Ketamine Therapy for Complex Mental Health and Pain Disorders


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5 Reviews on “Ketamine Therapy for Complex Mental Health and Pain Disorders”

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  • Anonymous

    I’m a regular patient of Dr. Jackson because he is mindful of what you say and genuinely cares to help you improve your mental health. I have much respect for the few doctors I’ve met like him, that you can tell have respect for your thoughts and feelings as well.

  • Dr. Heather Beaudry

    I have referred numerous patients with chronic anxiety/depression/PTSD to Dr. Jackson for ketamine treatments. I have been extremely impressed by the outcomes for my patients. They are feeling better than they have felt in decades!!

  • Todd Merriss

    Excellent Doctor

  • Dee McAfee

    Very friendly and professional.

  • JB

    Dr. Jackson and his staff have changed my life! He is a kind and compassionate doctor. The combination of his talk therapy with the ketamine infusions have given me a new sense of hope. I wake up happy and am able to stop negative thoughts quickly throughout the day. I have been on antidepressants for decades and this is the best I’ve felt since…forever.

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