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Psychable, The Online Platform for Psychedelic Healthcare, Is Live


Psychable Includes Thousands of Psychedelic Practitioners Listings as Interest Grows in the Supervised Use of Psychedelics as Medicine 


April 19, 2021 – Psychable, the online community for people who are interested in legally exploring or offering psychedelic-assisted therapy, has officially launched. Providing thousands of listings for psychedelic practitioners across the U.S., Canada and international locations, the platform aims to be the most comprehensive and trusted resource for those curious in exploring the legal use of psychedelics as medicine, and offers a community-reviewed, curated database of practitioners available to connect with patients directly through the platform.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is the use of psychedelics for healing purposes, often taking the form of a psychedelic being administered under the supervision of a therapist. Recent studies have shown that when administered under the supervision or with the aftercare of a therapist, psychedelic-assisted therapy can have impactful results when it comes to treating those suffering with migraines, addiction, PTSD, depression, mental health issues, emotional trauma, and other ailments, as well as those looking for alternative, holistic options in taking care of their mental health.

As the understanding of psychedelics as medicine grows and research confirms that they can offer transformative healing, interest in the field has grown among Western medical communities, State governments and those seeking lasting treatments for a variety of ailments. 

Psychable is a comprehensive resource for those at any stage of their journey with psychedelics, featuring proprietary, medically-reviewed articles written by the Psychable medical team and access to listed professionals ranging from credentialed and licensed therapists trained in Western medicine to experienced guides with years of hands-on experience.

Designed to be a community-driven platform, visitors can search listings through a variety of filters – including substance type and geolocation. From there, they can learn more about each practitioner through  listings, as well as crowdsourced reviews on treatments, interactions and experiences and connect directly with the practitioner of their choosing. 

The launch of Psychable is the first step in the company’s mission to provide education around the role of psychedelics as part of holistic health, advance the dialogue in culture and key communities surrounding psychedelics, and advocate for legislation that increases access to legal psychedelic treatments. 

“The launch of Psychable is a significant step forward for psychedelic-assisted therapy, as it provides a safe environment for both those seeking treatment options and practitioners to connect securely and discuss individual health plans that may provide transformative, lasting relief, “ said Jemie Sae Koo, CEO, Psychable. “Psychable brings together generations of wisdom from Indigenous healers across the globe, information on the encouraging research in Western science that showcases the impactful healing power of psychedelics, and firsthand testimonials from patients into one place to provide a powerful resource for those at any stage of their journey with psychedelics – from information seeking to aftercare.” 

The company is founded by serial entrepreneurs Jemie Sae Koo and Matt Zemon, a pair united in a belief that psychedelics can provide meaningful and transformative treatments for not only those struggling with a myriad of ailments, but also those looking to transform their lives for the better. With both having transformative experiences with psychedelic medicine that led them to each pursue a Master of Science Degree in Psychology with a focus on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, they’ve curated a team of experts with deep experience to lead the Psychable community to support all phases of the journey from information to integration.

Psychable is open to all those who seek information on psychedelic-assisted therapy and practitioners who can help. For more information, to create your profile or secure your listing, please visit Follow along with Psychable via social media on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Join the social discussion through #NatureHeals. 


About Psychable

Psychable is the comprehensive online community connecting those who would like to legally explore the healing power of psychedelics with medically and peer-reviewed practitioners. The community offers support for those seeking information, current patients, and practitioners wherever they are in their journey with psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our mission is to transform the lives of millions of people suffering with conditions such as depression, PTSD and addiction by connecting them to psychedelic-based treatments, including integration, psychedelic-assisted therapy and retreats. Psychable was launched in 2021 by Jemie Sae Koo and Matt Zemon, successful entrepreneurs whose transformative experiences with psychedelic medicine led them to each pursue a Master of Science Degree in Psychology with a focus on Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. The platform is supported by a passionate team of experts in psychology, business, medicine, and law. For more information on our mission and community, visit, or follow us on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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