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Psychable Shield

Trust is a cornerstone for Psychable. It is written in the DNA of our culture and in our technology.

We know you want complete privacy and security

That’s why we deliver state-of-the-art, end-to-end encryption. Privacy isn’t an optional mode- it’s just the way that Psychable works.
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The geeky details

How Psychable Shield Works

Psychable leverages some of the leading cloud hosting and security providers to enable enterprise-level security across our platform. Psychable shield is a series of security measures that we have put into place to protect you and your data including:
Psychable Encryption:
Psychable Encryption ensures that the data contained on Psychable are encrypted when “at rest” and while “in motion.”
Psychable Data Centers:
Servers are distributed in different geographic areas, allowing Psychable to redirect traffic if needed for any reason.
Psychable Traffic Encryption with SSL:
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a security profile that is based on encryption.  Every page of Psychable has an SSL key in order to provide a high degree of privacy. SSL encrypts data as it moves across the web so that anyone who tries to get access to this data only sees a combination of characters that is almost impossible to decrypt.
Psychable Firewall:
Psychable has a security firewall protecting all of its servers from hostile attacks utilizing an industry leading managed web application firewall (WAF).  Instead of just blocking specific IP addresses or ports, the WAF minimizes the risks from hackers employing new techniques, mitigating threats at the edge by inspecting web traffic for signs of SQL or XSS injections and then automatically updating to respond to emerging threats.
Psychable Threat Detection & Blocking:
Using advanced distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation, the Psychable site dynamically detects and blocks malicious behavior, giving Psychable the industry’s best security protection against security vulnerabilities and DDoS attacks. Psychable benefits from shared intelligence across 10,000,000 websites, helping to proactively block known bad signatures.