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Overcome Depression Without Anti-Depressants

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Foundations of Healing with Psychedelics and Plant Medicine

Discover the foundations of healing with psychedelics through this comprehensive course, which provides frameworks, protocols, and tools for understanding and working with psychedelics and plant medicines.

Learn techniques to optimize your health, happiness, and well-being, and develop an in-depth understanding of psychedelics and plant medicine from a trusted facilitator. 

Equip yourself with the knowledge, tools, and mindset needed for a transformative healing journey.

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Roadmap to Overcoming Depression with or without Psychedelics

This course is structured for everyone, whether you have used psychedelics or not. It provides a clear, step-by-step, and natural approach to overcoming depression without medication.

For those experienced with psychedelics, this course will provide an in-depth exploration of what true integration really means. It will support you in preserving your psychedelic experiences, reveal deeper insights into your overall well-being, and provide practical steps for maintaining a life free from depression, while also addressing other underlying issues that contribute to symptoms, illnesses, or diseases.

This course will give you practical tools to heal your body by reducing stress, improving nutrition, eliminating toxins, and more, helping you return to a life of normalcy.

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Connect with Experienced Psychedelic Therapists

Get to know some of the unique practitioners in the psychedelic sector.
Discover their skills, training, focus area, and unique approaches to healing and transformation.

Po-Hong Yu

Masters in Acupuncture
Miami, Florida, United States
I hold space for the deep stuff and guide you in reclaiming your inner wisdom, authentic self expression, and aliveness.

Dr. Leanne Whitney

Culver City, California, United States
Trauma-informed coaching and integration sessions offering holistic support.

Amy Pico

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, United States
Psychedelic Integration Therapist, trauma specialist with over 15 years experience

The Radiant Pony

McMinnville, Oregon, United States
Jamilee Shaffer with The Radiant Pony LLC

The Psychedelic Journey

Oakland, California, United States
Therapeutic Psychedelic Facilitator in Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area

Wholistic Health

Theodore, Alabama, United States
Top Ketamine Clinic in Mobile, AL

Wallace Murray

Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada
Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Integration

Thomas J High, MD

Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States
psychedelic assisted therapies

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Find a Psychedelic Retreat

Discover a world of psychedelic and transformational retreats to reset your body, mind, and soul. Experience traditional plant medicines in a cultural retreat setting in the Amazon jungle or a luxurious ocean-front eco-lodge in Costa Rica.

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Innovative Mental Wellness Techniques

Discover the benefits of psychedelic medicine, what therapies might be right for you, and how Psychable can help.

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Explore New Approaches to Mental Wellness

Discover the benefits of psychedelic medicine, what therapies might be right for you, and how Psychable can help.

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Comprehensive Guide to Psychedelic Medicine


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Insights from Industry Leaders: Jason Silva

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Psychable: Your Gateway to Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

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The Basics

Frequently Asked Questions About Psychable

What is Psychable? is an online platform dedicated to connecting individuals with professional and trusted psychedelic therapists, clinics, and wellness practitioners. We offer resources, information, and a community for those interested in exploring psychedelic-assisted therapy and holistic mental health solutions.

How can I find a psychedelic therapist or clinic near me?

You can find a psychedelic therapist or clinic by using our search tool. Simply enter your location or the specific service you’re looking for, and we’ll provide you with a list of qualified professionals in your area.

What types of psychedelic therapies are available through Psychable?

Psychable connects you with practitioners offering a range of psychedelic therapies, including ketamine therapy, MDMA-assisted therapy, psilocybin therapy, and more depending on the legal regulations and availability in your region.

Can I access psychedelic therapy remotely through Psychable?

While certain aspects of psychedelic therapy require in-person sessions, many of our practitioners offer remote services such as integration coaching and preparatory sessions. The availability of remote services varies by provider.

What resources does Psychable offer for learning about psychedelic therapy?

Psychable provides a library of resources about psychedelics and psychedelic therapy including articles, research studies, patient testimonials, training, events, masterclasses, and expert interviews, to help you understand the benefits, risks, and processes involved in psychedelic therapy.

How can practitioners join the Psychable network?

Practitioners interested in joining our network can register as a member through our website. We request for detailed information about qualifications, experience, and practice approach to ensure a high standard of care for our community.

How do I know if psychedelic therapy is right for me?

Psychedelic therapy can be beneficial for various mental health conditions, but it’s not suitable for everyone. We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional and exploring our resources to understand if this form of therapy aligns with your needs. 

Not sure where to start? Book a consult: 

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Psychedelic Medicine 101

Full Guide: Psychedelic Medicine 101