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Trumpy Billionaire Peter Thiel Is Behind the Next Psychedelics IPO

By:  Tarpley Hitt


…Matt Zemon, who co-founded a health platform called Psychable, which connects users to legal medical providers of psychedelic treatments, told The Daily Beast that the FDA had opened the door to more research into their efficacy.

“From our perspective, we believe we’re in the middle of a psychedelic renaissance,” Zemon said. “Research now shows the transformative power of psychedelics…The response to ketamine has been showing us that people want something different, there hasn’t been a drastic change in medical treatments for mental health treatments in decades.”

“There are groups that believe that this should be done all under a nonprofit or an open source philosophy,” Zemon said. “There are other groups that feel like to invest what needs to be invested, they need to have patents and the ability to have long term profits from them.”


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