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Practitioners: Get 50% off a paid plan

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Are you ready to join the thousands of practitioners who are expanding their practice with Psychable?
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With as little as 2 clients, your membership pays for itself.


Good for practitioners just starting out
  • Up to 5 Direct Leads
  • 1 listing
  • Develop trust & brand recognition with your profile and listing
  • Increase visibility among psychedelic community via broader online presence
  • Build your client network
  • Build your client network
  • Invitation to Psychable Discovery private channel for practitioners only
  • Security and privacy to protect you and your clients
  • Access to Psychable general chat community
  • Access to content that enhances your practice


Good for growing small practices

$1,200 $600 billed annually
(Limited Time Offer)
  • Up to 50 Direct Leads
  • Practitioner listing in up to 5 locations
  • Everything included in Discovery Plan PLUS:
  • Preferred listing placement in search results
  • Instant client booking with calendar integration to drive more leads
  • Ad-free listing page
  • Link website and social media channels in your listing
  • Review notifications and reply to client reviews
  • Opportunity to contribute to guest blog post
  • Social media feature spotlighting you/your practice
  • Access to practioner masterclasses, events, and recording knowledge base
  • Invitation to Psychable Growth private channel for practitioners only


Good for established practices, clinics, retreats of all sizes

$12,000 $6,000 billed annually
(Limited Time Offer)
  • Unlimited Direct Leads
  • Unlimited listing, retreat, and event listings
  • Everything included in Growth Plan PLUS:
  • Featured listing placement (show up at the top search results)
  • Quarterly feature of your listing on Psychable homepage
  • Psychable-hosted virtual meet and greet event for your practice
  • Exclusive podcast interview with Psychable CEO
  • Email newsletter inclusion spotlighting your profile to Psychable Community
  • Eligible for direct client referrals from Psychable team
  • Eligible to be a featured speaker for a Masterclass or Webinar
  • Concierge Service Support
  • Enhanced SEO for more traffic to your listing
  • Invitation to Psychable Enlightened private channel for practitioners only
  • Bonus: Featured article on your practice with backlink to your website ($10,000 value)
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Welcome to Psychable…

Where we embrace those who have heeded the call. This journey we embark on together requires courage and resilience.

As a heart-centered practitioner, clinic owner, or retreat leader, your work is more crucial now than ever before. We are honored to be by your side, providing unwavering support at every step.

Our approach is rooted in your success. We are dedicated to helping you thrive in what you do best. With the right resources, a collaborative community, and ongoing support, we empower you to reach your goals, regardless of where you are on your path.

What sets us apart are our values. Unlike others in the field, we have no ties and are not beholden to Venture Capitalist funds or big pharma. Our freedom and autonomy is made possible with your invaluable support.

Our purpose is to serve you with love and integrity. Thank you for choosing to walk this path with us and embody this transformative work. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the extraordinary impact you will continue to have on the world.

With Gratitude,

CEO & Founder, Psychable

Our Council of Guides

Jemie Sae Koo, M.A.

Sinclair Kennally
Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC
Dr. Trina Nguyen
Dr. Trina Nguyen
Kate Northrup
Kate Northrop
Tina Kat Courtney
Tina Kay Courtney
Lily Safrani
Lily Safrani
Anahita Anais
Anahita Anais
joi whitmore
Joi Whitmore

The Psychedelic Practitioner’s Guide:
Navigating the Journey and Building a Thriving Practice

• Marketing and Building a Successful Practice
• Client Selection
• Working with Diverse Populations
• Harm Reduction
• Ethical Considerations
• Legal and Regulatory Issues
• Working with Spiritual and Transpersonal Experiences
• Deepening Therapeutic and Coaching Skills
• Working with Challenging Clients
• Helping Clients Integrate Psychedelic Experiences into Daily Life
• Developing Collaborative Relationships
• Staying Current on the Field of Psychedelic Therapy and its Practical Application

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Instant booking feature streamlines the appointment process, making it easier and faster for clients to book sessions. 


Unlock Your Full Potential

Join our monthly premium coaching calls with Psychable Founder and special guests speaking on best practices in the psychedelic space and setting up your practice for success.

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Grow your referral network and propel collaboration and partnership with our invite-only community and private communication channel

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