Advertising work together to maximize your visibility.

Verified Reviews

Therapist reviews are an incredibly important part of your healing experience, which is why we take them so seriously.

While many directories allow anyone to write a review, Psychable will only post reviews from clients who actually attended an appointment.

Trust and safety are our #1 priority, and this begins with making sure that reviews are authentic and verified.

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Earn Karma Points

Whenever you share content to your business profile, engage in the forum, and help someone out, the community can upvote you.

For every upvote or share you receive, you can earn points and be awarded badges of honor, which translate into cash discounts and savings with our network of partners.

“Mushrooms have taught me the interconnectedness of all life-forms and the molecular matrix that we share. I no longer feel that I am in this envelope of a human life called Paul Stamets. I am part of the stream of molecules that are flowing through nature. I am given a voice, given consciousness for a time, but I feel that I am part of this continuum of stardust into which I am born and to which I will return at the end of this life.”

– Paul Stamets
Why Join?

Be Part of the Professional Movement to Destigmatize Psychedelics

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is a rapidly growing sector in the counseling and psychotherapy industry. As the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics continue to be validated by scientific research, more people from all walks of life are seeking psychedelics as an alternative approach to mental health and wellness. 

The legal landscape is changing quickly. Safe, qualified, and trusted practitioners are in high demand. Get in front of ideal clients seeking psychedelic support from an experienced, qualified professional like you.


Grow your practice and get found by people actively seeking practitioners with your skills, training, and qualifications.


Participate in advocacy campaigns that destigmatize psychedelics and further their decriminalization.


Connect with others and increase your reputation score when you participate in the forum, publish new content to your profile, and help other community members.


Deepen your knowledge of psychedelic medicine by browsing our library of research and expert-led practitioner workshops.

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Solutions for Retreats

Reach thousands of people who are actively seeking the kind of retreat experience you offer. Take the worry out of the retreat planning process, easily fill last-minute cancellations, and attract new clients that stay with you after the retreat is over.
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Solutions For Practitioners

Reach active therapy seekers in your area, select the right clients through an online screening process, fill last-minute openings in your calendar, and grow your online reputation with reviews.
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Solutions for Advertisers

Reach more ready-to-book therapy and coaching clients.

There are more active therapy and coaching seekers on Psychable than anywhere else. Get matched with ideal clients when they’re researching the treatment options, therapeutic approaches, transformational techniques, and tools that you use in your practice.

Psychedelic Medicine 101

Full Guide: Psychedelic Medicine 101