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Psychedelics and Nature: Can Ecotherapy Improve Nature Relatedness?

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Most psychedelic research studies focus on mental health conditions like PTSD, depression, or substance use disorders. Others investigate the mystical-type experience and spiritual dimensions of psychedelic healing rituals. But at the intersections of medical anthropology and psychedelic therapy lies an emerging field of study that some say is the future of psychedelic therapy.  If the […]

Better Together: Psychedelic Group Therapy Can Improve Access

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It’s well-known that a psychedelic journey can be a mind-changing experience. But changing one’s mind is only one part of the therapeutic process. On the other hand, changing one’s life can require a little more than a single psychedelic session. Group therapy is a natural ally to psychedelic therapy, and recent research suggests that psychedelics […]

How To Talk About Psychedelics With Your Kids

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It’s Friday night, the weekend of Spring Break. Your teenage son answers the door to find a friend outside on the porch in an altered state of mind. He is in no position to be in public and could end up in serious trouble, so you and your son invite him in to offer a […]

Psychedelic Harm Reduction Strategies and Studies

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Margaret Sharpe, MSW, LCSW   What is Harm Reduction? At its core, harm reduction is built around the acceptance of human nature and free will, promoting an improvement in quality of life wherever possible. It was developed as a community and public policy model in an attempt to minimize the negative physical and social consequences […]

Meet the Mesa: San Pedro Ceremonies in Peruvian Shamanism

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In the Andean mountain range of Peru, the use of San Pedro cactus goes back nearly 8,000 years. Archeological evidence suggests that ceremonies using San Pedro tea were held at a massive temple site called Chavin de Huantar. Even today, descendants of these cultures continue to practice ceremony and ritual in what is broadly known […]

How to Find an Ayahuasca Shaman: Your Guide to Choosing a Practitioner

The ayahuasca business is booming. While this means that more people than ever are experiencing the healing powers of the brew, its newfound popularity has also ushered in a slew of charlatans pretending to be shamans. As an ayahuasca shaman not only facilitates the ceremony but often sources and brews the medicine, this person may […]

How Long Does MDMA Stay In Your System?

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MDMA is a substance that earned the street name ‘Ecstasy’ for a reason: It affects the feel-good chemicals of the brain, such as dopamine and serotonin, which makes it a popular recreational drug. However, ‘focusing on the party side undermines the developing science behind MDMA, particularly its potential in treating PTSD.  For whatever the reason […]

MDMA Crystals vs Pills vs Powder – Which Is Cleaner?

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MDMA, molly, and ecstasy. Different names to describe the same substance, which has a complicated history from the couches of couple’s therapy to the rave dance floor. Unfortunately, the War on Drugs did a number on MDMA’s reputation. Thankfully, science is currently putting up quite an evidence-based fight, and MDMA is expected to be FDA […]