Pain Physician Offers Ketamine Infusions So You Can Enjoy Your Life

Dr. Phillip Acevedo

Medical Doctor | MD

Appointments: In Person

4650 4th St N

St. Petersburg, Florida, 33703

United States


School: Temple University

Degree: MD

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Additional Training

Completed a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a fellowship specializing in interventional pain

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1 Review on “Pain Physician Offers Ketamine Infusions So You Can Enjoy Your Life”

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  • Mark Taiariol

    I have very serious lower back problems that may not even be repairable but Dr. Acevedo is doing everything possible to try and ease some of the persistent pain. Another doctor gave up. I’m hoping for some kind of relief, certainly no pity since that won’t do damn.

    Dr. Acevedo isn’t dismissive and always attentive and genuinely concerned, something rare nowadays. He’ll take the time to listen and not rush you out the door for the next patient. My back may never get better and probably worse but it’s good to have a doctor actually trying.

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