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Psychable Careers

Join us and help transform mental health and wellness for everyone.

Psychable is an online directory, practitioner review, and social networking site designed to connect psychedelic-assisted therapy practitioners with candidates seeking services. The platform streamlines the research process for candidates by offering search filters including geolocation, treatment type, training or credentials, and other preferences to match with practitioners of their choosing. 


A true one-stop community for discovering and booking psychedelic-assisted treatments, Psychable’s network allows practitioners and patients to communicate directly with one another to discuss the best possible treatment plans and encourages users to share recommendations and reviews of practitioners.

Psychable also hosts an extensive library of proprietary, medically-reviewed articles on all aspects of psychedelics as part of its mission to continue to inform and educate the world about the power of psychedelics as part of holistic health.

Our Mission

We empower individuals seeking the healing properties of psychedelics with access to practitioners, knowledge, and a community that legally supports them.

Our Vision​

A world where the safe, legal and ethical use of psychedelics has transformed global mental health, allowing more people to heal, transform and access their true potential.

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What We Believe

Psychable strives to create a culture of people who share four core values:
Right Understanding

My purpose is to help people heal and explore by connecting them with practitioners who can support them.

Right Speech

The language I use is appropriate, accurate, and not intended to harm.

Right View

I look at things without ego and report where I am open and honest. I do not know all the answers.

Right Efforts & Actions

My efforts and actions are to further Psychable’s mission.

Our Culture

What We Embody

Doing the hard inner work
Non-Violent Communication

Psychable will be adding positions in the near future. Please check out for more.

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Join the Professional Psychedelic Movement

Psychedelic medicine offers a new world of therapeutic approaches to address conditions that can be difficult to treat, such as ibogaine for addiction, ketamine for depression, LSD for anxiety and mood disorders, MDMA for PTSD, psilocybin for cluster headaches and smoking cessation… and more.  

As the legal landscape changes, access to psychedelic therapy will continue to expand. If psychedelics have had a profoundly transformational impact on your life, and you would like to make an impact on global mental health, we invite you to explore a career at Psychable.

Psychedelic Medicine 101

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