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Lee Swallie

As a self pay patient I was never told the simple bloodwork (which was taken in-house) would be charged by an outside third party company far beyond the initial $150 consultation. The simple blood work to be approved for the ketamine infusion turned out to be $1325. Mind you this is just bloodwork they never informed me about or how much it cost. Now I am in negotiations to figure out how to pay this huge bloodwork bill. And the bloodwork only checked simple levels, nothing intensive. And lastly, Mindpeace will not refund the total amount or work with Labcorp (their 3rd party scam) on my behalf to resolve their mistake of not informing of this extra cost from the start. What would of have been a great experience was ruined by their billing practices and will not return to continue treatment.

Katie An

She seemed nice at first. She would offer to meet me in the hospital parking lot to give me meds if she forgot to give them to be during our appointments. She offered to meet after hours and on weekends. Please advise to seek help elsewhere. I had a terrible experience & there was no one else around to get help from. She left me alone after less than 1 hr to go start her vacation.

Richard Verlander

Zoe is incredibly kind and compassionate, and her passion for her work is contagious. When I met her, I was experiencing one of the lowest points in my life. She listened to what I had to say and suggested a few sessions. I agreed and my sessions with Zoe turned out to be an aperture to another life and way of being. She is incredibly perceptive; I often think about small things she said that had a disproportionately large and positive impact on my life and outlook. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Zoe. If you are seeking assistance making positive changes, look no further. Zoe is a truly special individual and talented healer.

paul goodman

Saw they were the highest rated ketamine clinic on google. Over 100 5stars so I had to see it for myself. 100% 5stars+! Exceeded the Hype! The AWAP team was great vibes from day one. My full experiences are ultimately ineffable but the results have been astounding! My family notices I am much more present, I am more responsive and less reactive. I feel more in flow with myself and life. The ruminations and negative thoughts have all but gone away and if a bad mood tries to surface it passes much faster. I am so thankful for this place! The doctors are next level, Dr Sharma, Dr Wong and Dr Leathem are a unique trifecta. Nurse Holly is incredible as well, Rose & Dani the receptionists two gems, wow, what a team. If you are on the fence about ketamine therapy this is the place. You will be happy you made the commitment and investment in yourself! I sure am!😊

aya path4

It is not easy to put all my negative experiences in this center together in one review but I will give it a try, so people will know what they are going into, as it is an overrated place because of just one documentary, which does not reflect the reality of now.

First of all, I want to say that I have been to many retreat centers and this was the most disorganized and the one where guests are the least cared about. Actually all they care about is money. First, we went there especially for Maestra (we are a couple experienced with medicine), but we barely saw her. There were 2, sometimes 3 other Maestros in the ceremonies, which I am not sure about their expertness, as they were all singing the same Icaros to everyone, all the time, with their laud voices, which most of the time feels like they were angry and just shouting, whether there is someone in front of them or not. They start singing all together, all through the ceremony, without any break. And their Icaros not even beautiful, sorry. 

Maestra might be good at what she is doing, her Icaros is good, but the center is managed very poorly and you do not even see her around, sometimes she is not even in the ceremonies, so I did not get the point why we were there. The food you will get is probably the simplest, just some, and same, veggies and soup every night. Sometimes they even forget you, or cook very late. You must feel lucky if you get any fruits from time to time. The plants they give you for the dieta is most of the time missing (you go there for plants, but there are no plants), it takes days to bring them (which actually center is not very deep in the jungle, the staff travels to city all the time but somehow they do not bring the plants or food you paid for). And also real Dieta is not done in this way. Maestra gives you 5 or 6 plants, which should not happen in a dieta. If you want to go for a real dieta, you should do it only with 1 plant, in an isolated space. They sell this retreats as a dieta, but it is a lie in this case. They even cook pasta, which should not be even in just ayahuasca dieta. This is the care they give about you.

Apart from these, as I learned after from another visitors, one of the Maestros, who is from the family, had abused a woman guest. I was not planning to write about my experience until I learned this. The center is owned by a woman but I don’t think it is a safe space for women, if a Shaman from her family sees the right on himself to do this, it means Maestra creates space for it. And the place is also full of male workers, who just cut the trees all day to build new facilities. It is just uncomfortable.
This center might be cheaper than many others but this is the quality that you get.


One of the things I appreciated about working with Joi was her ability to listen deeply and create a safe space for exploration and reflection. She is empathetic and non-judgmental, which allowed me to open up and share my experiences with her without fear of being misunderstood or criticized.

Joi is also extremely knowledgeable about psilocybin and the different ways it can be used, including microdosing, ceremony, and intentional use. She helped me develop a personalized plan for working with psilocybin that was tailored to my needs and goals.

Through our sessions together, Joi helped me identify and let go of limiting beliefs that were holding me back in my life. She used a variety of techniques to support this process, including mindfulness practices, journaling prompts, and visualization exercises.

Overall, I would highly recommend this coach to anyone looking for support in integrating psilocybin into their life. She is a skilled practitioner who brings compassion, intuition, and a wealth of knowledge to her work, and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Olga Sokolova

It was my first time in Peru in general and first time with Ayahuasca. After watching a documentary “THE SONG THAT CALLS YOU HOME” on Gaia, I decided to go to Aya Madre. I flew with my good friend and my husband. The entire communication was via WhatsApp and with the help of a volunteer. We arranged a pick up with the center upon our arrival. All of us were picked up and safely brought to Aya Madre Healing Center.
STAFF: Main Maestro was Maestra Estela, who is a wonderful human being and a very powerful shaman. She is a female. This was also a reason why I wanted to come to her retreat as I felt that a woman and a mother will understand better… My intuition did not deceive me. I felt a very strong energetic connection with Maestra Estela especially when she chanted incaros. It was sooo powerful!
Maestro Roldan is a great shaman too! Maestro Jakob is a powerful shaman without no doubt. A yogi volunteer was very helpful young lady. I had an incredibly healing experience and spiritual too.
ACCOMODATIONS: Each person had its own hut “Tambo” with simple wooden bed, with a matrass with clean sheet over, a pillow and a blanket. Small table and a chair. You will have also a mosquito net attached around the openings and over your bed. I really liked my Tambo and my privacy. My husband had his own Tambo near mine. 3 communal bathrooms with flashing toilets were always clean. 3 communal showers with cool water also were clean and simple.
INTERNET: rarely you can connect to local Wi-Fi. But this is enough to text via WhatsApp (it works here) to your close ones that you are OK. Electricity is only in the kitchen and bathrooms from solar panels.
KITCHEN – was simple but all was fine. You will have drinking water.
FOOD: Food was super simple but you will not walk around hungry.
MEDICINE: You will be prescribed by Maestra Estela medicinal drinks based on your health condition. I had 6 herbs. You will have access to all herbs. You will prepare your herbal drinks by yourself. It takes time. I liked it. You can connect to the trees…
CEREMONIES: Very powerful!!! You get the Medicine first from Maestra Estela. After about 30 – 40 min. shamans will start chanting icaros. Then each person will sit in front of the each shaman for about 10 minutes and after that you go back to your mattress in Maloka. You will vomit, you may have diarrhea. This is all cleansing all your toxins out. It is good for you as you feel better afterwards. After about 2-3 ceremonies you will feel amazing!
PRICES: We paid $120 per night – all included except pick up and drop off to the airport. It is at least 2 time less that the charges at other retreats. But be prepared to a very simple accommodations. you will lose weight. I think it is good! 🙂
1. Bring your own bottle to drink water especially during ceremonies.
2. Bring your own towel(s) for after shower. You will not get one from the center. 2 towels are better because anything dries very slow because of the wet climate. Bring a rain coat.
3. Yellow fever vaccination – we did not have time to do it. I was told that the Aya Madre area is not saturated with this disease. It is up to you.
4. Please wear your snickers and bring toll rubber boots as you may go to the jungle. I contracted a parasite (“Sand Flee” and another one) in my foot. Sometimes you can get this parasite from local dogs or from sand. I did not wear shoes. It was my mistake. You just need to be careful. This is tropics.
5. TIME for STAYING: I am glad we stayed 12 nights. Then you will get more healing and spiritual benefits.
6. Download on your phone Google Translate as it can work off line too.

I loved it! My husband and my friend also had great experiences. We will be back!
People were very friendly and caring. I did not encounter any abuse.
If you speak Spanish then it is fantastic. I do not speak Spanish. We had a very nice translator volunteer. I recommend this center as people here are sincerely helping you. You will be reborn here again!


Miranda helped me process my first experience with MDMA. While I had previously tried short-acting psychedelics, I was concerned about having an experience that lasted for much of the day, and what that would be like. Miranda provided education on what to expect, and how to best prepare for the experience.

One of my main concerns is that I would worry about her needs throughout the day, as I tend to be a caretaker to others. Miranda helpfully contracted with me ahead of time, addressed my concerns, and we established how we would handle various situations if they arose, such as needing some time alone.

Miranda was a calm, patient presence as she sat with me through this journey. She helped me get more out of the experience than if I’d been alone, as she encouraged me to focus on my breathing, advised me when movement would be helpful, and answered my questions along the way. She listened to me share very personal feelings, particularly about people who had caused great hurt in my life. She helped me work through my feelings about those individuals both during that experience and in the follow-up sessions afterwards.

Miranda provided a very safe holding environment for my experience with MDMA. She is kind, respectful, knowledgeable, and a good listener. I highly recommend working with her.


Psilocybin/neuro-plasticity work can be life-altering if you are open to it. Having a really great guide like Brenna (sincerely invested, intelligent, professional, tremendously intuitive/emotionally attuned, and experienced) really let me get a lot out of the experience.

My work with Brenna uncovered insights that decades of conventional “talk therapy” did not unearth. The practical implications of my psilocybin journey have been positive and surprisingly long-lasting! If you are open to it and are invested in the process, neuro-plasticity and mindfullness work can really re-wire your brain. It is not easy, fast, predictable, or even unidirectional (sometimes there is reversion to old thought patterns/reflexes). But, the changes can be real and substantial. I was able to pick back up childhood hobby that I had dropped for decades:

When I was 10 years old, I essentially stopped reading for fun, due to trauma-induced ADHD that started at that age (unfortunately, it took me a couple decades to make those connections). Prior to that, I was a total bookworm; that kid whose nose was always in a book and could never get enough! Due to the mental-illness that began at 10 years old, I essentially stopped reading for fun. I was no longer able to focus on individual lines of text in books. My eyes would just slide off each line, in a “rush” that I could not stop. I started getting this 100% involuntary and anxiety-inducing urge to tear the pages out of my novels, whenever I tried to read for fun. This urge was a truly frightening involuntary compulsion for someone who used to worship books and who never had that urge prior. The biggest reason I stopped reading was because it was too scary to sympathize with characters in novels … too scary to feel the pain/confinement of a fictional characters, because that would mean that I would have to feel it, as the reader. And I was afraid it would trigger my own feelings of pain/confinement.

From the age of 10, the defense mechanisms just kept compounding. My mental illness changed me so much that I felt barely alive for decades. My work with Brenna has been a huge factor in my ability to re-capture some of what I had lost all those years ago. And I have been able to start reading for fun again! I truly did not think I’d be able to, in this lifetime.

I cannot recommend Brenna more highly, and I hope we can continue working together.


I attended Pisatahua for the first time in April 2022. We started with 12 participants and ended with 11; one person left after the first ceremony, as planned.
I had a good overall experience. I felt taken care of. I felt I had the support I needed. Everything was more or less what I expected from the retreat and being in a remote area of Bolivia, in the jungle.

Wara was a great shaman and facilitator. Kevin and Paula, the volunteers, they were there for support, which was beneficial. In general, I suggest having more patience with time management- What is told and asked of you is not the time that things will start.

I really liked that a value of this retreat center was to host small groups for this type of work versus the very large groups in other places. It was something I specifically was looking for in my research. And I appreciated having a female Shaman who I can relate to. She has many years of experience and she communicates guidance very well. Her English is good, but it’s definitely great when she has support from someone with more fluency. Erik, co-founder, did a good enough job answering inquiries and preparing me on what to expect.

A recommendation: I suggest for people to come to Riberalta at least 2 days prior to the start date of the retreat if flying into Santa Cruz.

In April 2022, Ecojet was the only airline flying to Riberalta from Santa Cruz.
Amaszonas used to fly to Riberalta as well, but now Ecojet has a monopoly and you’re at their mercy. And they kind of operate like an Uber Pool; there is unreliability.

I felt there was some lack of transparency and communication prior to arrival.
We lost 2 days of our retreat because of how Ecojet handled matters coming from Santa Cruz. Example, 6 of us arrived to the retreat a day late. 3 people were already stranded in Trinidad, flight cancelled prior day, and then cancelled again, so they arrived the day after us.
All of us started the retreat together, 2 days later. And we had to do our 2nd and 3rd ceremony back-to-back, even with reduced medicine, physiologically, at least, many of us had anxiety and trepidation. We were meant to have at least 1 day of rest between ceremonies, but keeping to the schedule, there had to be a back-to-back day.

My particular experience with Ecojet:
I had been at the airport very early, 1:30 am, so I got a chance to watch the weather, flights, delays, etc. before our afternoon departure. It was raining hard intermittently, there were delays, but no airline cancelled their flight.

We were delayed several times before they finally said, our flight was cancelled.
I went to the counter, inquired in English and Spanish, they told me, flight was cancelled. I inquired about another flight the next day and next steps, they said, the only flight the next day was fully booked and that’s it.
They gave no other information. We were essentially stranded. No hotel, no information, not even when would be the next flight. It turned out that 6 of us from the retreat were at the airport. It wasn’t until the local Bolivians got angry and started screaming at the Ecojet reps that they then told us, there was another flight the next day and they would give us food & hotel accommodations. And have a taxi take us to & from the airport. Apparently, the way Ecojet was operating had been a normal routine for at least the past 2 years, justified by the pandemic. This is what locals told us: Flight cancelled. No explanation. Show up the next day and maybe get your flight.
Luckily, I bought a Bolivian sim card at the airport, so I was in contact with Erik on WhatsApp. It was reassuring to have that contact despite the nonsense at the airport. I highly recommend getting a Sim card, 1st floor, kiosk in the middle, I think “Entel.”

In general, April is the end of rainy season, but be prepared for the humidity. Every night, I went to sleep in moist sheets. Not something I’m used to, so definitely something that took time to acclimate to. Luckily, we got to do laundry 1x while there during our 12 days. And the mosquitos are vicious. A participant found relief when she wore rain gear, the mosquitos didn’t penetrate then.
I got my visa on arrival in Santa Cruz, that took about 2 hours. When you arrive, for me, it was not clearly explained, but luckily Erik relayed before, you need to enter your hotel information & a picture of it at a site within 2 hours of arrival. And keep updating the site while you move around Bolivia. If you do not or Customs decides to target you for inquiry & you don’t have a good enough answer, you have to pay a $35 USD penalty or something like that.
There is a tax for leaving Riberalta airport, I think 10 bolivianos. Pay at designated window.
Fyi, when I wanted to book the Riberalta flight in Feb 2022, I wasn’t able to do it online. There is an online glitch for that area on Ecojet’s site. Erik had to buy physical tickets from the airport and send me the picture. I reimbursed him.

Overall, I had a good experience at Pisatahua. I appreciate having the opportunity to do the work, when I did, with Wara and all. What matters most to me is feeling supported, taken care of, clear communication, & being in a small group. And I got that there.
In the future, I would love to see the option of a retreat that had at least 2 days between ceremonies. I don’t feel one day is enough of rest & processing, especially when each ceremony and the work you will do is different. Some ceremonies could be more taxing than others on the body/person.

Jean Van't Hul

Andrew has facilitated several psychedelic experiences for me that have been transformational. I really appreciate his professionalism, knowledge, and calm demeanor. He put me at ease right away, and I felt completely safe and in good hands from the beginning, even though I was new to psychedelics. His calm, quiet presence gave me a lot of peace of mind. He was available to help when I needed it and even helped me process the experiences afterwards when I wanted to talk.

If you are looking for a psychedelic experience for healing, growth, or spiritual connection, I highly recommend Andrew as a trip sitter.

Ruben Honorio

Can’t wait for this Retreat. I’ve been there in the past and it was life changing. Amazing place, amazing team The ceremony’s were on a very comfortable and safe environment. Made me feel really safe and in touch with “my self”!

Sebastian Cabraja-Smogar

The Lake of Joy is a magical place, designed to be the perfect space for transformation and consciousness work. Rudi and Brid did their jobs as trip-sitters very well. The 5 meo-DMT experience was a beautiful, concept-shattering, eye-opening, enlightenment experience. Many thanks.

Curación sexual y psicodélicos – Cultivo.Store

[…] La ketamina es un anestésico disociativo que se aprobó en 2019 para la depresión resistente al tratamiento. La psicoterapia asistida con ketamina (KAP) es un proceso que involucra psicoterapia bajo los efectos de la ketamina con la presencia de un psicoterapeuta capacitado. KAP puede ayudar a sanar el trauma sexual al interrumpir las respuestas al trauma condicionado y las presentaciones somáticas que siguen al abuso sexual. La experiencia con la ketamina brinda un período en el que las partes del cuerpo más afectadas por el trauma pueden expandirse y encontrar alivio. Le da al cuerpo algo de “espacio para respirar”. Permite que los clientes se sientan seguros en sus cuerpos y proporciona un alivio bienvenido de un estado hipervigilante continuo. […]

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Jeff Hamburg

I would like to thank Rudi and Brid for the deep and insightful experience that I recently had with them. Compliments not only for their handling of the situation at the time itself but a big tip of the hat for them following up with an all so important integration call.

Dorje Lhamo

Do not trust this center!

I’ve never met a group of more highly manipulative, deceitful and spiteful people in my entire life. Super sleazy hustler vibes. Con artists. Highly unprofessional. They “yes” people to death, making all sorts of claims as to what they can do for others both in services and in healing, and then do not deliver. Then compulsively lie, making up stories/excuses (as to why they didn’t deliver) as it fits their needs and lack of willingness to be supportive and empowering for guests.

Their entire website is fraudulent. Do not believe anything it says and do not send them money Friends and Family (which again is fraud). When I pointed out I was not receiving what I purchased and wanted a refund so I could leave, they refused. They clearly just want to make money. They spend money carelessly, putting extravagant personal gifts as priority over guest care, compromising things such as food (basic human need) and medicine which is promised and part of the cost of the stay. Highly negligent. Highly overpriced. They are using westerns for money.

The environment and community is not peaceful. Constant drama and fighting among staff. The staff will withhold food and medicine from guests intentionally to try to take power when they feel triggered or angry, a form of bullying and retaliation. I had to call the US Embassy and the support of qualified professionals and abuse survivor groups as my health was diminishing rapidly (such as suicidal ideation) due to the abuse, which they ignored and refused to help. This is by far the worst experience of my life. It’s like a game, and we are used and abused for their personal amusement. Sick.

The Maestros are unprofessional, belligerent, immature and arrogant. They and the family are manipulating and abusing guests, such as emotionally (shaming) and sexually (inappropriate touching of guests and self with sexual advances). Not a safe place for women. Its like Never Land, where lost boys never have to grow up, and childish/unprofessional behavior among staff is allowed. No accountability. It’s like being in pre school with no teacher/supervision.

The “volunteers” are just as bad; self serving, manipulative, defensive, do not advocate for guests and their safety, and are not qualified to care for/support others. They also have extreme boundary violations and sexual advances towards women, which the family allows. Do not believe any of the communications you have with them.

This center takes your money but does not deliver on the agreements made as far as the services, care and experience you’ll receive, while they abuse you. Do not tell them your wounds (what you’d like to work through) because they will use that as bait for manipulation. Do not waste your time/energy/money here! There is NO integrity. Do not believe anything they say. This is a total tourist trap, no longer sacred. Please protect yourself.

Earric Lee

Word of caution: This is going to be a long read, as one human being attempts to do its best to do justice to the one aspect of a rather profound experience. The Universe however, sincerely hopes that you, the reader, will have ample time to go through this text, as contained within it, is the same life-changing potential that so many of us has sought, still seeks, and will continue to seek, throughout our existence.

This review/text will only describe the material aspect of the entire experience, as it is not my place to taint your spiritual experience with my own. The material and spiritual aspect of the entire experience is a delicate dance between Yin and Yang, the conscious and the unconscious, science and magic, and for some, even analogous to life and death. However, if you prefer a simpler analogy, you may regard this as someone describing how easy it is to find the parking lot and how good the valet service was. 😉 One’s exploration of the mall (Universe) is better achieved with a total peace of mind.

As with almost all things in life, having an open and receptive mind with no expectations allows us to appreciate the beauty that is contained within the experience, and I would humbly and truthfully describe my experience as such. I did not know whom I was going to work with prior to sending an email to the organization, but I was immediately left with an extremely favorable impression after I received a detailed and courteous reply, within which a lengthy and very necessary questionnaire was found. I had to fill it up and reply to Rudi, who I initially thought was a woman, until I found pictures of him on Facebook. I swear that he is even more charming in person.

Rudi is an outstanding gentleman who is meticulous in what he does, where it is done, and how he does it. The why and the when my dear reader, depends upon you. However, I digress. It is no overstatement when I say that Rudi is a person that I trust my life with, and I will forever be indebted to him. After receiving my email response, we arranged to have a Zoom call that lasted for more than 60 minutes, for us to ascertain my suitability for the experience. Again, I was left in awe, of how professional he was with his approach to the matter, which left me feeling comfortably at ease, and at peace with the decision, to have a 5MeO-DMT experience.

We agreed on a date, and he provided me with a clear set of instructions to follow; which included, amongst other things, on how to get to his location, and what to consume and what to avoid, prior to our meeting. It could not have been more simple and straightforward than that. There are different options on how to get to the final destination after alighting at the bus stop, such as taking a bike ride or Rudi would even offer to meet you there and bring you to the location. However, I have to say this: If you are able to walk from the bus stop to and from the location when you depart and carry on your journey, do so. It is every bit peaceful as it is sobering. In addition, I could not recommend it more, or highly enough, to stay for the night in the location. ESPECIALLY if you are doing 5MeO. You do not have to thank me for it, but if you wish; you may thank the universe later.

When I saw Rudi I immediately felt like we have met before, and he very much put me at ease with his calm and relaxed demeanor. There was no pressure or push, and if ever, only the most gentle of encouragement. His detailed, safe, and well-structured approach towards the administration of said substance was, is still, and always will be truly appreciated. I will not spoil it for you dear reader, but I will say this. The approach, and DOSAGE is just as, if not, more crucial than set and setting. Which frankly speaking, you will not even have to think about as the location itself pretty much nails it, while Rudi holds the space for you. Psychedelic re-integration is a vital part of the entire experience/process and Rudi is well experienced and prepared to assist you with what is necessary. He will be in all senses of the word, humbly be at your service.

You will feel safe, warm and loved in his abode and company at all times, and as he would aptly remind you, you will not feel any of his ego for the entire journey, but you will feel his reassuring presence ever present, guiding you. I love him and I do not, all at the same time; I love him for the entire experience that he provided me with, and I do not because after this experience, I feel like there may be no other person I could ever trust as much, for experiences as powerful as these. Thank you for helping me to restore the inner harmony between Love and Ego, and everything else in between. I will always love you my brother. This one is not for you or me but for the entire Universe, because we are the Universe. Ultimately, that which will continue to connect everyone eternally, throughout all of infinity, is LOVE. ❤❤

Sylvia Sakellaridis

“I’m in the 2nd course of her 8 week Nature Medicine course and what Jacqui is able to create is just brilliant.
The questions that she asks, the exercises, and the inquiries that she offers are so well formulated.
Simple yet effective and to the point.
What she offers is easy to follow because the themes of the course are so intriguing, I’m always looking forward to the meetings. The atmosphere is so chill and relaxed, yet vulnerable and constructive and engaging.
And that’s because of her, her drive, her intention, her determination, and care.
She’s just present and caring.
I feel she’s lovingly embracing all of us firmly, steadily while holding space for self-discovery and acceptance.
I can feel she knows what she’s doing and is still open to learning from me and my special colors with no zero judgments. I can say I trust her to open my heart completely and start looking at myself with the eyes of love.”
Sylvia K.

Sylvia Sakellaridis

“I’m in the 2nd course of her 8 week Nature Medicine course and what Jacqui is able to create is just brilliant.
The questions that she asks, the exercises, and the inquiries that she offers are so well formulated.
Simple yet effective and to the point.
What she offers is easy to follow because the themes of the course are so intriguing, I’m always looking forward to the meetings. The atmosphere is so chill and relaxed, yet vulnerable and constructive and engaging.
And that’s because of her, her drive, her intention, her determination, and care.
She’s just present and caring,
I feel she’s lovingly embracing all of us firmly, steadily while holding space for self-discovery and acceptance.
I can feel she knows what she’s doing and is still open to learning from me and my special colors with no zero judgments. I can say I trust her to open my heart completely and start looking at myself with the eyes of love.”
Sylvia K.

Larry Stouter

Audra demonstrates an extensive understanding of psychedelic practice. She makes you feel comfortable and safe while applying her knowledge base. Integrating ketamine into my recovery has been an awesome enhancer. I recommend it highly.

Ben K.

I wanted to experiment psychedelics to open new doors of perception and to understand my false beliefs.

I knew the importance of the tripsitter so I did some research for about 2 months… and I found Rudi. I liked the fact he looked serious and he had different kind of substances to work with (including 1V-LSD which worked really well for me!). After our first call I was convinced he was the right guy.

Rudi is very professionnal and friendly: he was clear about what I could/couldn’t expect from the trip. He helped me set my intentions. He was present during the hole experience and very supportive after.

I will definitely come back!

Leanne Carpenter

I have been having weekly sessions with Miranda for 11 months to support my recovery from a grade 4 brain haemorrhage, which happened two and a half years ago. The progress I’ve made in the time we’ve been meeting on zoom has been pretty miraculous. I have gone from not sleeping at night due to being ‘tired but wired’ to a normal sleep pattern, which made a huge difference on my mood, my ability to engage in daily life, my relationship with myself and others, and to my energy levels. Before the sessions, many days I could barely lift my arms or doing anything due to severe neurofatigue. Since being taught and guided to practice kundalini yoga by Miranda, I have more active days and greater stamina. I still have a little way to go with this, but the difference is so noticeable, with many days now I feel almost back to normal. Miranda’s thoughtful questions and reflections guide me to my own solutions and help me feel so much more resourced, as often I didn’t realise I had the answers within myself to everyday issues caused by the haemorrhage.

Miranda has great depth, insight, presence, integrity and professionalism making the experience of the sessions so amazing, holding, safe, expansive and relevant. I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, as coming from a career in clinical psychology myself, I know how rare and powerful it is to be guided by someone who has gone deep on their own self-healing journey. Miranda is a lovely person, kind and wise, astute and playful, I recommend her sessions for coaching, yoga, shamanic journeying and counselling 100%.

Cole Miller

Ricky is an extremely friendly, funny, and genuine person. He was first and foremost concerned with my safety while under the influence and did a great job of keeping me comfortable throughout the experience. Would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking an open-minded sitter or other assistance.

Steven Kostrich

Jim Ducker is the best Psychedelic Integration Sitter and Coach ever. He is so passionate about his work and has so much knowledge and experience. I highly recommend him as an amazing Psychedelic Integration Sitter and Coach in Toronto. He has an amazing personality. I felt safe and grateful to find someone who can help me. I had googled Psychedelic coach in Toronto and found him. It is the best decision I have ever made.

Suzie Beder

I am so grateful since I have started my therapy with Jim Ducker. He has gone above and beyond my expectations. He has helped me with many unresolved issues. He has taught me so much and makes me enjoy learning how to create a better life for myself. I wish I had met him earlier. I feel so safe. I feel heard and validated. I highly recommend him. I look forward to my sessions.

Crystal Soto

Working with Jacqui was so special. I felt that she is not only capable and highly qualified, but her heart is so big and she was so incredibly open and available to guide me through my journey that I was able to move deeply and quickly into my therapy because of the trust and rapport that was established from the very first session. Her compassion, ability to hold space, ask the right questions, and reflect back to me what she heard/understood are what make her an incredible coach and counselor. I am in deep gratitude for feeling seen and heard while working with her – something that is such a rare treasure in today’s world. I am also so grateful for the many insights I gained while working with her and for the integration that I was able to achieve due to her guidance and support. So many aha moments and moments of deep relief when I knew I was getting to the underbelly of the deeper issues I was working through. I highly recommend working with Jacqui, and I look forward to working with her again in the near future!

Destiny Singh

I’m so grateful for Jacqui and all of her help. Not only has she helped me mentally, but physically as well! I really didn’t know what I needed until I opened myself up to the idea of micro-dosing with psilocybin. Once I was aware of what it was and what it did for my mind, body and soul, I was so excited for the future I was creating for myself. The connection, trust and calmness that I feel with her are unmatched.She helped me soo much and I’m ready for another round. She’s knowledgeable and works with you and your needs and I really can’t wait for her retreats!

Maryssa Lujan

Jacqui Ruiz will change your life forever, I guarantee you that. Jacqui has been my coach for over 2 years and I feel like a completely different person; one that I am proud to be and that lives a life I’m motivated to wake up to. Once she integrated psilocybin into her work and I took on the opportunity, I am confident that Jacqui has the ability to heal the world if we will let her. I am a very straight edge person so at first I was hesitant, but Jacqui did a great job of answering my concerns and making sure I feel safe and supported in every way. Jacqui has been teaching me to work through my emotional compass independently and when I began micro-dosing, my body began to heal with me and also let me know where we needed to focus next. Then I tried a full dose session and that blew my mind. I’ve never felt happiness, creativity, freedom, and possibility greater than that day. I am forever grateful for Embracing Your Light and I will continue to work with Jacqui for as long as she will allow me. Please do yourself a favor and invest in yourself with this opportunity.


Wow! Where do I begin? Wendy Lieber is one of the most authentic and most qualified medicine practitioners out there. Wendy embodies true integrity in her everyday life and in her work. She not only facilitates medicine in a sacred way, she also serves with so much loving intention that some of my deepest healing works have been because of her reverence and presence.

One of the first times I witnessed Wendy work I was brought to tears with an overwhelming feeling of joy and gratitude. Her humility and dedication to to the medicine have inspired me to stay on the path of service. Hoping to be everything she is one day.

I am honored to call Wendy now my mentor and one of my best friends but most importantly she exemplifies a true healer. Wendy walks the true path of enlightenment while supporting others as they awaken to their true self.

Benjamin Forest

Peter is an amazing coach! I live in the US but connected with Peter through a recommendation from a stranger and have been doing Zoom sessions ever since — so glad I did. He has unique insights into spiritual and emotional issues that were extremely helpful to me in processing my own (at times overwhelming) journey. Very caring and insightful coach. He has my highest recommendation..

Joel Perkal

I wasn’t sure what to anticipate, and I certainly wasn’t sure what I might find. Still, I was willing to give this new methodology a shot.
Everyone desires happiness and some level of contentment. I realized that I never really found it (or at least I’d never fully realized it) until I met Brenna. Through her guidance and support, I discovered what it meant to fully be me authentically.

Brenna seized the reins and lead the way by establishing a comfortable “set & setting” . She created a space that was both emotionally and physically comfortable, allowing me to focus on myself within my journey.

Throughout the experience – both pre and post journey – Brenna was a positive sounding board, always open and available, listening closely and allowing me to vocalize and examine my own personal circumstance. All of her comments and direction were delivered in a caring, positive, and constructive manner. A consummate professional, Brenna demonstrated skill and expertise though a precise and exacting manner, which allowed me to approach my journey with openness and without judgment.

B Gomez

Brenna is such an extraordinary healer and I am truly grateful for her guidance on my recent plant medicine journey! Her empathic nature, patience and knowledge gave me the courage to trust my own intuition and experience the gift of plant medicine.

Throughout our weekly meetings in Balboa Park, Brenna has helped me discover parts of my authentic self that I have been suppressing -mainly speaking my truth. With her guidance, I have been able to develop and manifest my intentions by disconnecting my logical mind and looking inward to rediscover the inherent knowledge that had been inside my soul all along.

Since this was the first plant medicine + journey work experience I’ve had, feeling safe was definitely a priority in seeking a guide. Fortunately, Brenna created an incredibly secure space for both of us to connect over the past 8 weeks. I’ve always felt comfortable and at ease while talking to her during our sessions. Her professionalism and attention to detail in insuring that I felt secure and safe are impeccable.

During my journey, Brenna and her trusty intuitive dog, Mojo were by my side the entire time as support. She took detailed notes along the way and even typed them all out for me to keep afterwards. Since my journey, she has also continued to check in with me as I am integrating back into reality. I highly encourage anyone who is looking towards unlocking their true potential through journey work with plant medicine to connect with Brenna as this has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I am finally speaking my truth and will be forever grateful for the opportunity to receive the medicine from such a gifted healer!


I’ve learned so much about what I want from life and how I want to live it by working with Keith. He’s a very attentive, compassionate, and authentic listener and provides support that allows you to move beyond where you’re currently landing. He has a really beautiful balance of logic and intuition – I’ve found this really helpful to be understood on multifaceted, subtle layers. He provides tools which I’ve looked back on since our first session and his work definitely encourages more love in the world!

Nathaniel Putnam

Having the pleasure to work with Leia, 1 on 1, leading community groups and traveling on retreats, I can highly recommend her experience, skills and devotion to plant medicine work and helping others. Leia has a deep wealth of knowledge, inner strength and a kind heart. You will be challenged to blossom and grow with her by your side!

David Wilson

Ketamine Infusion Therapy works for Panic Attacks, PTSD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, and for depressive mood swings from Bipolar Disorder. If you suffer from these issues and have not been able to find relief for them, this is the treatment for you. It is a transformative experience and it has given me my life back. Ketamine Infusion Therapy works.

So the question then becomes: Where will you get go for your therapy? I recommend Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic.

The clinic itself is in a professional setting which inspires confidence in the therapy itself. The gals at the front desk are very welcoming and they do not act as though they are walking on egg shells around you, even though they know why you’re there. This is important, because there is a stigma around mental health disorders. That stigma makes people afraid to deal with you. It’s not a good feeling to be treated like you’re one fry short of a happy meal at all times. Reception does not treat you with anything but kindness. It’s nice.

The providers are very professional and they really know their stuff. The difference between this clinic and other medical clinics is that these providers actually care about their patients. They don’t stress you out by trying to rush through your appointment as if you are just a unit on a conveyor belt. That’s good, because if you’re like me, you’re prone to a lot of anxiety. They have comfy chairs for you to relax in during your therapy. They have surveys and a mood monitor to help you keep track of your mood while away from the clinic. This is great for actually measuring when you need your maintenance booster. And sometimes, while you’re recovering, before you leave, they’ll let you watch Netflix on an iPad. That’s a nice touch!

Ben, a provider, is very good at getting the IV needle in on the first try. He’s never had a problem with me and so if you’re worried about that, you’ll be fine. He’s also very good at knowing when to check in on you and when to leave you be. When you’re in the middle of your therapy and sensitive to noise (I prefer to be alone), he times his check-ins well. He also is good at catching or estimating you vitamin deficiencies, if you have one. He once gave me a B-12 shot at the right time—I found out that I was indeed low and later given a B-Complex Rx by my psychiatrist. He is also good at remember what’s been going on in your life, which is cool.

Tyler, the other provider, had a great bedside manner. He’ll explain what he’s doing as he does it. He’ll also check how your moods have been and it isn’t awkward to talk about with him. He also has a therapeutic effect; I once had a small panic attack during my infusion (very rare for me) and he came in and talked me through it, explained why it was happening and how to handle it while the infusion was going. The panic attack was cut short, in part because of the Ketamine, and in part because he was there and was able to calm me down. That means the providers still keep an ear out for you if you like to be alone during your infusion. That helps me relax. In other clinics, I’ve had providers simply walk out of the room while I was having a panic attack and leave me there alone, as if I were somehow crazy or making it up. Many of you reading this will understand that panic attacks are the worst and are indeed very real. Luckily, Tyler has your back.

These are the reasons why you ought to go to this clinic. I drive 2+ hours to come to this specific clinic, and they make the drive worthwhile. I will keep going to this clinic for as long as I remain in the Pacific Northwest, because they treat you with dignity and respect, values that I think all of us with mental health disorders need in order to make it through a therapy that gives you your life back.

Steve Strawn

I began my treatment with Tyler and Ben at Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic back in early May of 2019. After the initial consultation with Ben it was determined based upon my needs that a total of 6-40 minute Ketamine infusions were anticipated to begin my road to a better life. In the end I wound up with 5-40 minute sessions and one 4-hour session (focused on pain relief). Over this past 6 week period I have noticed not only a significant change in my mood and my outlook on life but I have also been able to make long overdue decisions that will continue to impact my life for the better. I do anticipate follow up ‘maintenance’ sessions however they will most likely be few and far between. When it came down to the four hour session intended to relieve me of my 30 plus years of chronic pain, it has delivered thus far although I know it will take follow up visits in order to maintain the ‘pain free’ status. When it comes down to Ketamine and how it feels during the infusions, I can only tell you that it is a very unique experience unlike any other I have ever had, and I have had quite a few anesthetic procedures. I recommend that you do your homework on not only the data regarding the research on Ketamine therapy but also be sure you understand how Ketamine works in the brain as well as the possible side effects. I personally feel that this is a very important part of your treatment, this way you will have a better understanding of what to expect during and after the treatments. As far as my overall experience is concerned, I will say that it was a very comfortable, and relieving treatment process and I recommend this to any who need help with medication resistant mood disorders such as Bi-Polar, depression, PTSD or major pain. Give them a call today, they are pretty cool guys and they are doing this to help others. Cost is pretty high and insurance does not cover this at this time. Please take into consideration the cost of insurance for these medical professionals (CRNA) as well as all other aspects of this type of business. There is an article online that gives you a good idea of why it costs what it does and I also recommend reading said article to understand more regarding general costs involved for the providers. Thank you for reading and enjoy your road to recovery, it’s right around the corner.

Camille Phillips

I heard of the Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic through my brother and I decided to give it a try. I’ve struggled with depression and a slew of mental illnesses since I was a teenager, I’ve met with counselors and other mental health professionals but depression always got the best of me. A couple of years ago I spent a few months in a psychiatric hospital and got put on some medication that seemed to help for a while but still felt down a lot. Hearing about the ketamine treatments sparked an interest. Ben was very welcoming and informative of the treatment. I did 5 days of ketamine treatment. I have been able to see some positive effects, I have more motivation to get out of bed and feel more hope in my life. I would highly recommend Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic for anyone who suffered from mood disorders or pain.

Ali Erikson

My first experience with Tri-Cities Infusion and Wellness Clinic was amazing. I’ve spent my entire life being self conscious of my sweaty hands and underarms. It’s not only embarrassing but it interferes with my job and can be so frustrating. A week ago I got Botox injections in my underarms and it has been LIFE changing. No more sweat or worrying about what color shirt I put on in the morning. Tyler helped navigate through the insurance hoops and made it possible! When the time came to get injections he made me feel relaxed and nothing like the sweaty freak I thought I was. Their office was nice and inviting as well. It ended up being a very small amount of discomfort for a HUGE life altering result. I am incredibly happy with the outcome and can’t believe how much it has changed my life already!

Shawn Walker

I couldn’t recommend this place more. I’ve struggled with hyperhidrosis in my armpits for as long as I can remember. Even prescription deodorant wasn’t helping much. I was a bit skeptical about injections, but I was willing to try anything. Since the injections I have yet to sweat through a shirt, something I used to do on a daily basis. The appointment was quick, not too uncomfortable, and Tyler answered all my questions. Definitely worth it!

Norman Shaw

Going in for an experimental and somewhat new type of treatment was a bit stressful for me, but this clinic’s caregivers are very easy to work with and flexible to individual needs, they took extra time to address my questions and the treatment was excellent.

Melissa Hammick

I received my vitamin infusion by Tyler yesterday and honestly can’t believe the difference it made waking up this morning. It helped me bounce back from my night shifts and have energy without my morning coffee to feel like a human. I’m also excited to see the difference it will make in my hair, skin, and nails! The clinic has such an inviting environment to relax. Seriously check it out!!!

Linda Michael

I am impressed with the care, professionalism and results that I have received from Tri City Infusion and Wellness Clinic. I have been a patient for a little over a month, during that time my depression has decreased, my anxiety has improved as well as my coping skills. I feel like somebody has turned on the lights! I am brighter and happier then I have been in years.

Ben and Tyler both have a very kind bedside manor. They have years of experience between them so the infusions were not painful. They are also very realistic about the results. I felt like they genuinely want you to have a successful outcome. Their treatment rooms are very comfortable and easy to relax in.

The entire staff is outstanding at following up and giving great customer service. Kayla in the reception area does a fantastic job of greeting, answering questions, helping the providers and being just plain sweet. I am grateful for the care I have received from the clinic and would definitely recommend them.

Lindsey Beeler

Everyone that I’ve come in contact with here have been amazing. They’re all so welcoming, patient and they have even stayed late in order to accommodate my work schedule. They make your experience peaceful and work with you as much as they possibly can in order to help you in any way. I would recommend this business, the people, as well as their treatments to anyone and everyone. One of the best experiences I’ve had in this town as far as treatment’s.

John Stensrud

The staff is amazing, kind and compassionate. I did 3 tours in Iraq in the United States Marine Corps and I have been struggling for years with PTSD, depression, chronic back pain and panic attacks and in ONE session, all of my symptoms were dramatically reduced. I am very excited to continue treating and I feel like I am getting my life back. Thank you guys for what you do! I am forever grateful. 🙂

Ivana Strahija

Finding a medical provider for depression relief through ketamine therapy was a challenge, after our regular provider decided to no longer be opened on Saturday – or any day after 4.30 pm. It is incredibly inconvenient to have to take a whole day off – for 2 people – just to get a life-saving, medical, treatment on a regular schedule, and we were quite upset. It caused a great deal of anxiety and panic, we were scouring the internet to find not just a reputable provider of ketamine infusions, but also one that would be opened at hours appropriate for employed adults.

We were over the moon when we found RestoratIV and dr Sam, who not only works on the weekends, but is also incredibly accommodating. We could finally get the ketamine infusion for depression in a safe manner that worked with out schedule!

An added bonus is dr Sam’s experience with emergency medicine, which extends to his RestoratIV office, where the patient is monitored with state of the art equipment and by knowledgeable staff. The treatment rooms are cozy, clean and well maintained.

Miss Lauren, who is in charge of scheduling and communicating with patients, is a cheerful, upbeat and pleasant person. She made us feel welcome, and well taken care of, from the start.

All in all, we would recommend RestoratIV to anyone who needs ketamine infusion therapy – be it for depression, PTSD or pain relief! We can only say: Thank you dr Sam for making it possible for us to manage a horrible debilitating depression through ketamine infusion, on a reasonable schedule!

Joellen Meckley

Dr. Sam and Lauren are great. They put you right at ease and you can tell they truly care. My experience was really positive.

Aron Love

I have no complaints about RestoratIV. The staff is amazing and are always happy, friendly and caring. The Dr. Sam is great. He is very friendly and really seems to love his job and really cares about his patients.

Amanda Lewishartley

I was In town on vacation and they were able to help me and fit me in and work with me around the schedule and they were wonderful I highly recommend them

Gabrielle Meckley

I can’t speak more highly of this place! It is a calm, welcoming, approachable environment to be treated. I have been receiving regular infusions here since April ’19 to treat my OCD, and I am grateful for each one. For me, the treatments help me tolerate triggers that previously would seriously aggravate my anxiety, and helps reduce my general anxiety.

First, speaking as someone with a fear of needles, every staff member assisting with the infusion will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable from start to finish. There is no place I’d rather get an IV! If you are worried about anxiety or nausea, they offer options to ease the symptoms. The chair you are seated in is very comfortable, and adjusts to your preference, and there are blankets and water readily available for you. You are monitored throughout the entire infusion, and they are always looking for ways to help you be more at ease throughout your treatment.

Most importantly, there is amazing communication throughout every step of the process. From checking in about dosage, symptoms, Dr. Sam always makes a point to talk with you about the logistics of the treatment, how you’re seeing the effects of treatment, and how to best manage your treatment in the future. He is approachable, extremely patient oriented, and willing to work with you to determine the best options for your treatment. Client Services Manager Lauren makes it easy to schedule appointments, and does her best to make your appointment time work for your schedule whenever possible. She communicates and checks in through text or email as preferred, and always greets you with a smile and wishes for a good day.

Thank you RestoratIV Wellness!

Kelsey Ferro

I’ve been seeing Dr. Sam and the staff for the last 2 years nearly and they always go above and beyond for their clients. The treatment rooms are exceptionally clean with cozy lazy boy chairs and blankets to make your treatment as comfortable as possible! These treatments have changed my life for the better.

Kathleen Barckley

The doctor and staff are so nice and welcoming. The doctor takes the time to sit with you and gets to know about you and your symptoms. The infusion is made specifically for you and how you explained your symptoms to the doctor. The environment is clean and welcoming. The main thing is that I had severe depression, bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts along with a lot of anxiety. I’ve tried every medication over the past 12+ yrs and nothing seemed to work. Since August 2019 and August 2020 I spent 9 months in the hospital because I was suicidal. I finally got out of the hospital long enough to set up my appointments at RestoratIV. I’ve had 8 infusions already and I feel like a different person. I’m happy. I want to participate in life. I’m smiling instead of crying. My anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts are so so much better. Don’t get me wrong. I still have a psychiatrist and I take medications. I will work closely with my psychiatrist and adjust my meds according to how the ketamine infusions work. I also called them up and they set me up with my first 6 appointments right away. There or prices are very reasonable compared to other places. One last thing. I was in the hospital last Christmas. This Christmas I decorated the tree by myself. My four kids and my husband are glad to have their mother back. Thank you RestoratIV for helping me find hope.

Roshni Chasmawala

Absolutely loved getting my IV treatment here! The space is very nice and relaxing. I had a great experience. The Nurse Practitioners are great and caring. Highly recommend you to try the place! You won’t be disappointed.

Russ Lynde

I’m very fortunate to have looked on the internet just as my first Ketamine round of treatment at another clinic was ending. If I would have followed the first clinic’s advice, I would never have been able to get the relief from my depression I’ve gotten if it weren’t for the knowledge of Marty and Albert at Red River Ketamine Wellness in Lawton. If you haven’t achieved the relief from Ketamine that you’ve heard or read about then please, call Red River Ketamine Wellness and talk to Marty or Albert. The approach that Red River takes towards Ketamine treatment is far from the first clinic’s approach that I experienced. They have very flexible appointment times, evenings, weekends, and I even went on a holiday. They have answered all my questions, provided very helpful input, and made me feel comfortable with this particular treatment. They strive to provide the least costly treatment in Oklahoma I believe. I can say for certain my life would have been very miseriable if it weren’t for these 2 guy’s. Thanks for everything Marty and Albert, Russ

Ferris Strothmeyer

The center is incredibly convenient for me. My wife started her ketamine therapy and IV NAD+ therapy with Dr. Sendi and had amazing results after having failed EMDR. The home based nasal spray worked great and has permitted her to go back to her work and be a mom again. I followed her recommendation of Dr. Sendi as he practices integrative psychiatry. He was rapidly available by phone and even gives access to his personal cell phone for consultations. Although they don’t accept insurance, they worked out a superbill for my insurance that got my out of network costs covered. My treatment was hugely successful for my PTSD and pain. The staff is friendly and the waiting room is very comfortable – almost like home. I want to thank Dr. Sendi for his services.

Tony K.

I have been coming to see Dr. Sendi for over 18 months and have had phenomenal results. His office has many capabilities, including Low level laser light therapy for depression and anxiety, as well as the ability to initiate a scopolamine infusion, followed by a ketamine infusion for the most effective and maximum results possible. My anxiety has pretty much resolved, and I have gained a significant amount of emotional intelligence because of the infusions over the past 18 months. This is truly something that is life changing and something that needs to become more mainstream; It could help a lot of people. The practice is extremely effective, knowledgeable. Dr. Sendi also provides psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. The environment is extremely calming and includes aromatherapy; it doesn’t feel as if you’re walking into a doctor’s office. These treatments have been significantly more effective than EMDR and other forms of therapy I have tried. This treatment is truly THE GOLDEN standard for rapid treatment for depression and anxiety. The staff is extremely friendly, and very easy to get in contact with. Dr. Sendi provides his personal cell phone as to serve as “concierge style doc” that you can call at anytime with any questions, concerns, or inquiries. Every encounter I have at the clinic is super effective and helps me move forward in the right direction.

Eddie B Barrera

This place has left me with hope! I’m honored we have the opportunity to say we are a patient @ Memphis ketamine! Thank you Nikki for working so hard to attack the chronic pain!! Thank you for being human & thank you for seeing my Ashley as an individual!

kyley sorg

Without Dr. Cruz I probably still wouldn’t be able to run. I came to him to get PRP and prolo-ozone therapy my sophomore year of high school because I had immense pain in my hips from running so much. My goal since middle school has been to run in college and I couldn’t do that in the state I was in. Dr. Cruz helped heal me overtime and now I’m committed to run for Liberty University. I owe a lot to him!

Melanie Drury

I had an excellent experience at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine with Dr. Rafael Cruz! My name is Melanie Drury. I serve the community as a Nurse Practitioner in KY and IN. I personally had been dealing with degenerative joint disease and bone spurs of the cervical spine resulting in neck pain on a daily basis over the past 9 years. I also experienced low back pain daily over the past several years. Over the past 9 years, I tried numerous treatments including chiropractic, cervical and lumbar traction, laser therapy, physical therapy several times, oral over the counter Nsaids, prescription anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxers, topical medications, accupuncture, cupping, dry needling, weekly massage, pilates, orthopedic office treatment, podiatry office treatment with two custom inserts adjusted a couple of times, inversion table use at home…and maybe a few other things Im just not remembering off the top of my head. Despite all of these numerous interventions, pain relief was minimal and short lasting.
My experience at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine was exceptional. Dr. Cruz treated me with prolotherapy, prolozone, and stem cell therapy. Unbelievably, this has been the first time in 9 years I have been pain free! I am so thankful! I want to share my experience with everyone. There are many out there suffering with pain. Consulting with Dr. Cruz at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine was one of the best things I have done for my personal health. It is definitely worth checking out!

Carlos Cruz

Dr. Cruz saved my life insisting that I get a heart cath when other doctor discovered a 95% blockage of my carotid artery. I was scheduled for carotid surgery and neither my doctor or my insurance wanted to let me have a cardiac cath because six months before I had a normal heart stress test. When I finally was able to get my cardiac cath, we discovered I had 7 blockages and I needed 7 cardiac stents. The surgeon told me I could’ve easily died during the surgery to fix the carotid artery if I had not fixed my heart first!!! Thanks to Dr. Cruz that is exactly what happened.

Dr. Cruz has often suggested IV Plaquex and IV chelation which helps open up blood vessels.
Thank God I listen when he insisted on heart cath…

Bryan Guess

Due to lots of athletic damage to my knee over the years, I had severe arthritis in my knee with MRI proof. After meeting Dr Cruz he advised me on wartons jelly stem cell to help heal my knee. After the painless procedure (fast forward 10 months) had another MRI to measure healing and I was diagnosed with mild softening of my knee. So in 10 months my knee went from severe arthritis to mild softening. Name a pill or surgery that can do that? Exactly! There isn’t any that can get these results. IF you are having knee pain Dr. Cruz and his stem cell protocol is a no brainer!! My advice to you if your reading this far, just do it!! I’ve had zero regrets!!

Heidi Miller

Dr. Cruz spends much time with his patients determining their specific needs. His treatments are wonderful and quickly showed improvement for me personally. I would recommend him, his staff and his clinic to anyone.

Brian Sampson

Great experience with Dr Cruz and the team at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine. Dr Cruz has helped me deal with a number of complex issues related to heavy metals toxicity, anxiety, and hormonal deficiencies. I appreciate his approach as a functional/integrative physician looking for the root cause of issues rather than simply following the medical establishment’s typical name it / blame it / tame it with an Rx approach. Highly recommend Dr Cruz to anyone in the Kentuckiana area!

Riley Shirrell

Excellent care! Dr. Cruz is very thorough and genuinely cares about his patients. Awesome staff too, very friendly and professional. Highly recommend!


I’ve only had one appointment with dr Cruz so far but I’m so excited to get started. Everyone from the staff at the front desk to the dr made me feel very comfortable and everyone was so kind.

Peter Swanz

Dr. Cruz and his staff are outstanding. They are offering cutting edge alternative and complementary medicine for Southern Indiana and Louisville. We are lucky to have him here.

Nicole B.

Excellent staff and the only medication that has worked for my bipolar disorder. I am so grateful to have them here in Royal Oak!

Isabella Woodall

They treat their patients with respect. Ryan at the front desk is amazing with customer service, and Dr Oxley is a great professional.

Anne Quinn-Diment

Ketamine infusions are simply miraculous in helping treatment-resistant depression. And Michigan Progressive Health has an experienced doctor and staff, individually tailored treatment, and an amazing patient experience. It is amazing!

Bryn Prough

Dr Oxley is amazing. Caring, competent, passionate about helping her patients. I am so glad I found her. Worth the drive from Jackson area for sure!! HIGHLY recommend this practice. Ryan at the desk is great too 🙂

Bridgette DeFrance

Dr. Oxley, and crew are awesome, friendly, knowledgeable and go above and beyond to treat their patients with compassion and up to date evidence based practice.

Jazmin Niclomte

I recently completed the oral ketamine program and would like to speak directly to anyone reading who is suffering from treatment resistant depression, anxiety or unresolved trauma. This protocol may be what you’ve been hoping + praying existed, but gave up on in your despair. For me it was a complete game changer. This medication, along w a highly attuned, gifted therapist (Julie) has brought me back from a truly miserable existence. The team of invested, empathetic nurses and staff will work with you to find the best path for your individual needs. At this point multiple offices are offering ketamine, but those of us who’ve been kicked around a bit by life need and deserve the extra special care + attention MPH provides. Hands down, best decision I’ve ever made. Special thanks to Dr Oxley, nurses Emily and Laura

Alchemy Wellness

I took Dr. Oxley’s provider education course and cannot recommend it highly enough. She truly opens her clinic to you and allows you to see her daily operations, giving you an incredibly practical experience. All the administrative paperwork, protocols, scientific literature, and policies and procedures are handed to you which completely jumpstarts your practice. You get to meet her patients and share in their experiences, which accelerates your ability to speak knowledgeably and confidently with your patients. But beyond all of this, she becomes a mentor. She is always quick to answer questions, connect you with resources, and opine on specific cases. In short, the course is worth its weight in gold!

Brian Taylor

Dr. Oxley is a truly excellent physician. Her treatments have shown amazing results. I highly recommend her services.

Bryan Bargowski

A pioneer in next generation, state of the art treatments for PTSD, anxiety, depression, and many other debilitating ailments. This place changed my life, and it’s the amazing staff that truly stands out.

Every single one of them make it perfectly clear from the very beginning that their top priority is your progress and comfort. They are all friendly, knowledgeable about their services, and they excel at educating and helping their clients. I could not be happier with my experience there. Shout out to all the amazing people working there.


I’ve suffered from treatment resistant depression and PTSD for years. I was treated with Ketamine for a few years in North Carolina where we used to live. It works! We recently moved to the Jacksonville, FL, area and thankfully we discovered Sunbelt Wellness Institute—Dr. Hogan made the transition to his office very easy! Sunbelt is a convenient, comfortable and safe place for treatment and they know what they are doing. Ketamine works when no other treatment does. I go about every 6 weeks for maintenance and it keeps my depression under control. Thank you Dr. Hogan and staff! See you soon!


I had become medication resistant in treating my depression. It continued to get worse. I was sick of trying medication after medication, just to be disappointed when it didn’t work, again. I decided I needed to do something different. I researched my options and chose Sunbelt Wellness. The staff is wonderful (Hi, Kelly!). The facility is beautiful and clean. They are punctual and accommodating. And most importantly, my depression has improved immensely. I feel better than I did, even when my medication was “working”. The treatments are intense but worth it. I am so glad that I chose ketamine treatments with Sunbelt Wellness.


Trust me when I say this Ketamine Infusion Therapy will change your life! I have struggled for over 20 years with bipolar depression and anxiety, both have been pretty severe. Years of medication changes and therapy. Saying that it was an emotional and physical rollercoaster is an understatement. I finished treatment 8 days ago and I feel amazing. To be honest, I feel like a completely different person with a brand new lease on life. I noticed drastic changes at the end of my first week in treatment. My body doesn’t hurt all the time anymore. There’s no heaviness in my chest. I am genuinely laughing. I can and want to get out bed, to leave the house, to talk to people. I have not taken anything for anxiety or to help me sleep since I stated treatment 3 weeks ago. I want to live and am looking forward to what the future has in store for the first time in I don’t even know how long. Happy with the results would be putting it mildly.

The team at Sunbelt Wellness Institute are amazing, everyone of them. Being in a safe place that embodies TRUE NORTH is not an exaggeration. The kind of care I received from Dr. Hogan, Kelley, David and Nick was a cut above the rest. I am grateful for them more than they could every know, they saved my life. Not only do they care about your experience but they really listen to you and make sure there is no lapse in communication or understanding not just with you as the patient but with everyone who is involved with your care. These guys are the dream team! Not just these 4 but anyone on their team.

Don’t suffer in silence and even if you are not silent in your suffering do yourself a favor…call Sunbelt Wellness Institute. It’s the first step toward the best decision you will ever make for yourself. There is no time better then the present. You are worth it!


Caring and professional staff. The treatment I received here was truly life changing and I encourage anybody else seeking help to give it a try. When I thought I had nothing else left to lose, Sunbelt’s treatment helped to give me a newfound motivation and appreciation for life and my own well being.


Ketamine, simply one of the most useful tools for mental/physical health improvement and for me an honest to god savior of my life. It’s by no means a cure all, you have to work with it but it holds your hand along the way. The anesthetic property being able to unwind/pacify worries that you’ve carried in your life and any that may arise from uncertainty in starting treatment, it’s very accessible for those perhaps not familiar with non-traditional treatments such as these. Brian Hogan and Nicholas Kalynych are two of the kindest men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my life and run an absolutely great clinic. It’s not like going to a doctor’s office, it’s a very casual and loving environment and the people there care for you in a genuine manner. Sunbelt Wellness helped changed my life and I feel I owe a great deal of thanks to Brian and his staff.


This place changed my life forever. I had been dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction. I lost my daughter when she was 14. I was already taking pain pills for a broken back. That event led me to not know how to cope. I went deeper into the black hole of depression. I wanted my life back but didn’t know how to do it. I went on methadone and was on a very very high dose which just numbed the emotions I’ve never dealt with. Ketamine allowed it to bubble out. I was able to see my own thought process and how disturbing it was. I learned I can kick the thoughts I don’t want or need away from me. I have never had another thought or craving of opioids again. I was able to deal with my daughter passing away and all of my childhood traumas. The very best decision I ever made.. Thank you so much Brian and Nick you’re truly my heroes!


Wonderful experience from our consult to our final treatment for a family member dealing with years of anxiety, depression, and OCD. Dr. Hogan does an amazing job of explaining why this treatment works and how it is different from more traditional treatment methods. The change in my family member was profound and fast. She is now able to function in daily life, handle stressors, interact with others in ways that were impossible before. The treatments were enjoyable, the staff professional and caring. Highly recommend for anyone struggling with ongoing mental health issues. It will change your life.


Dr. Lopez is a caring health care provider and person. Her office is small, friendly, and comfortable. Because she’s a neurologist as well as a psychiatrist, you really feel comfortable that she fully understands the medicines she prescribes and tailors her care to her patients. Her office is efficient and easy to work with. Highly recommend!


I recommend Dr. Lopez one hundred percent with no reservation. She is amazing. I wish all doctors were like her. I have been seeing her for many years and she saved my life. She takes her time listening to me in order to give me the correct treatment. She is personable, intelligent and knows her stuff. She takes her time with you and explains everything step by step. I trust her completely. Her office staff is very nice and accommodating as well.


Ketamine gave me hope and Dr. Belnap made that hope possible. A ketamine infusion is a medical procedure and you want someone who knows what they are doing to administer it to you. You want Dr. Belnap. Not only is he the only anesthesiologist in San Diego County who does them, he genuinely cares about his patients. Dr. Belnap will take the time to know you and to see how he can help you. People on my team (family and friends) have thrown hundreds of questions his way and he takes the time to answer every single one of them. He is extremely intelligent and his answers and what he does are backed by research and years of professional experience. Ketamine infusions were not something I wanted to do but I was desperate. Just the thought/idea of them brought me anxiety. Dr. Belnap completely eased that anxiety. Dr. Belnap tailors the ketamine infusion experience to you and provides multiple ways to help you relax (music, pillow, blanket, etc.). He even has a comfy chair in the room for a guest. Dr. Belnap sits next to you during your infusion, monitors your vitals (blood pressure, etc.), and if the experience you are having is too intense or you need something, he is right there the help. I bruise very easily and Dr. Belnap is so gentle and has made the putting in of the iv painless. From the moment I step in to Dr. Belnap’s office, I feel welcomed, warm, safe, and taken care of. Ketamine works! I haven’t felt this good in decades. Thank you Dr. Belnap!


I am so thankful I met Dr. Belnap! I have suffered from depression/anxiety for years now and battled postpartum depression after my daughter was born. I have tried everything from therapy, medications, acupuncture, etc for the past 4 years and unfortunately for me nothing seemed to help.
I had heard about Ketamine as a treatment and researched it. I came across Dr. Belnap and decided to contact him since he is an anesthesiologist and that is the only type of doctor that is actually trained in Ketamine. He answered all my questions over the phone and gave me a lot of information. I scheduled my appt and did 6 treatments like recommended. It was night and day difference. I felt calm, content, and it made me see the world and my struggles in a totally different light. My husband and mother noticed a huge difference in me and said they haven’t seen me like this in years! I am scheduled to go back and see him 1x a month for maintenance. I have been able to cut my medications in half and am in the process of weaning off completely!
If you are thinking about giving Ketamine infusions a try, you MUST contact Dr. Belnap! It is so important to go to an anesthesialogist vs. a psychiatrist because they are trained and use it on a frequent basis. The whole time during my infusion all of my vitals were taken along with blood pressure and heart rate. He never leaves the room and watches the whole time which made me feel extremely safe. He allowed my mom to go in the room with me the first time since I was nervous. If you are like me and have tried everything, don’t give up and give this a try! It honestly has been life changing.


My life has been changed in ways I never thought possible after seeking treatment with Dr. Belnap. Depression has ruled my life for decades, making relationships, jobs, life difficult to maintain and I had reached a point where I was ready to give up. I had little to no relief from antidepressants or lifestyle changes, despite doing all the things I was supposed to do.

I am beyond amazed at the effectiveness of this treatment for my depression. The last two years I have been battling suicidal ideation daily, on top of years of crushing depression. After the first infusion, my suicidal thoughts vanished and my mood has continued to improve with subsequent treatments. I am so grateful for Dr. Belnap, not only for his approach to patient care, but also for his advocacy for this treatment.

Dr. Belnap was so helpful and understanding. Treatment was timely, and comprehensive. For the first time I felt I was being heard and supported by a healthcare professional. He is approachable, knowledgeable and clearly an expert in his field. He took the time to explain everything to me, managing my expectations and making sure I knew what was going to happen. For someone who has been struggling with mental health in a system not designed for me, it was refreshing to say the least. I can enjoy my life now, and that is something I had lost all hope would ever happen to me. It is possible to feel better, and I couldn’t’ have asked for a better clinician.


Ketamine has been a lifesaver! My story is like many others, I suffered from depression and PTSD for 18 years and tried therapists, psychiatrists, numerous anti depressants, psycho-stimulants, benzodiazepines, holistic medicine, vitamins/supplements and Neurofeedback all with varying degrees of “success”.

Desperate for relief my search continued and I found information on ketamine and was blown away by what it could supposedly do. I contacted Dr. Belnap and he provided me with a wealth of information in a way that was easy to understand.

Like what ketamine actually is and the administration methods, most simply ketamine is an anesthesia and Dr. Belnap is an anesthesiologist. Psychiatrist give an inter muscular shot where you are all the ketamine at once. When you are treated by Dr. Belnap you’re in controlled environment where your vitals are being monitored and he can adjust the infusion rate, plus with the infusion you are given has additional medications that help make process more pleasant.

The setting is very comfortable with and adjustable zero gravity recliner and 4K tv to get lost in during the treatment.

The first infusion I had was the most profound and was truly life changing. I would say that ketamine gave me an instant change in perception, a reset that gives you the ability to see things differently. The infusion its self is a dissociative psychedelic experience that offers insight. The second part of the ketamine treatment is the reforming of damaged connections in the brain. My friends and family noticed a dramatic change in me, my personality hadn’t be that way in 18 years.

All that being said ketamine is truly amazing and I could go on forever about my experiences and the benefits but it not a cure all. Health, exercise, diet, sleep and continued mental health care all go together.


I must admit, I was skeptical of Ketamine treatment but I was absolutely desperate to find a way out of my depression and anxiety. Four treatments later, I was already feeling much better. Dr. Belnap is such a compassionate doctor and he is without a doubt on of the most thorough. He takes the time to get to know you and he will make adjustments to be sure you are getting maximum benefit out of each session. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to have found his clinic. I have found this treatment so beneficial that I continue to be his patient almost a year later.


Dr. Saah is one of the smartest and insightful people I know. She doesn’t waste your time, but gets right to the heart of the matter. I’ve trusted her with my care since 2015 and can’t imagine a better fit.


I was a patient of Dr Saah for almost a year and I will say, without any doubt, the treatments on me may have saved my life. No joke, not exaggeration. The Ketamine treatments were a God-send, she and her staff were all professional and compassionate to me. If my insurance plan would have continued, I would still be a patient. Thank You Dr Saah!


Dr Saah is so compassionate, smart, and kind. She’s a great listener who takes a lot of time with me to understand my life, both highs and lows. She’s actually authentic and I can tell that she cares. She’s shepherded me out of several points of deep despair in my life. Literally life-saving.


Dr. Saah is attentive and thorough with an honest concern about my wellbeing. She is both sensitive and compassionate in her approach to helping me manage my mental health concerns. I so appreciate feeling safe, respected, and heard. Highly recommend!


Dr Saah is very good at listening to you and making sure she understands you. She is very busy but rarely allows that to affect your time with her. She is both pragmatic and sympathetic, which I appreciate. She writes a lot of notes during the session and always checks your chart to see if you need written prescriptions. She’s very thorough and competent.

Andrea Schlobohm

You literally have not “tried everything” in terms of depression /mental health treatments until you have tried this treatment. I have nothing negative to report, at all. Despite there being a bit of a time gap in completing the 6 initial recommended treatments (due to financial constraints), I don’t feel that I had any backslide in my progress. This treatment may be compounded with more traditional approaches such as therapy etc., but if you’ve been through it all before like I have (though I’ve never been hospitalized) it isnt inherently necessary if the thought of that is annoying to you. Yes, it is expensive, but some health insurance coverage does cover it by reimbursement at least partially, you just have to file the claim yourself. I’ll work on writing up a lengthier more detailed review, but my experience has been extremely positive, and I have been on antidepressants my entire adult life.

LoAnn Wegh

Our experience at the Ketamine Care Clinic was outstanding. From the first contact we were treated with professionalism and compassion. Our questions were answered no matter how many and Jacquelin genuinely cared about the outcome of the treatment. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety and more consider Ketamine an option for relief. Thank you, Jacquelin!

Suzanne Beaudry

I received very good care from Jackie, the nurse anaesthetist who runs Ketamine Care Clinic. She really covers all the bases for monitoring you during treatment. I have been to other ketamine clinics in the US and Jackie’s setup is top notch. When I’m in treatment, I know I’m in good hands. She is professional, empathetic, and kind. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Correen Jones

Ketamine treatment has given our son new life. Severe depression and anxiety had put his life on hold for over 8 years. He now has 2 jobs and is going to school! Thank you Jacki for Hope and healing.

Kelley J.

I don’t know how to start this review except to say that Dr. Feifel and his wonderful staff at Kadima saved my life. I had been going to another ketamine doctor nearby and felt he didn’t really care, and that his ketamine infusions weren’t working for my horrible depression. I decided to stop going to that other place, as well as stop ketamine altogether.

I had intended to try TMS instead, and after only a bit of research, I learned that Dr. Feifel is the leader in TMS and ketamine treatments. I called the office and spoke with Rene, who was thorough, caring, and recommended I do a consultation with Dr. Feifel.

What a caring, sincere, patient man. I was really despondent when I met with him, as well as super anxious. I asked him so many questions I thought I’d drive him crazy. But he answered thoroughly and honestly. This man is the real deal. So smart, so experienced, so kind.

He could see how much despair I was in and asked me if I enjoyed anything in life anymore. I told him I didn’t; that even when I was surfing I prayed the sharks would come eat me. He told me he’d be glad to treat me using TMS, but it’d take a week for it to be approved by my insurance, then possibly a couple or a few weeks for the TMS to start working.

He asked me if I’d consider ketamine at his clinic.

I told him that due to my past experiences, I was done with ketamine. He suggested I try it again because “no one should be in as much emotional pain as you are right now”. He SAW me. I needed a rapid reprieve from my misery, or I was not going to make it.

Even though I’d had a bad experience at the ketamine clinic I’d formerly gone to, and had lost faith in ketamine treatments altogether, I decided to trust him. And it’s hard for me to trust people, especially psychiatrists.

He got me in the following week. What a difference it makes when you go to a clinic that cares! Oh my gosh. So I underwent a journey of ketamine treatments at Kadima. They personally tailored my dosing, my time spent during my appointments, environment, everything. It was a180 degree turn from the other clinic.

Darla, Michelle, and Evelyn, the nurses, were like sisters to me. I am no longer depressed and am not doing ketamine anymore, but I stop by there when I’m in the area because I miss them so much. They are trained to guide you through the ketamine experience, and to soothe you when you’re anxious. It was such a personalized experience; these women were my angels. I felt like talking to Darla saved my life.

There was always a doctor in charge during the treatments, along with Dr. Feifel and two nurses. At my previous ketamine clinic, sometimes only the doctor would be there; he’d insert the needle, leave the room, then take the needle out 45 minutes later and leave the room. No de-briefing about what came up during your trip, no one checking in on you. I left there many times feeling unsettled and with questions about what I’d just gone through, but there was no one to ask. That doctor rarely even returned my emails.

And Dr. Feifel always returned my emails, and even called me at home to check on me a couple of times.

The doctors there at Kadima–dear, benevolent Dr. Mirrow, whom I worked with most, Dr. Skaggs, and Dr. Bruns–met with me before (via Zoom-note that this office is very safe with Coronavirus precautions and every room has an air filter) my treatments and after. And if I had a bad trip, they’d even help me calm down during my treatment.

Dr. Feifel would also often stop in to my “room” (each patient gets their own private room during their treatment) to check on how I was doing. I mean, this man contributed to Time magazine’s recent issue on depression, is quoted in numerous academic articles, runs his own clinic, is a professor emeritus at UCSD, was a forerunner in both TMS and ketamine treatments, etc. But he truly cares about his patients and will go as far as implementing new ways of treating you with ketamine if you still feel depressed after being treated by him. And he never acts like he doesn’t have time for you.

I am so much better now, after many tears, doubts, dose adjustments, other medications etc. When I first met him, Dr. Feifel told me that some day in the future I’d know what it feels like not to be depressed. I didn’t believe him. But I stopped by Kadima today to tell them hello (I miss everyone there so much; it feels like home) and we reminisced about how I didn’t believe him then and now I’m out of the darkness. And he told me he was truly happy about this. I know he is.

It gives me faith in humanity and in the medical world that such caring, competent people exist. I owe being alive today to Dr. Feifel and his wonderful staff. Note that ketamine did not always work for me, but Dr. Feifel never, ever gave up on me.

If you want to read EVEN MORE on ketamine and Dr. Feifel’s clinic, here’s an article I wrote on the experience: medium.com/invisible-ill…

Tiffany G.

The doctors are highly educated and experienced. They care about their patients and work hard to help. I especially love the nurses, they are kind and caring. They are there for me when I’m having a bad day. They always help. They are a rare find! And they bill my insurance!

Issadora S.

I honestly don’t know how to start this review in a way that can envelop my experiences at Kadima in a succinct and believable way!

Before coming to Kadima, my psychiatrist strongly encouraged it as I was in quite a crisis but completely against doing ECT again. ECT did help but the fear, anxiety and memory struggles it caused were overwhelming!

I read reviews about Kadima with statements about how people there truly care etc but as someone with multiple health issues, I’ve nearly grown up around hospitals and was quite dubious about the reviews.

My psychiatrist was out of town but I called in my crisis and he not only called Kadima but called me back with the number and who to talk to. That would be the office savior (aka manager), Karen!

I talked with her a number of times before my crisis escalated pretty much as far as it could go. Once I made it to the other side.. sorta… she called me very quickly once I left a very vague message. I hadn’t been to the office at all but Karen was so so very kind, empathetic and authentic. This wasn’t just a job for her. I didn’t spell out my troubles but she quickly figured stuff out and responded with such genuine kindness and offering me assistance.

Because I’m not like some ritzy rich person like many of there clients paying cash for Ketamine treatments, the original reason that my psychiatrist sent me there, I was more so worried about copays, coverage and anything else since insurance is Pandora’s box squared. Karen called my insurance company multiple times and for long lengths too in order to help reduce my intense anxiety about getting some horrible bill!

Anyways, my first consultation with the brain of the operation, Dr Feifel… incredibly intelligent, 254 accolades, certifications and more, o expected a pretentious know it all and got completely opposite. He’s extraordinary busy but acts like he has the whole day for you. He asks questions, gives feedback and explains everything. He collaborates and respects your feelings. I can be very hyper minded even through the dark cloud of clinical depression etc but I can easily dissociative that into the background especially when intellectually stimulated. I asked Dr Feifel all sorts of random things and he was not at all condescending and didn’t rush me or force me to focus on my clinical issues for being there. Anytime, I saw him passing through, he was friendly and he also reviews the assessment scales from time to time keeping up with the clients progress or adjustments. He makes himself available by email too.

The TMS operators, Bryan and Darianne whose name I still cant spell are so gentle in energy, supportive, observant, flexible and positive. I didn’t exactly get off on the right foot with one but it wasn’t taken personally and I had some particular difficult to understand needs that were a bit of a challenge but the team involved in my care including Dr Feifel ultimately helped meet my individual situation in a way that could help pretty much anyone but also helped me immensely. I was really pleased and surprised.

Despite some ups and downs… tears… annoyance and exhaustion from treatment intensity, I feel my positive outcome of happy, peaceful, ability to cope better is not only the actual TMS treatments but Just as much so, the authenticity and care of the helpers. I feel they helped save my life and helped restore some of my very limited faith in humanity!

Melinda T.

What a difference rTMS has made in my life! I could not continue to live in the dark spiral and I knew I had to do something to change. I did my research, and when I saw the pioneering treatments offered by Dr. Feifel (the AUTHORITY on this in the US), I knew I could trust him and his staff with my brain!

When I met Dr. Feifel, I told him that I could not remember what it felt like to be happy, but I still had a shred of hope that my life could be better. My life had been a non-stop cycle of sleeplessness and anxiety, with bouts of depression. I had tried meds, CBT, EMDR, out-patient, and nothing worked. Dr. Feifel LISTENED and was able to stop the sleeplessness with some mild meds after a few days (in conjunction with the rTMS). I quickly did not need the meds to sleep.

By my 10th session I was starting to feel that the anxiety was lessening. At the same time, my husband and friends were noticing a difference in me. Having “graduated” from rTMS, I believe that Kadima has restored me. I no longer have anxiety, depression, or sleeplessness. I have recovered happiness, and will NOT go back to the person I was. I look forward to receiving “tune-ups” to keep the triggers at bay. What used to send me into the dark spiral, now is just “information” that I can address. I am glad that I finally took the time to take care of myself FIRST, and it has paid off in spades.

I also cannot say enough about his staff. Bryan and Darien were so caring and I actually looked forward to seeing them daily as part of my treatments. Thank you Kadima!

Annie Jorgensen

Thank you Charlie and Midwest Ketafusion for a wonderful difference in my life. I am quite impressed with everyone noticing the way I look and feel and sound now without depression looming over my head. If anyone is skeptical like I was, I researched it for 6 months and checked into a couple of places. I chose this one because a friend recommended them as it had greatly improved another friend of a friends Depression. Go for it!!!. Remember to take your own music. I did mine with Meditation music which made it more relaxing and much more effective I believe. Charlie, You and your office gal are a lifesaver. Its nice to enjoy actually living again.

Monica Berry

Finally writing about my experience and thoughts about six months after my rounds of infusions.

First of all, I am so glad I did the treatments. I was able to separate from and acknowledge my lifelong anxiety and generational trauma. I had no idea there was such a constant weight on me. Since then, I have been mentally returning to that relaxed state and working even more intensely on my trauma in therapy. It unlocked some secrets in my brain and body that I will never forget. I got to fly in the stars and over the forests of my ancestors in Guatemala. It was amazing.

I am a recovering alcoholic who used for 20 years and have been sober for 5 years. I did not feel that this experience triggered me or hurt my sobriety in any way. I was worried about that and others may be worried too.

Overall it was one of the best experiences of my life and I believe my life has been changed for the better. Don’t hesitate- try Midwest Ketafusion for yourself!


I was skeptical but researched and found this clinic. Impressed with my outcome. Thank you Charlie for changing my entire outlook on life after 30 plus years of depression. It works!!!!!

Beverly Kabler

Awesome Experience. Everybody was very professional and kind. Covid-19 safety measures were strictly applied and made to seamlessly flow into the experience. Experience was very personalized and I felt well cared for . I recommend Charlie and his team without any reservations!! Go Team Midwest Ketafusion!!!

Patrick Kosar

Midwest Ketafusion is a marvelous facility. It has a rare combination of high professionalism and concern for patients. Charlie Hong is a world-class health professional in every respect; extremely knowledgeable, skillful, caring and compassionate.

Melissa Schmidt

Very professional clinic. Heather and Charlie are amazing!! It has been a wonderful experience getting to witness depression leave my loved one.

Christopher Tucker

I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience/treatment. It has lifted the dark
cloud above my head and given me hope again. Charlie and his staff are the definition of compassion/professionals. I highly recommend Midwest Ketafusion.

Tamara H.

I am always happy to see Dr Soni. I feel very fortunate that I found him. He’s been a life-saver for me, since my first visit with him. He is a very kind doctor, and he really listens to me and my concerns.
Dr. Soni is a very professional, polite, positive, and down to earth person! He makes you feel right at home. Not intimidating whatsoever. I always go home happy, and fully satisfied. Dr. Soni covers all bases efficiently, without ever making me feel rushed or that his mind is on a “to do” list. He is funny and personable, and I’ve never felt more comfortable. This is a great practice! I highly recommend Dr. Soni and his staff.
Great doctor, Great office!!

Sky H.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND SEEKING HELP HERE. Seeing Dr. Soni for the first time on the verge of a panic attack, while having social anxiety as well, so I brought my girlfriend along for moral support. His professional opinion was based on my rate of response in comparison to hers; whom does not have any social fears. I found it troublesome that he would compare the two of us at all, which I thought was incredibly unprofessional. He had great analogies and metaphors to put into perspective for certain things but my visit overall was nothing more than a waste of time, effort, and money.

Crystal V.

I drive over 2 hours to see Dr. Soni, he’s worth it. I have done a full ketamine infusion cycle and continue to see him monthly for maintenance care. I could see someone much closer to home but choose not to. I have suffered severe depression for many years and have seen more than a few psychiatrists. Dr. Soni is by far the most intelligent, educated and compassionate doctor I’ve experienced. He takes the time to listen and truly understand my situation. He has actually experienced depression himself and is able to relate to many aspects of it, which I fInd comforting. Under his care I have gone from a 35+ on the beck depression scale down to a 7. I highly recommend Dr. Soni and Hope in the ketamine center, too.

Mark C.

I am updating this review nine months later; I have continued to benefit greatly from Dr. Soni’s care. Since I began seeing Dr. Soni I have lost ninety pounds, I no longer need my CPAP, I have dropped from thirteen prescription medicines to only two, and I have seen improvement in every facet of my personal and professional life. To be sure, I did most of the work myself – this was no easy task – but it was Dr. Soni’s help that gave me the impetus and the encouragement to keep doing the work. Also, over the past year my son and my brother-in-law have both seen Dr. Soni with great success. Don’t let administrative quibbles or one-off experiences deter you; if you need psychiatric help, you owe it to yourself to go to Interpersonal Psychiatry.

Jesse E.

Have had a great experience with Dr. Soni. Would highly recommend! Listens to concerns and follows up with them every appointment. Adjusts medicine accordingly as well. Good communication. Their new facility is nice and clean and feels welcoming.


I am very appreciative for the help Dr. Sullivan has provided me with over the years. I cannot believe the few negative comments I’ve read here. There is no other physician I would trust more. He knows his stuff and I am comforted knowing he has my best interest in mind. If your desire is healing, listen to this man. If you have other motives…..move along please.


We saw Dr Sullivan at the ER. His diagnosis was brilliant, and most of all he is one of the most responsive and approachable doctors we have come across, even after the visit. Wish there were more doctors like him! We HIGHLY recommend him.

Kati Schwabe

Stopped in today to have a Myer’s Cocktail IV therapy with glutathione to boost my immune system prior to my 2nd dose of “the” vaccine and help with some recent stress. Will definitely be coming in more often! Great experience and Mandy was excellent dealing with my tricky veins. I’m excited to have this in our backyard in Frisco!

Pierce Bostwick

Visited this new business after a long day riding at Breck and a long week prior. Got a Myers IV infusion and a quick dose of glutathione. Walked out feeling fantastic! Highly recommend—Mandy is incredibly knowledgeable and provides great service!

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Helios is the best, hands-down. Obviously, I’m not going into detail on here but the doctors, rns, and other health care professionals there are uniquely willing to view care as a continuing evolving process and to grow with you. Worth every penny and more.

Kat M.

Comprehensive quality care with an extremely knowledgable, intelligent, compassionate and down to earth staff! I am mental health therapist who is willing to travel the distance from the east bay to be seen by the staff at Helios. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Dore and was absolutely blown away by her brilliance. She thinks both in and out of the box when it comes to treatments and the knowledge base she possess is extraordinary! Her staff is all around amazing, highly trained and dedicated to their work.

They are on the cutting edge of treatments (such as ketamine assisted psychotherapy) and really do look at the whole person when working with clients. As a patient of Helios, I don’t feel like a number or a case study- I feel like an individual with my own unique set of difficulties and I feel supported in finding the right treatment(s).

I am such a fan of Helios that I often refer my own clients to them. We need more psychiatry practices like this!

Keely B.

I had researched many Psychiatrists in my search and Dr Dore appeared to specialize in the treatment I am seeking.
Unfortunately, She is located over an hour away from me. I reached out to her office and spoke to her Clinical Coordinator, Diandra, hoping that Dr Dore would recommend a physician in my local area given her expertise.
Diandra stated she would email me a list of Doctors located locally.
She replied stating none were located close to my home and she couldn’t help me. I responded and said the areas that she mentioned in the email were within a 15 minutes car ride or 20 by Bart, and I would greatly appreciate her sharing them as it was important for me to find the right physician . I received a snide and abrupt email telling me that Woodside was closer than that and she didn’t provide any referrals nor a follow up email. Had it been against company policy not to provide them Diandra could’ve just said that, but in fact, she said she was going to help me and then was very rude and ultimately did not help.
This was a very odd and frustrating experience from a Doctors office that specializes in emotional health.
Hopefully Dr Dore will see this review and realize a bit of training/communication/professionalism/kindness from her staff is needed.

Cristian Walker

I’ve been going here for quite some time now, because I feel as though I have finally found a doctor that really listens and cares for what is going on and what I have to say. Dr. Patel really seems to take the best approach on things. He he tries to take the least invasive and most simple path first as to what is causing the symptoms you have and then goes from there. I’m glad I found such a great place and an amazing doctor.

Cindy Eborn

Dr. Justin Banks is my new podiatrist and he is amazing! He just did surgery on my foot and he did an awesome job! His bedside manner is compassionate and hilarious and he made me feel so comfortable from the second I met him. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks Dr. Spencer for referring me to him… you are great too.

Heather Crahal

1st I have went to the Urgent care they got me in right away. It only took five minutes for the doctor to come in. A doctor seem to really care. she took the time to explain everything to me. I had a very good and wonderful experience other than I was in horrible pain. They all seemed liked they really cared about me. I would definitely go there again. 5 stars🌟If I could give him more I would!

Jayne Demine

I have met with Dr Jensen a couple times for different reasons. Very pleased with how she truly listens to patients and she has knowledgeable recommendations for patient care. I find Dr. Jensen to be knowledge, professional, and compassionate. If you need to choose a doctor at exodus healthcare I would recommend Dr. Jensen. She’s really good.

Elizabeth Grant

My adult son has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for many years. The global pandemic, and subsequent isolation and loss of work only helped to deepen his sense of social anxiety and suicidal ideation. After taking himself to his local ER it was apparent to everyone involved that talk therapy and subtle changes in medication would not be the answer. I am so incredibly grateful to Drs. Jean Snyder and Howie Goodwin for opening this clinic and finally giving mental health patients another answer to treat disorders of brain chemistry. As my son put it, the treatments afforded him a “hard reset” on his mood, demeanor and outlook on his life. In addition, the support of the therapist and mood monitor app gave my son someone other than me, to be accountable to and be monitored by. I can not say enough about the staff’s care and concern about my son and the respect with which he was treated throughout the process. I am so incredibly grateful and recommend their services on every level.

Jens Karlsson

I have been suffering from general anxiety and social phobia for almost two decades, to the point that I have had to avoid all social situations. In 2017 I was violently beaten down in the street with brain injuries and PTSD started to develop. In 2018 I was hit with major depression. For years and years I’ve been seeing many therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and CBT guides and have tried every medication available on the market. At almost a zero success rate. In 2019 I reached out to Dr. Lifschutz for help and he he worked with me in therapy to understand the particular symptoms that were ruining my life, followed by a detailed medical plan to treat each symptom. At that point I was on the edge of falling off a cliff with everything from my family to my professional career but he guided me through recovery in the most professional way. 18 months later I am almost free of symptoms from all previously listed issues, even though it takes work everyday. There’s no miracle cure to solve it all but I couldn’t be happier with the treatment. Dr Lifschutz is a fantastic professional to work with and he has helped me completely change my life and return to a happy life. I am forever grateful.

Catherine Lewis

Gadi is a genuine, warm, deep, thoughtful, present, intuitive, and intelligent person who is able to meet you right where you’re at with compassionate non-judgment. This is where therapeutic healing is possible, in a space where every part of us is allowed and encouraged to show up so that their messages can be heard, understood, updated, and integrated into the whole that we are. As someone with a history of childhood trauma and disrupted early attachment, the relationship I have developed with Gadi has been working to stabilize my nervous system, allowing me to learn how to trust the world, and to slowly open and attach in ways that feel safe to me. The radical acceptance that Gadi extends is a model for how I can respond to myself during the more difficult moments; his care has become a true touchstone and beacon of love that I am able to tap into any time it is needed. The work that I have done with him has truly changed (and honestly saved) my life. Having had years of experiences with other therapists, I can say with confidence that Gadi and his practices are very special and I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have found him and to get to work with him.

Bonette Beamon

Gadi is beautiful spirit who revels in his soul’s perfect imperfection and humanity.
He holds a very safe space for you to do the same.
Gadi shows up for his clients. He is intuitive and innovative .
I have been with him a little over a year.
More than 5 stars.

Jessica Simpson Fawcett

Gadi is an incredible therapist and works wonders with couples. Since working with him, my husband and I have experienced tangible differences in our relationship. When working with Gadi, we have always felt fully heard, supported, and cared for. He has a genuine interest in seeing his clients grow in whatever way they are seeking and has the skill to help them do it. On a logistical note, Gadi is wonderful to work with, always responsive to communication, easy to schedule with, and has a welcoming, cozy space.

Zack Fawcett

Gadi is an amazing counselor! My wife and I have been going to him for a little over 6 months and our marriage has completely transformed. I understand my wife so much more then ever before and we are closer for it.

Gadi doesn’t act like a mediator between your arguments (which we’ve seen counselors before who did this and it just makes things messy). He helps you understand why your partner is reacting a certain way to a challenge or argument in your lives which in turn makes you react a certain way because of both of you have past experiences affecting your thoughts and vice versa. This helps you have a deeper understanding of your partner and your relationship. This helped us work through the more challenging aspects of our lives with a team approach (because we understand that we’re both hurting simultaneously sometimes) which makes everything feel so much less like a fight for control of being right, or fighting for who is more hurt at that moment in time.

I highly suggest going to see him! He really helps you understand yourself and your partner. I guarantee this will make your relationship feel so much lighter and easier. When it feels this light it’s so much easier to communicate and feel more of the love you once felt before the burdens of life piled on.

Yoni Levenfeld

Gadi is an unbelievably talented, kind and intelligent counselor. He provides precise insights and offers practical and useful support in shaping my wellbeing. He is an incredible patient listener and offers a level of consultation that I have not experienced with any other counselor. His vast knowledge and practice resonants during our sessions, in which he is able to create a sense of safety yet challenges my preconceived notions and makes me reassess my thoughts and actions. I am very thankful and highly recommend Gadi.

Derrin Evans

With multiple combat deployments, it was hard to find an independent practitioner who knew how to approach and how to listen. He didn’t flood me with info about what I did wrong in life. He didn’t just throw pills. He genuinely listened, evaluated and measured me. Highly appreciative of docs like this. Make an appointment. Especially if you’re a vet.

Lindsey Morris

Dr Dippen is an amazing psychiatrist. I had seen a few before, and nothing worked. I went to see dr Dippen and immediately felt relieved. He was straight forward and gave me the answers and help I needed. It has now made a huge impact on my life with the plan he created for me as well as finally having clear answers for myself and my health.

Caitlin Dilloway

I have only just gotten home from my treatment but my caregiver was very informative and made me feel very comfortable. I hope to see results after 1 visit, and if so, will reschedule future sessions. They have so many options for health and wellness here

Michael Johnson

Great facility!..Dr Vieira is very attentive to any health problems/needs you have. Very clean place.There’s not a health question that he doesn’t have an answer for. Very pleased with the customer service & my results

Michelle Havlin

Would recommend this facility to anyone. This was my first time and I will not look any further. This facility was rated with 5 stars and that is why I choose it over the other facilities like this in the area. They lived up to that rating. Very attentive staff and felt like I was listened to and was helped according to my needs. They facility was very clean and have state of the art therapy equipment.

Dentalspa Indy

Dr. Vieira is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. If you are in pain or healing from an injury….he is THE doc for you. Thanks for all of your amazing care

Ryan P

Dr. Cris Vieira is what all doctors should strive to be. His mission is to help people that have not been helped by traditional Western medicine. Unfortunately, this is a growing number of people, but he has many cutting-edge modalities to help not only with symptoms, but more importantly, root causes.

From the time your first meet him, you feel as though you are equals in the healing process. He is very personable and understands that healing is a collaborative effort. He sets the bar high for bedside manner combined with expertise (a rare combination).

Many of his treatments have applications toward mental and cognitive health. This is an area that desperately needs attention, and Dr. Cris is on the front lines in making a difference.

Lindsey Twin

I had crippling depression for ten years and tried every drug out there. This is the first time I’ve ever felt any relief. I feel normal again

Ben Bush

Dr. Reed is incredible. Klarity changed my life. If you’re considering ketamine treatment do yourself a favor and call her and talk about it. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Reed or the process.

Kamilla G

Todd is very professional, honest and knowledgeable. He isn’t doing this for financial gain, he is truly trying to help people. He is up to date on the latest research, takes time to explain and gives very realistic expectations.


My spouse has been going to Sunrise Ketamine Clinic for over a year. As another anesthesia provider, I have been impressed with Todd’s knowledge, professionalism, and compassion. I am very pleased as to how the treatments have helped my wife become the happiest she has been in years. I highly recommend Sunrise Ketamine Clinic for anyone who is experiencing treatment resistant depression.

Jesse McOmber

Todd and the Sunrise Ketamine Clinic are life changing. My son has suffered from severe depression his whole life. Tom and Sunrise have taken the time to explain the treatment and realistic expectations. The pricing has been better than we found at other places. For the first time in years, my son is smiling, laughing, and engaging in our whole family and the world. The process has not been easy, but Todd and his team provide great support for everyone. The ups and down were explained and understood. I would recommend this clinic and this treatment.

Miriam Jean

My husband has been a patient of Todd’s for the past several months. We decided to try ketamine after years of different types of medications and therapies that would only be helpful for a short time, if at all. It felt like we were in a hopeless loop and we both wondered if there was anything out there that could ever truly help. Ketamine has made a huge difference, no questions asked. We both went into that first appointment somewhat skeptical, but within a few treatments we started noticing a major difference, as did everyone who saw my husband regularly. He was a lot lighter and, though he still has problems to sort through, the problems do not heavily bog him down like they used to. He has picked up hobbies he’d abandoned and is enjoying life again. Todd and his staff have been so personable and informative. We are truly so grateful to them and will do what we can to get the word out – there are so many out there that would hugely benefit from this!

jared muszala

I have been battling with depression for seven years. Over the course of those years, I have continuously repeated the trial and error method with a mass variety of medications with limited results. Once all else had seemed to fail I had heard about individuals who were treating patients who were suffering like me – medications not working – to have ketamine infusions. I then decided to start looking into ketamine, the treatments, cause and effect as well as its benefits. Once I had my first infusion, I could immediately tell that this treatment was unlike any other medication that any doctor has ever handed to me. This special type of treatment for individuals who are treatment resistant – such as myself – allows a break from the pharmaceuticals and allows you to have a treatment for yourself, within yourself. Once I had a taste of the infusion, I thought about how insanely
IMPORTANT this treatment is for people to know about. One of the more comforting facts is knowing that Todd at Sunrise Ketamine Clinic is very passionate about this line of work and he is very involved with patients about not only their physical wellbeing but also mental. The series of services that Sunrise Ketamine Clinic offers has been above and beyond. All around A+ FIVE STARS 🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Melissa Durtschi

I’ve been super pleased with Todd & The Sunrise Ketamine Clinic. When doing my research with my psychiatrist at the U of U, I found the treatment program & the price to be identical. So I chose to do it close to home, in Idaho Falls. I take comfort in knowing Todd has been doing this longer than anyone else in town. He is very well researched & he has done so much to help me be successful. I’ve been BEYOND PLEASED!!!

Lamar Pearl

Having struggled with OCD for the majority of my life I am grateful for Sunrise Ketamine Clinic. They are very thoughtful and caring. Todd wants his patients to improve and he deeply cares about this. I highly recommend Sunrise Ketamine Clinic!

James B.

Knowledgeable staff with a clean environment. I would suggest anyone looking to get a treatment of Ketamine to check them out. Easy to find & right off the highway.

Elijah Brant

Incredible. Life changing experiences. Boosts mood, lowers depression, reduces cravings for past substance abuse users. Helps tremendously with PTSD. Lowers general anxiety. Improves sleep.

Natalie & Patrick are very welcoming, compassionate, humble folks that just want to help people heal. The atmosphere is calm, relaxing, & inviting.

Let the healing begin here.

Madilyn Oothoudt

Very professional, safe and serene atmosphere. Nat and Pat are both very fun and compassionate, at the same time. You can tell that they are very passionate about what they do. They consistently follow up after treatments and check in with me and my health. Very nice to have an alternative treatment closer than the twin cities. I just finished my first 2 weeks of treatment and looking forward my future appointments.

Shauna G

Amazing, life changing experience. Nat and Pat were both so amazing and compassionate. The environment is so calm and serene, I feel so alive again. Would recommend in a heartbeat!

SK Kroeplin

Nothing short of life changing, Nat and Pat are so compassionate and kind! If you are struggling with your mental health I would highly recommend at least checking out ketamine north.

Marsha Draskovich

Was really in a bad place. Suffered from depression for 30 years. Tried many types of meds with not much results. Heard of ketamine but had doubts because of past meds. Went to Ketamine North and after only one infusion felt so much better. Finished the six infusions and feel like I have a future again.F….n miracle. Great caring people, answered all my questions and made me feel at home there. Thank you to Pat and Nat! By the way I’m Joel Draskovich this is my wife’s account.

Angie Fox

I absolutely recommend this clinic. Ketamine is not as well known as other medications but it will be. The staff are so nice and so caring. They take their time with you, always answer questions and just make you feel very safe and comfortable. The clinic itself is immaculate and modern. They really try to work with you to get you what you need. I implore people to go to the website or call to see if this is an option for you. It is really improving my quality of life!


Before I started working with Robert, I’d done nearly a decade of talk therapy and had tried a dozen-plus psychiatric medications, and while some of it was useful at times, the truth is, it hadn’t left me feeling much better, and definitely not “good.” Depression, anxiety, depersonalization, OCD tendencies, and suicidal ideation were mainstays (and not unexpected, given a childhood of religious trauma and emotionally unavailable parents).

Then, in July 2020, my psychiatrist, seeing that I wasn’t getting anywhere with his help, kindly referred me to Robert. Now, after 9 months of work with Robert, I can truly say I feel better than I ever have as an adult (I’m 40). Robert will be the first to tell you that the work isn’t a silver bullet, but my depression is mostly gone, my anxiety is manageable, and, crucially, I feel grounded in my body for the first time. My wife says the difference between me before working with Robert and me after is “night and day.”

In the course of less than a year, my sessions with Robert have gone from being centered on my depression and feelings of meaninglessness to, now, how to navigate incredible new career opportunities that have begun to present themselves.

As a therapist, Robert is highly professional, practical, warm, insightful, and funny; my only regret is not working with him sooner.


So thankful to have met the team at Resilience! They are personable and truly want to help people. I highly recommend them.


Jackie is very understanding and wants what is best for you as a patient. I always feel comfortable and well cared for. Ketamine treatments changed my life and made it so I could be happy while processing my past.


Love the atmosphere of this clinic. It’s warm and inviting. Not just the environment but the clinicians as well. Jackie and Krystal take the time to really know and understand you as a patient. You never feel rushed through an appointment. I would recommend Resilience to anyone I know.


I have been working with Jackie for several months. We have worked together 8 times and I can truly say that her ability to listen, follow through, and give compassionate care has changed my life. I avoided seeking help with a primary care practitioner for my mental health issues for years after a previous bad experience. When my Psychologist referred me for Ketamine Treatment, I was nervous. From our first appointment, Jackie was empathetic, caring, incredibly knowledgeable and went above and beyond to care for me. She has the best bed-side manner of any medical practitioner I have worked with. Jackie is innovative and stays well-informed with new developments in Ketamine Treatment. That is incredibly important to me as a patient. She is deeply concerned about how I am doing and adjusts each treatment to match my experience and needs. I feel listened to like I never have been before by a practitioner.

These treatments have given me my life back. I went from a mom of five who was burned out and could barely function, with dark depressive thoughts, to a happy and capable woman who is caring for herself and her family better than I have in my adult life. I have joy again for the first time in decades. My brain is finally healing and I credit in large the skill and care of Jackie at Resilience Ketamine Clinics for that.


For most of my life, I’ve endured depression and PTSD, and I’ve tried everything – talk therapy, support groups, diet, exercise programs, meditation, retreats, art, writing, EMDR, self defense classes, self-help books, church, acupuncture, dietary supplements, over-the-counter remedies and prescription meds. Two years after I met Dr. Ko, after tremendous hesitation on my part, I decided to give Reset Ketamine a try. I was reluctant because this treatment felt extreme and I was uncomfortable with the idea of a drug infusion, but the possibility of relief finally won over my hesitation. I chose Reset Ketamine because I liked Dr. Ko’s integration of spirituality with science, and I felt a genuineness and commitment to healing from him and every member of his staff. His East-meets-West approach resonates with my own philosophy, so finally, at the urging of my husband and my GP, I made an appointment. For me, the results were immediate. I couldn’t believe that my life-long burden had been lifted at last, and I find myself enjoying my family, my hobbies, and my energy level with a renewed sense of happiness and contentment. I sleep better and feel more productive and focused. I am so grateful that I gave myself the life-changing gift of the time, money, and energy of this cure.

Before I decided to post this review, I weighed my need for personal privacy with my sense of obligation to a greater good, and I determined that if my experience could help pull even one person from the misery of depression, it would be worth it. If you are struggling with depression, I urge you to give Dr. Ko and Reset Ketamine a try.


I was struggling with debilitating depression and anxiety, sleeping a lot and unable to move for sometimes hours at a time. I was tired and losing weight rapidly. After trying and failing on at least a dozen medications and combinations of medications I was done. I was ready to die. Eager even, and I had a plan.

With the help of my wife and my doctor we found Reset Ketamine and Dr. Ko. I started the first of six Ketamine infusions in mid-February and received the last one in early-March. I felt better after the first treatment and progressively better each week. The Ketamine worked and I feel better than I have in years.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Ko and his staff. They are professional, compassionate and absolutely focused on providing the best care for their patients. They quite literally saved my life.


I am so grateful to have found Reset Ketamine. I did a lot of research beforehand and was impressed with Dr Ko’s knowledge and holistic approach to his Ketamine infusion therapy. His staff is amazing as well. Reset Ketamine goes above and beyond to ensure you are getting the most out of your treatments. Safety is their number one priority. Dr Ko also lets you know that at any time if you have any questions he is available 24/7. As a nurse that has worked with many doctors, I find it increasingly harder to find a doctor that is passionate about healing, safety, and integrity. I have battled depression for many years and finally found what works for me. I believe Ketamine is life changing and hope more people will be able to experience the benefits.


Ketamine Treatment is a new methodology that helped me to relieve the flat affect that is left even when using traditional SRI/SNRI treatment. Finding reset Ketamine right here in Palm Springs was a big relief. Dr. Ko’s commitment to my treatment is stellar and genuine. He really wants to see how the medicine works for me, physically, spiritually, and psychologically. If you are considering Ketamine Treatments for whatever reason, I encourage you to try it. A whole new part of you will open up. It is with great gratitude that I offer this review.


Ketamine saved my marriage and my life. I’ve had drug resistant major depression for years and I feel like I’m closer to who I was close to a decade ago. The staff is so kind and helpful and you can feel a genuine care for your well being.


Tara and the staff are very kind, welcoming, compassionate and professional. They make sure you are comfortable and explain everything clearly. I have experienced improvement of my severe depression throughout the course of my treatments.


Dr. Bienenfeld is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and personable. He was able to identify my issues quickly and implement treatment that really helped. My problems are challenging, and I continue to see him regularly for ongoing treatment. He is one of the few doctors I have met with that really seems to understand how to handle psychiatric issues in the setting of addiction. Highly recommend!


Dr. Bienenfeld is professional and knowledgeable and I highly recommend him. He was thoughtful in his responses and recommendations, and I feel that his treatment helped and will continue to help my issues.


Had a great experience working with this company. Very helpful throughout entire process, great staff, competitive rates, many types of treatment. Would highly recommend if you are looking into ketamine treatments!


Thank You My Ketamine Home y’all are such a great team and I am feeling much better after finding your clinic! Although my wife was not initially in great support of Ketamine therapy with it being labeled “Psychedelic”, she was on board with me trying to better myself. After much discussion she agreed to be my sitter and I moved forward with the 6-experience ketamine at home package. After just a couple of my “experiences” my wife told me that she was noticing such significant benefits in me she had not seen before and this now erased the stigma of the word “Psychedelic” for her.

More patience, much less anxiety, enjoying random things much more are some of the things I/we found noticeably amplified on the days and weeks in between taking a dose. After 3 doses is when I started to really feel benefits as long lasting and profound. I haven’t had any desire to drink alcohol in months and avoided going back to other pharmaceuticals I was considering revisiting too. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the My Ketamine Home clinic without being located in Miami. Huge Thanks to the entire My Ketamine Team for being so caring, helpful, and amazing throughout the process!


I am forever grateful for this group! They have helped me to dig deep for true healing within and in the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend EVERYONE for this experience. Especially with Dr. Hassan, where I can truly trust the process. The team is absolutely great! Thank you!!!!


After 35 years of dealing with PTSD symptoms I’ve been able to recognize my triggers and discuss them with professionals. I’ve developed a mature and responsible foundation that I may fall back on if I feel my disorder influencing my behavior. And I’m able to grow and progress in my personal relationship and I now enjoy life with enthusiasm. The process is remarkably fast, safe and as a professional, I recommend this to anyone stuck in life’s quicksand. The process is amazing.


So professional, so compassionate. I’ve always been very interested in exploring consciousness through the use of psychedelics along with addressing chronic pelvic pain that I’ve had since 2006. But the anxiety related to procuring illegal drugs and not knowing exactly what you’re ever getting has been a major impediment to me undertaking this therapy. No more. My ketamine home manages and prescribes pharmaceutical grade ketamine for you to take in a series of experiences that can be incredibly eye opening. Combined with the Waking Up App they recommend from Sam Harris I have been feeling as good as I’ve felt in years and I’m optimistic I will continue to address and resolve my long term chronic issues. Thanks for everything My Ketamine Home


After more than 20 years suffering from PTSD I’ve finally found a treatment that is profoundly restorative. This allows me to process and heal. The staff at My Ketamine Home are professional and I feel comfortable working with them. I’m very grateful for their services.


I’ve dealt with CPTSD and depression my entire life. I am amazed at how effectively the ketamine has been to restore my usual positive outlook. Everyone at My Ketamine Home has had a positive outlook and I hope and pray if you or someone you love lives with depression, please give this process a chance. It’s incredible.


Dr. Amato treated our family members with compassion and with the latest techniques for treating depression. I was particularly impressed with the TMS treatments.


Montana Psychiatry and its staff are extraordinary people who utilize state-of-the-art, innovative techniques and are incredibly effective in their professional abilities. Dr. Amato and her colleagues exhibit all the knowledge, skills and compassion you could hope for in a psychiatrist and their team.

Celinou Lykke

I highly recommend Dr. Araujo. As her patient, I feel completely cared for and am amazed at the depth of her skill, knowledge, passion, integrity and commitment to creating profound shifts in her patient’s mental and physical wellbeing.
Dr. Araujo changes people’s lives every day with her deeply healing work, what an inspiration! ❤

Lynda Vaughn

I would recommend Dr, Halsell, because shows genuine concern for his patients. He always suggest alternative therapy and not just pain meds.


Dr Vando is very pleasant and attentive but hard to book an appointment to actually see him himself. His associates aren’t quite as nice and professional.


He is great. Listens to you and makes himself available by phone or email. Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Vando.

Robert Francis

Have been seeing Dr Halsell for a few years now and could not be more pleased with the care that he has provided for me. His office staff are always very friendly and professional. I would definitely refer any friends or family to him. I give him the highest rating possible.


I’ve been with him for years. Through his management of my pain I’ve been able to continue working full time. As a man providing for a family, that is everything. I am grateful. I would definitely recommend him.

Happy Patient

Always on time and listens to me, cares about my pain issues and believes me, treatment is always spot on and enjoy visits and Dr. H’s personal concern


Dr. and staff are good people. Always friendly, smiling, and caring. I appreciate the hard work they put in to make sure that patients are comfortable.


I had 0 experience with psychedelics prior to MindBloom and was quite hesitant to try them. After doing some research, listening to Michael Pollan’s new book, “How to Change Your Mind,” and hearing about ketamine experiences from others, I was intrigued. I’ve dealt with anxiety and bouts of depression throughout my life and never truly felt like I had a handle on it so was open to trying something radically different.

The whole experience felt safe and comfortable from start to finish. My guide struck a perfect balance of warm and professional and made me feel supported from the first digital interactions through the in-person experience and beyond. The clinicians, Casey and Kristin, talked me through what was going to happen in a way I could understand and gave me tips on how to get the most out of the experience and integrate back into my life.

My first experience was incredible. I had quite a journey (all positive) that led me to major breakthroughs that I’m continuing to explore. I’m not sure I would have ever arrived to where I am now without this experience. I’m continuing to work through challenges the ketamine woke me up to and plan to go back for another round of treatment when I feel I’ve sufficiently worked through this first set.

J. Smith

I visited Dr. Halsell today. This is the first doctor I’ve visited in my 4 year quest to find out what’s wrong with my hip that named the nerve, and the actual name of the problem I’ve been suffering from. He was professional, throughout the appointment, and listened to everything I said, and let me ask questions without me feeling like I was rushed. For 4 and half years I’ve been trying to get help from 7 different providers in different cities, and he’s the first one to actually start treating me for what I have always thought the issue was. Most doctors I have seen don’t even know about the nerve that’s causing this horrible issue. I’m not sure why there are negative reviews here, but I think this guy is the guy to go to for nerve issues. Thanks you Dr. Halsell, I look forward to following up with you.


Love this place. My guide Jack was cool and really accessible over the phone and text. He helped me get set up and answered all my questions up front. The clinician, Kristin, was friendly and really knowledgeable and comfortable to talk to.

The space was awesome. They have zero gravity chairs, weighted blankets (I ended up buying my own afterwards because I liked it so much), and an integration room that you can stay in as long as you want afterwards and journal (and eat snacks!).

The experience was really helpful in terms of working through a few issues around anxiety, and I’ve found myself really relaxed and in a significantly more positive move even for weeks afterwards. After the first four sessions, I just renewed and plan to continue, and I’ve also already recommended a few of my friends.


Great experience with Mindbloom. Staff was incredibly supportive and present, locations are just as pictured, super comfy, and overall experience was more subtle than I imagined. Looking forward to my next session!


Great team that really made me feel like I was being taken care of! The space was nice and relaxing and helped ease me into the first session. I had a great experience on the drug.


For something new and different like Mindbooms treatment I felt like I was in good hands then entire time. My treatment guide Jack was super responsive, and the medical team answer all of my questions before we jumped into treatment. Great experience!


Great intake, organization and communication. The experience in the office was fantastic (I began pre COVID) and working with the nurse practitioners and my liaison Jack has been excellent. They create a super safe environment and one that I felt comfortable taking a deep dive to get under the anxiety I was experiencing.


My spouse was referred to Dr. Williams by our psychiatrist who has Previous patients who enjoyed Excellent results. Dr. Williams is so warm and caring and took the time to answer all of our questions and completed a thorough evaluation of my spouse and the medications he takes. She also made it a priority to work him into ,her schedule In just a few days.
If you are considering Ketamine Infusion you will feel very safe and cared for in Dr. Williams hands. Btw she is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with specialized training in Ketamine IV treatment for mood disorders. You will walk away from her clinic knowing you made the right choice and with peace in your heart. Thanks Dr. Williams…


I count myself lucky to live in an area where Ketamine Therapy is available, and even more so to have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Williams. Working with her has completely changed the trajectory of my life and given me a brand new outlook. Her office in Oviedo is a welcoming place that puts you at ease and is thoughtfully designed to encourage calm and tranquility. Dr. Williams has been a cheerleader for my success from the beginning and I can’t thank her enough for her support and kindness.


As compassionate and kind as any health care practitioner as I’ve ever met. Knowledgeable but not condescending, willing to listen to the patient as opposed to dismissing their views, and genuinely concerned that his care will make a difference. His model of care should be the reason people choose the profession. Thank you, Dr Vickers.


Dr. Vickers and his entire staff are wonderful. Dr. Vickers is incredibly knowledgeable and cares about his patients more than any doctor I’ve ever been to. He has helped me tremendously with several different things I’ve seen him for. He came highly recommended to me from several people and I feel so grateful to have found him.


I came to Dr. Vickers after several years of severe, debilitating illness. After seeing dozens of Doctors from prominent medical centers, Dr. Vickers was the first one that was able to help me. His profound knowledge and deep understanding of Lyme, Mold, and other viruses/conditions allows him to fully help the patient as best as possible. Not only did he cure my Lyme and other issues, but he used a broad variety of therapies to get me back to 100%. I also had an infection in my hand for 2 years. After 2 hand surgeries the infection was still active until Dr. Vickers completely eradicated it with his methods. His entire team is fantastic and they will spend a generous amount of time with you making sure that you are being listened to, and fully taken care of. Without Dr. Vickers and his team I would not be the healthy person I am today. I would recommend anyone to him, especially people with Lyme and Mold. His knowledge of those subjects is unmatched compared to any doctor I’ve seen.


Incredible doctor. Cured my Lyme which over 30 doctors told me would never happen. Dr. Vickers and his team truly saved my life. He is so kind, so understanding, so patient and truly so brilliant. Finding him gave me hope and ultimately gave me another chance at life.


I am very blessed to have Dr. St John as my Psychiatrist. I have been seeing Dr. St John for over 11 years and she is very easy to talk to, a great listener, and very professional. I highly recommend Dr. St John!!


I had 6 treatments in July of this year. The price was 1/3 of the other guys and I had a great experience. All 6 visits were professional and comfortable. I’m looking forward to Clints new office in Brentwood.

Brian Kearney

I had a great experience at Complete Ketamine Solutions and will definitely be going back for booster infusions. Clint is such a caring and helpful individual too, which makes a world of difference when searching for care in the mental health space.

John Russell

It’s a life changing experience. Anyone that suffers with depression and anxiety or a substance abuse problems , this is the place for you.

Charles Clark Lawrence

This method of treatment is life-saving, inspiring, and gives solid hope in real healing from Depression/PTSD, and many other issues.

Depression and PTSD is crippling. Temporary alleviations with horrible side effects was the Best treatment, and the worst being Electroconvulsive therapies and repetitive, ultimately unhelpful, hospitalizations.

I was hospitalized 35+ times in a 15 year period, with 8 serious suicide attempts, and a hell I wouldn’t wish on anything for any reason. Not only had I lost hope for anything helping or healing the progressive decline into torment, I had become completely and toxicly angry and disgusted with reality. Nothing could sway the “foggy/dark”, hollow, and worsening chemical imbalance that I knew was not me or my own. All of my general and specific understandings in Life, Love, and Passion became nothing, or worse, jaded by the pain.

Clint and his staff at Complete Ketamine Solutions provides a treatment that is far from anything else available or in existence in the medical field currently. It is a process, yet the results are quick and you know “in your gut-feeling”/intuitively that something beyond a bandage is happening to the deepest wounds in your life.


Clint is a highly experienced Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist who provides excellent and safe anesthesia. You can feel very confident under Clint’s care. I recommend his services with the utmost confidence!

William Lee

This office was atleast half the cost of other ketamine clinics. This did make me a little weary before I came for my first appointment, but upon walking in the door, I could tell that the cost is lower because this staff actually cares about you. They aren’t here to make a big pay check and go home in luxury. The decrease in cost also doesn’t translate to receiving less medicine or treatment. I can tell that every treatment is tailored specifically to the individual patient’s needs. This clinic isn’t simply a patient factor, doping up people then sending them out the door. Every visit my medicine doses have been tailored to my exact needs and all of my concerns have been listened to and addressed.
I have lupus which attacks my nervous system. I also have several neurological disorders, severe major depression and PTSD. Due to my disabilities, I’ve had to drop out of school before and there have been times that I haven’t been able to work. I noticed a difference after my first treatment. When you live with chronic pain and depression, the smallest tasks can seem impossible. I’ve now gone through the initial infusion series and had a booster done. This is the first time in about 10 years that I can make it through a full work/ school week without being forced to take a day off. I feel like I’m getting my life back. The staff is extremely responsive and comprehensive when interacting with you and I have access to the doctor 24/7 in case I need anything. It would be impossible for me to have any higher recommendations for this clinic. If you’ve exhausted other options and your doctor thinks ketamine could work for you, you owe it to yourself to have a consultation. You’re worth it. You will be truly taken care of here.


I started coming here for infusions near the beginning of October 2019. I decided to wait a while to write this review so I could gather my thoughts and feelings on the entire experience. If you’ve already decided you would like to go through with ketamine treatment; this is a great place to go, and I definitely recommend them. If you are still thinking about it, I encourage you to read the rest of my review.

I suffer from chronic pain, depression, suicidal ideation, severe anxiety/OCD, and IBS. At 33 years old, these conditions have disabled me and confined me to my home most of my life. I did a lot of research, saved
up a lot of money, and had a lot of anxiety leading up to this treatment. I have tried dozens of medications in the past that have got me nowhere in terms of helping my depression and suicidal thoughts, so I was naturally skeptical about this one too. However, the research published all showed very positive results with most studies averaging about an 85% response rate in patients for this type of treatment. My family, my doctors, and my therapist were all supportive and agreed that I should give it a shot.

I called many places throughout the southeast United States, and while most were very helpful in answering all of my questions, and trust me I had a lot, Complete Ketamine Solutions was the most economical choice for me. Their prices are very competitive with the rest of the market, and they were also the closest to my location. Thankfully I have my family, and they are helping me by making the long drive there and back each time.

Clint and his team have been nothing short of amazing to me. They have answered countless questions, calling and even texting me back very quickly. They provide no judgment when you walk in the door, always have
smiles on their faces, and quick to respond to your needs while there. The medicine they give you for nausea, pain, anxiety, or any other discomfort you may feel during the experience is pumped right into you leaving you feel comfortable and relaxed in seconds.

You would be surprised that some places won’t let you do this, but they let my wife sit by my side the entire time to hold my hand and help me feel more comfortable. After each treatment, I usually felt sleepy and hungry. I would eat some food and nap on the ride home. The rest of the day would just be spent relaxing watching TV or reading. I kept a journal detailing my experiences. Some of them were very intense, but some of them were absolutely beautiful. Clint is very flexible with the dosages and will tailor everything just right so that you have the best experience possible. I am planning on continuing this treatment as long as it is available and continues to work for me. I will continue to use Clint at Complete Ketamine Solutions as my provider.

Heather Phyllis

I have several severe chronic illnesses and I had lost all hope of ever having my pain treated. Complete Ketamine Solutions saved my life. I went from 20-25 migraines a month, dislocating joints and overall unbearable pain to only 5-8 migraines a month, far less joint dislocations and a median pain level of 4. Their treatments have also greatly helped my PTSD and OCD.

Jason Replogle

Clint and his staff are exemplary examples of professional compassionate providers. Would and have recommended to anyone in need.

Katrinka Hudgins

Ther’e’s not enough good things I can say about this place. They were able to see me immediately, and after my first four treatments, I felt like a new person. I was able to get off all my meds and the depression and anxiety are gone! I’ve now had all six treatments and look forward to living my life again! Clint and his staff are amazing, they will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and address any issues or needs you have during your visit.

Renee Kilburn

I just recently had my 3rd booster infusion with Clint.. He is AMAZING an always checks on me in between treatments. My original clinic closed an he has been great getting me back on track! He really cares for his patients an i would recommend anyone with chronic pain to start ur infusions with him.. You will not be disappointed!

Judy Callaway

As the parent of an adult child with serious, treatment resistant anxiety and depression, finding Clint and Complete Ketamine Solutions literally saves her life. We travel 7 hours each way regularly for treatment. We are treated so well that, if there was an option in our neighborhood, It would be a hard decision to change. If you work with CKS, you will be treated with the utmost of respect and care AND you will make friends for life!

Sandra Norvell

I was flying to Colorado for treatment for a year! After finding Complete Ketamine Solutions in Nashville, it made me realize that you can get quality and compassion boosters for a great cost and less stress of flying. I also find Clint to be patient and very helpful with my particular needs.


If you’re looking for affordable ketamine treatments, this is definitely the place. The staff are kind and very helpful getting you all setup. They try their best to ensure the treatment will be a comforting experience

Meredith Rowley

This is my second ketamine infusion location and by far superior to the first. The staff is friendly. It’s easy to book an appointment. The nurse is kind and gentle. Clint Fletcher administers the best IV of anyone I’ve ever known. He always gets it on the first stick and it’s relatively painless. I highly recommend this place to anyone seeking a safe, clean and competent center for a ketamine infusion.

Blakney Clark

Ketamine has absolutely SAVED & CHANGED my life! Clint & his staff are top notch, incredible people that truly care about patients & are fully invested in their wellbeing. I’ve suffered from depression for 14 years. I’ve tried every antidepressant out there. I’ve survived multiple suicide attempts. I was at rock bottom, & after much research, found myself in Nashville at Complete Ketamine Solutions. Deciding to begin this treatment was the best decision I’ve ever made. To Clint & the team: thank you for providing this life saving treatment & treating me with such dignity & respect. I thank God every day for you guys & for Ketamine!

Gary Dooley

Clint and his staff are fantastic. I have tried different medications over the years with limited success, but the ketamine infusions have helped more than anything else for me. I feel like a different person. The infusions have been well worth the investment and it’s obvious that Clint and his team really care about their patients and the work they do. Thank you guys!

Eric DePerez

Very courteous and friendly staff. Great at making you feel comfortable. Professional and knowledgeable. Love these guys they have helped me a lot

Terry Smith

Ketamine has been a life changer. I have taken every modern antidepressant on the market and they all eventually stop working. Ketamine lets me live my life feeling good. I still have rough patches but I always know that things will be ok after an infusion. The staff at Complete Ketamine are awesome and provide a safe, caring environment. I highly recommend.

Kristin Callaway

I started getting infusions in June this year and each time I got it is a wonderful experience. Clint and his team keep a tidy office and always make me feel at home! The system Clint has in place to monitor my moods between treatments has become not only a great marker for my progress but also lets him know when it is time for another booster. I highly recommend Ketamine as a treatment but more specifically Clint and his team, he makes what can be a scary/stressful process of finding the correct treatment into an enjoyable experience. Over all I have a great experience every time I visit the clinic!

Erica Corbitt

Clint and his staff are amazing! They are very gentle and kind. They are very attentive to ones’ needs and concerns, and they listen to you when you feel you need to be titrated up or down with the Ketamine. I have had the full initial infusion schedule and have had continuing booster infusions since Dec 2019, and couldn’t be more happy with the service. They really care about their patients and the work that they do, and you can tell. Also, the clinic is very affordable compared to the other clinics in town. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Complete Ketamine Solutions.

Anna Clark

Clint and his staff have always treated me kindly, respectfully, and courteously. They are the most friendly team I have worked with in healthcare. You can tell that they are passionate about their jobs and taking gentle care of their patients. They take their time to explain procedures in a kind manner and are patient in answering questions. Unlike some other clinics, Complete Ketamine Solutions’ staff listen to the patients’ feedback so they can make adjustments to your treatment as needed. They really care about their patients, and it shows.

Katherine Dahl

I highly recommend Complete Ketamine Solutions. I did my research and by far this clinic exceed expectations in several areas. They have long and convenient hours of operation. They are extremely affordable compared to every other clinic I researched. In addition, not only was there NOT a drop off in quality of care for their price point, the care I received was exceptional and the spa like environment was very comfortable and inviting. The personal service I received was second to none. Clint and his staff were amazing at taking care of my needs; and the care I received was personalized and treatment was designed specifically for me. Also, Clint provided me me with his personal cell phone number on day 1 giving me 24/7 access to him for any questions or concerns I may have. I absolutely give this clinic a 5 star rating because the work they are doing and the manner in which they provide it is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in any health care setting.

CL Cook

I have been receiving infusions for the last three years locally and since 2014 traveling out of state to receive treatment. In my experience, this is the most promising treatment modality with impressive results. My experience with Clint and his team has been caring and professional. They go above and beyond most caregiving standards to accommodate treatment whenever needed. The tracking app is a great tool to keep ahead of the curve and keep your health progress towards continued improvement. I am very thankful I don’t have to travel two states away and pay thousands more any longer. I highly and unequivocally recommend Complete Ketamine Solutions.

Kiersten Crombie

I’ve had a wonderful experience here. Clint is extremely knowledgeable and works closely with me to make sure the treatment is working as I live with chronic, debilitating pain. With their help, I’ve been able to get my life back. He and his staff are extremely supportive and I highly recommend them.

Yakini Stephens

I will be honest the first few treatments were kinda terrifying, I’m a control freak and I don’t like the feeling of being out of control.. I don’t even drink. I also have really bad anxiety in general. The staff was amazing, and helped me through…. I completed the series and have been back for one booster and I feel
Like a completely different person. I’m honestly not sure I’d be alive today if I hadn’t found this place… that’s how low I was…. now I’m thriving in a pandemic! I’m eternally greatful for this treatment and the staff!!! If I could give it 10 stars I would!

Lindsey Luther

Complete Ketamine was such a big help with my depression. After my 5th session a cloud was lifted. It was amazing!!

The staff is very friendly and competent. The office is clean and surrounded by a safe environment. I would recommend anyone with clinical depression to Complete Ketamine Solutions in Nashville, TN for treatments.

cour cour gabby

Complete Ketamine Solutions has done wonders for my dear friend i have known for over 30 years. Her mental health has improved by leaps and bounds, even after her 1st treatment I saw a huge difference in her and I am so grateful to Complete Ketamine Solutions for being there for my dear friend.

Adam Shishin Lintz

Compassionate and skilled provider. My experiences were profoundly healing and life changing. So grateful to have this service available.

Joshua D. Kaplan

Clint and his team couldn’t be more accommodating. After initial consult, we had a plan to tackle my TRD. Rick’s bedside manor and overall presence made everything that much more enjoyable. The process seemed to lift me from near-suicidal ideation, and at the very least now give me something to look forward to that’ll lift me in my darkest hours. Thanks Complete Ketamine! Love ya’ll.

Amy Capra

The staff at Complete Ketamine Solutions are wonderful people. They were all incredibly compassionate regarding the PTSD and depression I’ve been working through. I’ve had 7 ketamine treatments with them so far and the results have been nothing short of amazing. I feel like I’m finally turning a corner and getting my life back. I can’t thank them enough!

mel val

Complete Ketamine Solutions is just fantastic! Clint and the team are kind, professional and compassionate. The environment is relaxing and my experiences were very positive. Would highly recommend!

Miriam J.

The team at Complete Ketamine Solutions is excellent. They’re very knowledgeable, kind, and accommodating, which really helps in minimizing any stress or anxiety, and allows you to focus on yourself/your treatment session while you’re there.

Tip: the office is located on the 2nd floor of a mid-rise commercial building in the midtown medical district, so if you’re sensitive to the hum of city life/traffic noise, and not planning on listening to music, you might want to bring some ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones anyway, to use as a buffer. Personally, I highly recommend listening to music during an infusion (instrumental covers, binaural beats, whatever you find relaxing – and have your playlist queued up in advance) but if that’s not your thing, just wanted to give a heads up.

Michael Coffey

Great staff and great purpose! They have definitely changed my life…no, they saved my life. I have dealt with PTSD, severe depression and anxiety for several years. After years of psychotherapy and meds with minimal desired results, I was planning my exit…again. I had heard about Complete Ketamine Solutions from a friend and my wife encouraged me to make the call. Best decision I have ever made. I have been a client for 6 months and my quality of life has improved 110%. I would encourage anyone that feels all hope is lost and there is nothing left for them to call Complete Ketamine Solutions and see if this is right for you.

Josh Corbitt

My wife has received treatment at Complete Ketamine Solutions and the results have been incredible. The staff has been kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. They have delivered a top notch service and at a price point that is achievable.

Kini Stephens

I used to be pretty “closed lip” about what changed over the last year. Everyone who knows me well has at some point in the last year said that they’ve never seen me so happy… or they never seen a “glow up” quite like this before. I can’t say that it was 100% the ketamine infusion therapy… but I will attribute at least 80% of my come back to this place. I had a complete and total break down at the start of the pandemic. It was the bottom, Rock bottom of a downward spiral I been sinking down for many years. I tried alllllll the things. Like every single thing. Therapy, meditation, yoga, medication, more therapy, breathing deeply, literally every single thing. The day I called complete ketamine solutions I felt like I really couldn’t continue another day. I literally had no desire to live any longer. Well a year later, here I am. Thankfully alive but more importantly happy to be alive!!!! I’m actually thriving for the first time. Ketamine saved my life, it changed my life, and I’ll tell anyone that asks because everyone deserves to feel good. Every single day!

Rue Taka

The doctors here are all so nice, my friend has been getting these treatments for over a year now and she has been doing so well. I recommend this place!


I have never had a more professional and caring health care experience. The quality of care at Complete Ketamine is easily 5 stars. I’d give them 6 if I could. They fully understand the benefits of the therapy. I am completely satisfied with the staff there and my experience has been of the highest quality. The therapy sessions have been a total life changing experience for me. I anticipate being a customer for life.

Malcon Taylor

About 15 minutes in, I started to see perceived problems being worked out by seeing them from a new perspective. My point of view changed which changed everything. Even days after the session, the new way of seeing remained. I have space between my mind activity and my reactions, so there is now room for reason, discernment and a better choice.
I found this valuable. It exceeded my expectations.

Dahlia Black

Complete ketamine solutions has changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful. Clint and the staff are very welcoming and make sure that your experience is completely comfortable. They have the most reasonable prices and you can tell they truly care about the patients. If you are considering ketamine treatment for whatever reason I highly recommend this clinic. The treatment itself is life changing, I truly attribute my year of sobriety to this treatment. For this first time in 10 years I am not addicted to a substance or consumed by depression, they are saving lives.

Amanda Jayne

I truly do not think I would be where I am today if I had not found this clinic. Ketamine treatment has literally changed my life! It completely erased my depression while also greatly reducing my anxiety and complex PTSD symptoms, after treatment with numerous antidepressants and benzodiazepines failed. I now use the nasal spray in between boosters, which helps to keep me steady. The owner, Clint, is incredibly friendly and helped me to feel comfortable when I first started the infusions, as my anxiety was quite high. I now find myself looking forward to seeing him when I go in for a booster, as he is so welcoming and always in good spirits. Myself and my family are very grateful for him, his clinic, and this treatment. I am definitely a customer for life!

G. Futrell

This office and everyone here are AMAZING !! I’ve suffered for years with extreme anxiety and treatment resistant depression. This treatment is LIFE CHANGING !! If you are feeling like I’ve felt for YEARS before my treatments….hopeless because nothing has worked previously, desperate for relief, yet afraid to get your hopes up to just be disappointed & devastated, once again. Take a leap of faith ! Make an investment in yourself and your new future ! There are NO words to describe how this has changed my life. I will be forever grateful for Clint and ALL the wonderful people at CKS !! Thank you for giving me my life back !

Maria McAlpin

The doctor and all of the staff at Klarity Clinic are extremely knowledgeable and caring. The treatment methods are very effective. This can be a life changing treatment for people with depression. If you or someone is considering ketamine infusions, I highly recommend Klarity Clinic. They are able to combine with an innovative NAD treatment that improves outcomes, and can lengthen the time between boosters. The doctor is very caring and available for questions before and after treatment. This is worth the investment in your health! ❤️

Digital Dopamine

I am very happy that I ended up going with this clinic versus the other ones I was considering (I moved recently to Vegas from LA so went to seek treatment here as a result). Dr. Liang is extremely knowledgeable in this field and offers treatment with a slightly different approach compared to other clinics due to his background in anesthesiology. His team is very friendly as well and were more than willing to work with me in regards to finding the best treatment course that suites my needs.

Dave Weinberger

I’ve had pretty severe depression. Anti depressants just mask the symptoms, not cure anything. I’d read that Ketamine works wonders for depression. I wound up breaking my wrist, and they used Ketamine while they reduced the fracture. Afterwards I felt the best I had for years. So I took the plunge, and got Ketamine infusions. The results are simply amazing. I feel great! I’m happy I broke my wrist!

Paul R

I suffer from depression and extreme anger issues. My GF researched Klarity for herself and after her success, I decided to give it a try. I’m really happy with the result, I find myself more positive and a lot less irritated.. I’m not “cured” but I’m definitely headed in the right direction. Thank you Klarity Ketamine clinic for helping me.

leslie luyken

Thank you to Dr Liang and his staff for the life changing treatment my son received at your clinic. He arrived in a state of drug induced psychosis due to Nitrous Oxide abuse. After 6 NAD+/Ketamine treatments, he was stabilized and feeling back in his right mind. He was then able to transition safely to a rehab facility where he continues on his path to recovery. The treatments you provide are nothing short of a miracle! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the life-saving part of this terrifying chapter in my son’s story.
For anyone considering treatment at Klarity Clinic, I would urge you to not hesitate and call them today. It truly does take a village sometimes, and believe me, you will never regret making Dr Liang & Co. part of your recovery team.
Eternal gratitude to the Klarity Clinic 🙏🏼

David E

I agree with all of the aforementioned reviews. Tranquility Ketamine clinic is a top notch clinic. Clean, comfortable, private rooms and knowledgeable, friendly staff. The doctors have years of experience, which is important when considering ketamine infusions. The treatment itself has worked wonders for my chronic depression. For the first time in years I am laughing and enjoying life again

kathryn pupuhi

This place is by far the best option available in New Mexico. I have been to many different Ketamine clinics around California and New Mexico, and this is by far my favorite place to receive treatments. The doctors are very knowledgeable and great at communicating their knowledge with their patients. The environment is classy, upscale, clean, and comfortable. The chairs that you sit in to receive your infusion are so cool and comfortable, they are electronic and can accommodate anyone especially those with back pain. The nurses are the sweetest and this is very important when getting a ketamine infusion. All of the staff here are professional and make sure the patients are well cared for. I highly recommend Tranquility Ketamine Clinic. Furthermore I warn anyone who is looking for a Clinic in Albuquerque to expect the exact opposite from the other Ketamine clinic. Sadly I have had questionable and unsavory experiences elsewhere. These guys are top notch providers who are doing exceptional work. Thanks Tranquility Ketamine! Keep up the good work 👍🏼

Cin Hanson

Professional and caring in a quiet, safe and private setting. These doctors are very knowledgeable on the benefits of ketamine treatment for depression which has been resistant to all medications commonly prescribed. I am very thankful that this treatment is now available and grateful for all of you.


Knowledgeable doctors and friendly nurses. Calm and inviting individual treatment rooms. Staff answers all questions, which is important.

Meg Haynes

With the ketamine infusion treatments I’ve experienced profound relief from my depression and suicidal thoughts – a first for me in well over ten years! The entire team at Tranquility Ketamine are consummate professionals who’ve created an environment where I felt respected and safe.

Sandra Geary

Very friendly staff, prompt visits, informative, and I love the Well Life membership option…and I am super picky about customer service!


I have been battling some personal issues for a while now and had be recommended seeking out some additional help. The team at MBBH has been extraordinarily encouraging and helpful.

K.E. van der Gaarden

Started my road to healing for a progressive neuroinflammatory disorder (adhesive arachnoiditis, causes intractable pain) with outpatient infusions at the excellent Ketamine Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona. This was in 2017 before The Injections and Infusion Center opened.

I’ve also had three hospitalizations at UNMH for ketamine infusions, and for me, ketamine is a lifesaver. My pain levels go from 10 to 0, but the ICU can be a tad noisy and because of an upcoming TedXAbq talk I needed immediate help as my pain levels were back to 7-8.

It was daunting to switch to a new center with new providers, and this clinic couldn’t have been more professional and compassionate. Having a center like this in Albuquerque is a godsend. I had an infusion on Friday, the day before the talk. Ironically, my TEDx talk was on comedy and Ketamine!

This has been a great experience, whether you’re seeking help with physical pain disorders or the pain of mental health disorders, give ketamine a chance. It may not work for all patients, just like medications don’t, but if ketamine works you’ll have another tool to help you through life. You’re in great hands with the staff at The Injections and Infusion Clinic!


I have had great care and thus developed great respect for Manlove Brian and Body Health over the past 7 years of my relationship with Dr. Manlove.

Thank you!

Jamie Talamante

Went cause I want to boost my immune system now with Covid cases so high. Had a great experience. Friendly safe, felt really safe was in my own room for the infusion. Also got a package of three infusions. So I’m definitely going back!!


I just had a first time video meeting with Angela from Dr. Manlove’s office. I contacted them to sort out some focus issues I’ve been having. They were quick to respond to my inquiry and get an appointment scheduled. Fast correspondence through both email and phone. Angela was outstanding. She worked to understand where I was having problems, and the underlying issues that may be causing them. She was very respectful, and non judgemental during our Q&A, and had great professional feedback. She answered all my questions, and addressed my concerns in easy to understand terms and examples. Definitely gets a five star from me.


The staff members that I have had any contact with are always professional and have always been willing to go that extra step the times I have needed them to. I think they do their best to make the patients to feel as comfortable as possible while still keeping a professional attitude. There are many situations that could cause someone to need the help from this staff. I can honestly say that they have had an extremely positive impact for me and they have helped me deal with the problems that brought me to them. I would highly recommend at least giving them a chance to help you. You owe it to yourself to at least let them try.


Staff are helpful and friendly. Enjoy working with Amy Newstrom, see appears caring and concerned. Understanding my situation with my mental issues.

Marishka Yazzie

I felt so much better after leaving, compared to how I went in. Everyone was incredibly nice and went out of their way to get me any information I needed or wanted. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.


Dr Manlove is an amazing psychiatrist in which he thinks outside the box and uses modalities that are known to work for those of us not willing or able to use psychopharmacology. Rapid City is fortunate to have him and his expertise.


Dr. Manlove is a highly skilled mental health physician who remains very helpful even when limited by Covid to virtual meetings. His staff is always friendly, helpful, and professional.

Exchange My Mind

Dr. Stewart and Insight Ketamine have been Instrumental in my journey to finding relief for my personal issues and struggles. The professional and caring atmosphere along with a deep understanding of the unique properties of Ketamine and treatment options opened new doors that I didn’t think were possible. I am so thankful for Dr.Stewart and his staff and would highly recommend the services they provide to anyone who is struggling within. In a word the clinic is “Amazing”!

Jeremy Gonzales

I was very nervous about this new treatment, but Dr. Anderson and Alex were exceptionally supportive and answered every question I had. The care that they provided made me feel very comfortable. It didn’t feel like an appointment, more like a pleasant visit with old friends. The fact that they took the time out of their day to call me the day before and day after the treatment told me that they really care. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Chloe Davis

The treatment that I received at Insight changed my life. Dr. Anderson’s care allowed me to take regain control of my life, and start to rebuild after an extremely difficult moment. The staff was compassionate, knowledgeable, and COVID safe.
If you are looking for alternative psychiatric care in Santa Fe, Insight Ketamine an easy choice.

Lori Cohen

This was my first and only time experiencing Ketamine, and I feel extremely blessed that it was under the guidance and support of such a competent, caring and knowledgable team. I felt I could walk in confidently, trust fully and let go to my own healing. I feel fortunate that I am not dealing with any severe mental or physical health ailments at the moment, though during a time of incredible stress and instability during the pandemic, I have definitely been seeking methods that can support my core inner strength and mental clarity. I found the experience to be just that – revivifying to my general health and well-being beyond what I could have imagined possible in just 2 short hours, and the effects continue. Also, as a massage therapist and body worker, I work with a spectrum of people who are dealing with and seeking help with a variety of issues. Ketamine helped clear the mental garbage and whatever was compromising my energy so I could be far more present with my family and in my work with supporting others’ general health. I am extremely grateful for the experience and will be recommending it and Insight Ketamine to others.

Cat Brown

My experience with Blue Sky Ketamine has been amazing. I came because of anxiety that I have suffered with for years. The knowledge and caring Dr. Rosen brings are so important given the nature of the ketamine experience. He is supportive and I have always felt safe. The office is comfortable, homey and professional, parking is easy, which is always a plus. Because scheduling is done directly, it is personalized to your specific needs. I would highly recommend Blue Sky Ketamine

Jeff McBrayer

Dr. Rosen is THE BEST!!! Dr. Rosen has been treating my daughter for over 3 years, and quite literally saved her life. There can’t really be a better recommendation than that ❤️❤️❤️
Dr. Rosen is also an Emergency Room Physician. His skills / training are unparalleled.
I will be happy to answer questions privately if you have any…..

Tom Rees

I have struggled with clinical depression for a number of years, but rather than seek some cocktail of prescription meds when Covid tanked me – this time I decided to try Ketamine. I researched the drug thoroughly, but the idea of a hallucinogen still made me nervous. After spending time with Dr. David Rosen at his Blue Sky clinic, I felt immediately at ease. His level of knowledge and professionalism created a totally safe atmosphere, and I proceeded with my first infusion. I was pleasantly shocked that such a complete difference in my mood resulted pretty much immediately inside of 24 hours. I followed up with 2 more sessions, and have returned several times as needed during this crazy Covid isolation period, each time with excellent results. If depression creeps in now and then I can return and I view the therapy as a means of a ‘total reset’ related to my mood and outlook. The safe, easy atmosphere and Dr. Rosen’s degree of understanding and knowing how much he genuinely cares about his patients makes all the difference in the world and has changed my life.

Jeremy Lydon

All I can say is that Dr. Rosen is by far one of the smartest and compassionate people you’ll most likely ever deal with. I felt completely cared for and safe in every way. I would not hesitate to recommend Blue Sky Ketamine for anyone out there in need of treatment. So glad I found them.

Ardis Burst

I first had a major depressive episode when I was 7. Over 2000 psychotherapy sessions later, I added antidepressants which helped me cope. But Ketamine is what finally enabled me to live a depression-free life most of the time. Blue Sky is very trustworthy and has enabled me to take advantage of this treatment safely and without stress and worry.

Spencer Wright

Blue Sky has been a godsend. Dr. Rosen has been extremely helpful in helping me to deal with my chronic medication-resistant depression. The treatment methodology was well explained and the attention to my needs was amazing. Follow-through by the office was especially welcome as it shows their care for patients.

Susan Iris Landa

Dr. Luhrs is the kind of doctor I’ve always wanted: someone who understands everything that comprises health, beyond allopathic medicine and especially for women.

Megan Graves

I received the best care with Kayla! I loved the ability to get custom care that we designed together which ultimately optimizes my life long health!

Adrienne Catone

Dr. Luhrs is not your typical doctor. She takes the time to focus on whole life wellness and to determine how health care can support you in your life goals. It’s nice to meet someone who has the education, skill and knowledge-base of modern scientific medicine but who also sees the complimentary benefits of traditional, natural medicine.

Shaheen Zaheed

I visited this clinic seeking an alternative treatment for my chronic back pain, and although it is recommended to have multiple treatment visits for the best results, my one visit actually helped tremendously!

The staff are very friendly yet maintain professionalism, and the treatment room is very welcoming. I felt right at home!

I would 100% recommend ketamine & this clinic for anyone looking for alternative treatments, whether its for chronic pain or for mental health.

Tannis Kearns

Kayla is Amazing! I love that she has a foundation in western medicine. (It has a place). But she is a wholistic healer who has a bright shining spirit and a wise mind. She has connections with many MDs and Naturopathic Practitioners, both here I town and in the lower 48, will work with them all to help her you well.


Amy is amazing and ketamine has completely changed my life. She made me feel comfortable about trying something completely new and by the 2nd infusion I had a new outlook on life.


My depression went from severe to mild by infusion 3. Amy is knowledgable, professional and was really there for me. Customer service was top notch and I will get all treatments from Ketamine Wellness Infusions.

Mike Collins

The ketamine therapies definitely improved my mood. The doctors and other workers on site were extremely kind and professional. Thank you MindPeace!


I’ve been a patient at the MindPeace Arlington clinic for about two years, and I’m really happy to have found it. The doctors are always available to answer questions and are responsive to my needs. They and the nurses do everything possible to make the treatment sessions comfortable. They’ve worked with me to find a regimen that keeps my symptoms under control. They’ve also been sensitive to the fact that treatment isn’t covered by my insurance, so they do what they can to keep the costs down. Highly recommend!

Mark Gregg

I never thought I would be able to admit that I ever needed help with depression/anxiety. Depression/anxiety took control of me, as I have always struggled with depression and anxiety in the past, but finally was hit by so much at once that I realized I couldn’t manage through my normal coping mechanisms and I needed help. I came to the Mind Peace Clinic and wasn’t really sure about how or if it could help me. Dr. Oliver was awesome in explaining everything clearly, then assessing my needs, while ensuring it was the right fit for me. It turns it was the right fit and improved my day to day life immensely. Thanks to the Mind Peace Clinic team and Dr Oliver I now know what it feels like to have what many have known as normal days without heavy depression and anxiety.

Jack Leavell

Dr. Oliver provided me with a service that saved my life. There is no doubt about it. For the past fifteen years or so I have taken dozens of medications for my mental health. None of them were anywhere close to the effectiveness of the Ketamine treatments. I received my first treatment during the depths of a major depressive episode. After that one treatment I started to feel better within a few hours! The rest of the ketamine infusions ( I had a total of 7) completely pulled me out of one of the worst episodes of my life. This all occurred over the course of about two weeks. His doctors and nurses are unmatched in regards to professionalism and bedside manner. The scheduling and payment departments are the best I have ever dealt with. Everyone at MindPeace clinics really are there to help. If you take the help which they offer, your quality of life WILL improve.

Ziad Shihab

A very knowledgeable, professional, and attentive staff works here, and attends very well to your medical needs during a ketamine infusion. But there is much more value in: the responsive and friendly staff; the safety and care offered by the overall experience; close follow ups to ensure medical benefit; and data-driven personalized dose optimization that uses a very well designed, elegant software app to ensure your comfort and mental wellbeing. If ketamine is indicated for your condition, this is the best place I have found by far in the Washington, DC area. However, they do not serve candy except by special arrangement in advance.


After my boyfriend suffered through 20 years of depression and suicidal thoughts. We were running out of options and had lost hope for improvement of his symptoms. After years of medication changes and an extended hospital stay, I didn’t feel like they were doing all they could so I began searching for options. I thought something had to be available. They they had suggested the next step was TMS, but after research I knew that was not the best option. I had heard about Ketamine from a friend and started researching this as a treatment option.

That’s when I found Amy. After 15 + emails everything was in place and we were off to Mount Juliet, Tn to give this treatment series a chance to prove what it could do.

And it DID! Beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. After the first treatment his suicidal ideations were gone! The treatment was a series of 6 infusions in a two week period and with each one his mood improved and his life was given back to him! After 20 years…he was able to feel happiness again, his personality has returned and he says he hasn’t felt better in 20 years…after the first day I could see a change in his eyes.

That all being said…I would absolutely recommend this clinic, Amy, and Ketamine to anyone who has had chronic depression with no relief from medications! True miracle!

I also owe the biggest of thank you’s to Amy for being so kind and informative as we set this treatment up from 4 hours away. She was truly amazing with him, explaining what was happening, and what to expect throughout the whole process. We could not have asked for a better/sweeter person to guide us through this experience.

We are now 3 months post infusions and he has shown no signs of depression returning.

For us…this was a miracle treatment.

Don’t hesitate to give this treatment a try!


I wish I could give Ms Amy ten stars! She is a great person and really cares for her patients! My husband has been diagnosed (about 9 months ago) with MDD and PTSD. We started our journey with Amy about 6 months ago. My husband had been doing a lot of research, reading articles, watching YouTube videos etc about ketamine treatment for depression and ptsd. I googled and found this place and Amy. The first time I spoke to her she was so friendly, she answered my 1,000 questions. She’s so down to earth. The first time we met it was like we’ve known her for years. As of now my husband’s had about ten sessions. And what a positive profound effect on his depression .In his words it has been a godsend to have found Amy and this treatment. Such a blessing in our life. I truly think that without this I don’t know if he would still be here with me, it got to that low low point and it was so hard. But this gave him light and hope, which was not there for so long. We’re so blessed to have Amy and these ketamine treatments. Her place is always clean and warm, welcoming. I highly recommend you research ketamine, give it a try. Go see Amy! You won’t be sorry! It’s such a great treatment option, it has really saved him! It works differently than medications with terrible side effects too! Reach out to her, it really does work! Thanks so much Amy!

Jeremy Roberts

Dr. Evans and his wife Shannon along with their entire staff are absolutely fantastic! They literally treat you like family and truly care about your health and well-being. Ketamine therapy is an absolute must for anyone struggling with crippling anxiety and depression and chronic pain issues. Their clinic is state of the art and very quiet and welcoming and everything is catered to the patients personal needs. Dr. Evans, Shannon and their staff have helped save my life and get me back on track to living a full meaningful life. On a scale of 1 to 10 they are a 12 and I highly recommend their skill and expertise to anyone struggling with the above mentioned issues.

Miyah Bolding

Ketamine treatment has made such a difference for our daughter.After trying many different medications, counseling and short term treatment without any change, ketamine was recommend by her counselor. We are so glad we tried it!! Our daughter is happy, motivated and engaged in life. Thanks also to a wonderful, competent, and professional staff. You have been amazing to work with!!

Traci Drake

I never thought I would ever be able to get off my meds, I feel like a normal human being now! It’s amazing that I can function in life and be a mom. I don’t know how it works, but it works and I am so grateful to Dr. Evans and his wonderful staff! Pearl is my favorite nurse 🙂 I look forward to my sessions.

Paul Williams

I have been depressed and had PTSD for many years. I have been a good patient taking 4 different medications and getting regular therapy. This has kept me alive but mostly unhappy and emotionally disregulated.
I have now had 5 Ketamine sessions at Desert Sands. The difference in my moods and functionality is remarkable. It is life saving medicine.
It is a fully professional medical clinic with very competent staff.
With Ketamine infusion, I believe set and setting matter very much. The comfort and personal support, the sounds and visuals provided really matter.
Not all providers do this carefully. The doctor has carefully researched and implemented these added therapeutic elements. This is what sets them clinically and warmly apart from others. It is the best.

Melissa Farley

I cannot say enough about the amazing care we’ve received from Dr. Evans, Shannon, and their staff.

Remarkable professionals with heart! Thank you for treating us like family. You will forever remain in our hearts for your help.

Melissa Farley


I really wanted to give a shout out to Chelsea, she’s amazing at what she does and really cares about everyone she works with. Extremely thoughtful and keeps you up-to-date. Dr. Jaison Nainaparampil is phenomenal as well, I feel like they are the dream team over there. Thank you so much for all of your assistance.

Levi Kahane

The most wonderful place in the world. My life has been changed. My life has been changed. The people who work here are kind,compassionate, caring and smart.If you are thinking of ketamine treatment or want to emerge from depression’s depths come here. Call here.

J Gold

Finally relief from my treatment resistant depression, through Ketamine infusion and now Esketamine nasal spray, thanks to Dr. Ettehnsohn & Jessica Shepley, ARNP. They TRULY CARE (not easy to find) about their patients; Dr. Ettehnsohn listens and provides helpful info that none of the 15+ Drs I’ve seen in the past have. Jessica, if able to, will sit and talk throughout your treatment as long as you’d like and she has a special gift in knowing what to say!! I’ve tried everything prior to seeing them, special blood tests for drug compatibility, dozens of meds, and unfortunately shock therapy. I only wish I found them sooner.

Christina Jones

I dont even kno where to begin, Cornerstone Psychiatric’s has been a God send. This isnt your typical Drs office where your just another appt. From Dr E to Chelsea this is an intimate team that works together to get you the help you need.
Ive always suffered from anxiety and depression its been my entire life. Some days itd be too hard to get out of bed. The last thing I wanted to do was deal with paperwork, insurance companies, the works. They took care of it and did it effortlessly. Talking to Dr. E that 1st time was surprisingly refreshing. He didnt talk over me or cut me off, he listened. He knew where I was mentally and emotionally, he understood that place I was at in my life. These people are such a gift. I know I would have never gotten this level of support and care anywhere else. Your not another patient to them and theyve become so much to me. Its life changing to actually find the help you need. Its everything.

Lugo Lundi

Highly recommend this clinic. They offer Ketamine Infusions with the best care and price. Glad there’s a psychiatrist on site and not some anesthesiologist trying to cure mental health.

L. O.

They were able to fit me in with short notice and provided excellent information and helpful suggestions for possible treatments.

Cynthia M.

I have being helped by Dr. Chris for several years now with detoxing my entire body and all systems within the body. My results thus far have been completely unbelievable. He is an amazing physician and healing doctor vs a doctor who just hands out prescriptions. He has completely changed my life, my health, my mental and emotional well being all by his remarkable homeopathic protocols for detox and healing. Im so very Thankful for Doctor Christopher Lawinski, MY Primary Care Physician.

Scott S

Dr Lawinski spent a lot of time with me during my initial visit. I am well, but we spent a great deal of time discussing ways to keep me that way. He really seemed to care about my wellness. That’s a real pleasure in this day of insurance quotas and assembly line doctor visits.

Loran Couton

The care Dr. Wunnava provided my dad was phenomenal! He took the time to listen to my dad’s complaints, provide a through physical exam and answer our many questions. I feel so lucky that my dad found such an excellent provider (and this is coming from another medical professional). I HIGHLY recommend him and would not hesitate to refer patients to him if I practiced in this area


Dr Lusko is very kind, caring and knowledgeable. She takes the time to thoroughly explain everything and answer any questions. The entire staff is wonderful. I felt completely safe, comfortable and cared for by everyone.

Jim Leis

He is very detailed as he has reviewed my lengthy medical record with the complexity of my cas. He is patient and follows through on his commitments with time and excellent care
His patients ate not just a number as he have knowledge of my household
I started with a shoulder issue after being told replacement was the only option. Then 15 months later after a spinal fusion complications left me limited for months he and physical therapy has given me a lot of ability to function. I highly recommend him
Also a great caring staff he has selected.


Dr Lusko and staff are amazing and make you feel very important to help you with your current medical needs. I feel so amazing after my first treatment and look forward to seeing them for my next appointment.

Joseph Collins

The office be missed when I begin my schooling. Nice staff and you can tell he likes to educate his staff. He will work with you. Camilla and Luke are very sweet.


Dr. Lusko and her staff are amazing. They are very professional and address any problems or concerns that you bring to their attention. Highly recommend her office!

Tonya Avertte

Everyone was so patient and helpful and went the extra mile to research my history. Everything was explained really well. Thank you!


When someone you love is suffering daily with severe anxiety you often feel helpless because nothing that you say or do will take that away. My boyfriend suffers from anxiety. It kills me inside to see him go through the things he does due to that. I came across Dr Lusko after researching about Ketamine and we wanted to give it a chance in hopes that his anxiety would at least lighten up a bit so he could live his life!
He has received a few infusions and already we notice a complete difference in his anxiety. The staff at this clinic are so kind and gentle and understand the ailment. They make SURE the patient/client is comfortable and at ease. I know that every patient is different, but if you are suffering from anxiety you might want to give this a try. I would recommend this office to anyone that I care about!

Alan Cochran

I have been so impressed with Dr. Wunnava and his entire staff from the beginning and it hasn’t changed now.
Dr. Wunnava is a very caring & kind doctor who always listens to you without ever rushing you in anyway.
They have a very safe Covid-19 protocol and I’m always seen for my appointments on time.
He has already helped me with my lower back pain and I now have an appointment with him to look at my middle and upper back as well.
Dr. Wunnava and his staff (Shantell & Luke are the ones I have dealt with personally.) are ALL amazing. I couldn’t be happier.
I Highly recommend this practice to everyone!
Alan Cochran


I’m very excited to have found this place! Dr Lusko is very kind, thorough and willing to listen. She tailored my treatment to fit my needs individually. The rest of the staff were terrific also. Loved my nurse Greg! Good sense of humor and he took excellent care of me during and following my infusion. I felt very comfortable during the entire intake process.
Most importantly, the infusion was a success! I’ve had difficulty in the past getting to “that sweet spot “ during my treatments. They have often been dosed like one size fits all and just don’t work for me! It’s beyond disappointing. Personally, reaching that certain point during the infusion makes all the difference in how effective it will be. Dr Lusko did a fantastic job, especially being that it was her first time treating me.
I felt immediate relief following the infusion. Slept really well last night and was able to wake up after 7 hours “like a normal person” this morning! Those of us who deal with MDD know what a big deal that is! I’m also very pleased that Dr Lusko will prescribe oral ketamine under the right circumstances. I was prescribed it in Tennessee. I haven’t found any other doctors in AZ that even know about it..
I’m looking forward to working with them in the future and highly recommend any other ketamine patients, come give them a try!

Noe R.

I’ve had bad insomnia and anxiety for a while now, and have tried all manner of treatments each with various side effects. I recently read the book How to Change your Mind and got interested in alternative therapies, including ketamine infusions. There is now a lot of science and clinical evidence to support the use of psychedelic medicine for various mental health issues but the clinical practice has yet to catch up, at least on the Peninsula (ie there were very few providers who felt “legit” to me, and my therapist wasn’t sure where to refer me). I was thrilled when Soft Reboot opened and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience. Some items of note from my therapy to date:

The doctor: I can’t say enough good things about working with Dr. Herman. She’s a rare combination of ridiculously credentialed yet very open minded to even practice this kind of treatment in the first place. She helped me feel super safe and comfortable and never left my side during the session (which I’ve heard is not always the case). She’s also very tech forward so used patient tools that made the sign-up and communication process super easy. It was also clear she’s up to speed on the latest science and ways to incorporate psychedelic treatments into an overall holistic approach to health.

The setting: I came to realize a serene setting is actually very important for this type of treatment since you enter a disassociative state so want to feel comfortable and relaxed. The clinic is in a nondescript medical campus but Dr. Herman’s office itself is a little oasis, with serene decor, a luxe lounge chair, comfy eye mask, and headphones to listen to a music selection during the treatment. The music was personalized according to your intention for the session which I really appreciated.

The experience: This was my first time experiencing psychedelics in any type of environment, and I’ll be honest it was a little crazy at first. I’m sure it’s different for everyone but it in my case I felt disassociated from my body and experienced what I can only describe as an immersive art show inside my own personal Imax theater. But the entire time I knew that I was safe in the clinic with Dr. Herman so was able to relax and really lean into the experience, trusting that the treatment was doing its thing in the background. Apparently having an IV (vs a shot or nasal spray) meant more accurate dosage and shorter recovery time which I also appreciated.

Results: I’m only halfway through my six session treatment course but I’ve never slept better in my life and have seen real progress on the anxiety front as well (with family and friends commenting that I seem more calm). Again, I had previously tried a lot of different programs including cognitive behavioral therapy, so I’m pretty thrilled with these initial results and have not experienced any side effects. It’s important to note that the treatment isn’t inexpensive and is currently not covered by insurance, but I felt it was worth investing in something that would finally work for me (and ultimately help recover lost productivity, improve strained relationships, etc). In general it was in line with what I’ve paid out of pocket to see integrative medicine providers for check-ups only.

All in all, I highly recommend checking out Soft Reboot!

Rita T.

I cannot put into words how my life has changed since I met Dr.Sara Herman and started treatments at Soft Reboot Wellness (SRW). I have struggled with BP2, anxiety and OCD for over half my life. I was at an ultimate low and out of hope when SRW was suggested to me. I thought the treatment was going to be just another failed suggestion that would later frustrate me. I was completely wrong.

Dr.Sara Herman is a highly intelligent, compassionate, and seeker of healing and wellness. I was terrified to try ketamine IV and had a perception of ketamine as a street drug, which I did not want to give up my control to.

During the treatment, Dr.Sara was there for me, like really there for me. She coached be through the entire process. She has a beautiful treatment room that looks spa like. It was unlike any room I had seen in the dozens of YouTube videos I watched where it was super clinical. Dr.Sara even helped find me music so that my experience was as blissful as it could be. I went from scared to try to looking forward to healing.

Since I have started treatment, I have seen improvements that no other treatment, therapy, or medication has been able to provide me. This treatment is actually repairing neurons. My family can attest to the changes they have seen in me after a few treatments. I can feel it too, this is different. My OCD is no longer taking over my life and my racing thoughts are gone. The physical and mental relief I feel are priceless.

I am so grateful that I met Dr.Sara and gave this treatment a shot. There is hope and Soft Reboot Wellness can prove it.

Shy Girl F.

I went to see Dr.Herman not knowing how my experience would be and let me tell you this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, Dr.Herman was sweet,compassionate, understanding and just plain amazing. I will continue to come here for treatment. One of the best doctors hands down

Todd Wright

I had been researching the use of Ketamine for Depression for several years and finally made the decision to try it. I located New Life clinic during a Google search. After talking with John who has quite a bit of information, I had my first treatment. After the appointment I felt more upbeat and aware of how bad I had been feeling for the past several years. My true and amazing result came during my fifth treatment when I experienced a breakthrough moment during the treatment. Everything in my day to day existence has changed for the better. I highly encourage you or someone you love, who is looking into Ketamine treatment, to at least give them a call.

W Smith

I am so thankful for this clinic. I really feel like a new person. Everyone who works there is so kind and caring. I haven’t felt this good in YEARS! I highly recommend trying this and New Life is the best!

Katlyn Thompson

I wish I would of done this sooner! I’ve struggled with both anxiety and depression since I can remember. I tried SO many different medications throughout my life and nothing worked. I felt like a lost cause and that I was going to be like that for the rest of my life. I feel like a completely different person and I’m HAPPY. I haven’t had any anxiety. Christina is absolutely amazing and I’m so thankful I did the treatments. Thank you 😇

Madsey Bug

I had done a lot of research and found information about ketamine infusions for depression/anxiety about two years ago. I was so excited to find that a center had opened up in Idaho Falls this past year. I was pretty nervous to try it. Christina is amazing! She made me feel very comfortable and was reassuring throughout the process. She is very knowledgeable, personable and respectful. I am so happy I found her. I haven’t felt this good in years! I definitely recommend it to anyone who has treatment resistant depression and/or anxiety.

Lysh Labrum

So glad I found this provider and gave ketamine a try. Always a pleasant experience, Christina is phenomenal, efficient and so sweet. Individualized treatment and it works! No mood flattening or side effects. I’m excited to see the change in the long term, and this clinic gives you the tools to track your own mood cycles so that you can come in for a booster when needed and avoid the deep lows. Definitely worth it.

Crystal Wilkerson

I had a great experience! My energy levels were up the next day & I’ve continued to feel better. Christina is super friendly & does a great job explaining how everything works. I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough!

Desiree Carlson

What an amazing treatment and facility! Depression is almost gone completely during the first 6 infusions. Wasn’t sure what to expect but Christina was very comforting, caring and professional. I will continue to go hear when I need my boosters. Thank you Christina.

Jordi Goodwin

I generally consider myself a skeptic but even I will tell you that this treatment was life-changing. I was in a pretty dark place and felt stuck. After the infusions I was completely snapped out of it and felt like myself again. I still have ups and downs. It didn’t make me a different person or take away all of my difficulties, but I don’t think I would want that anyway. It brought me back to baseline and I couldn’t be more grateful. Everyone at Ketamine Infusions of Idaho was so incredibly supportive and it was a calm and accepting atmosphere. I totally recommend it.

Christy Hathaway

I’ve never been so compelled to write a review. Vince and Victor at Evexia truly helped me get my life back. I’m in my early 20’s and have tried everything to help my depression. I got to a point where I really felt like I had no other treatment options. Then I found Evexia.

Victor helped me get everything in order quickly so I was able to come in within a week or two. When I got to Evexia, Vince and Victor made me feel right at home. Victor administered all my treatments, and he always made sure I was comfortable, down to the smallest details (he would even ensure that my favorite music was playing!).

After my first ketamine infusion, I left feeling lighter. When I finished the series of infusions, I felt functional again. I felt hopeful about the future and ready to take better care of myself. I cannot recommend Evexia enough. Vince and Victor are super helpful and knowledgeable, and their work with ketamine is truly life-changing!


I rarely feel inclined to write reviews, but I felt that my experience with Evexia Wellness was worthy of taking the time to do so.
I am in my 30’s and have battled with my mental health for the majority of my life. I don’t need to go into great detail, as I assume if you’ve found this page you understand to some extent.
I gave up on pharmaceuticals years ago. I couldn’t tolerate the side effects, and frankly, waiting 6-8 weeks to know if something works seemed impossible when I was in need of help.
Recently, I’d decided enough was enough when I started feeling “down” again. I spoke to Victor at Evexia, and he explained the process and costs associated with the services, and asked me a few questions. He went above and beyond to be accommodating to my situation, and I’m extremely grateful for that.
The process has been great. I don’t know what to say besides thank you! I told Victor yesterday that I felt like the cloudiness in my head is clear, I really don’t know how else to explain it.
I told a friend recently that this is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. That said, I wholeheartedly recommend Evexia Wellness and hope that anyone reading this is willing to give this a try!


I was referred to Dr. Dudney by another specialist for maintenance/long term care. The office team are friendly, personable, and accommodating. Dr. Dudney listens, is warm and friendly and to the point, understanding how complex my history is and how it effects me. I have severe anxiety around new people and it was completely unwarranted for my first visit (tell my brain that, lol!). I have had a dx of PTSD/anxiety/depression for years and haven’t had luck with anti-depressants. I have been seeing him for several months now and I managed to get through the holidays and daily trials better than I have previously. This is a huge improvement for me (and the family that has to deal with me). Thank you Dr. Dudney!


I found Dr. Dudney through a web search. I had complications from a surgery that required medication for extreme anxiety. Finding a Psychiatrist on short notice in Tampa is near impossible. I found him. Saved my life, literally. I spent 20 years as a Masters Level Psychotherapist and worked under many Psychiatrists. I can attest that this man is one of the best out there. Very detailed, very particular. Very to the point. I highly recommend him.


I recently moved here and had to find a new psych doctor– Dr Dudney cares about ensuring that his patients are treated with dignity and respect. His office understands that mental illness is not a crime or something that makes you less of an honorable person as I recently had a diff doctor in the field make me feel. His receptionist/assistance is kind. He got me the help I desperately needed quickly.


I was very disappointed with Dr. Dudney. I brought my 18 year old son in for consult on ketamine treatment and ended up walking out of there with weight loss products. I was charged $300 for the consult and the $95 for weight loss pills. My son has been to numerous psychiatrists and none of the scripts have worked. We were looking to try ketamine treatment. My son has also tried weigh tloss programs 4 times, has lost the weight and that did not solve his depression!

Michael Olson

I had a great experience having a cist removed from my chest. She removed the entire thing along with four stitches and I’m like brand new! I have had a few infusions as well and felt much better after both. Highly recommend this place, Susan is fantastic

Jon Pell

Talking about Ketamine Infusion is a lot like dancing about architecture. I mean, I guess it’s possible, but at a certain point your going to reach a disconnect and you won’t be able to see where the one started and the other stopped. This is also true with the nature of Ketamine Infusions. I can only speak from my own experience, but the catharsis felt while being administered, was such an entirely, deeply, personal event that the disconnect mentioned earlier between language, and experience, began to break down in ways I can’t use language to explain. And I don’t mean in just a little way. I mean within orders of magnitude, that can only be appreciated by under going the treatment. Nicholas is professional, makes sure you understand everything and is happy to answer any questions. I rarely write reviews, but I felt compelled to do this one given my experience and hope it helps others consider this fantastic tatreatment.


I have undergone different treatments in the past, but they all have failed in getting me where I need to be. Going to West Michigan Ketamine clinic was probably the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. The medical professionals there are all very thorough in my treatment, personable and kind. The treatment I’ve received there has greatly improved the overall quality of my life!

Alyssa Gritter

Professional, kind and accommodating – the patient comes first. Nick truly cares for and is dedicated to helping his patients. Lisa has been so helpful in setting up appointments (helped me to set up my first appt. same day), and also truly cares about the patients coming in. I’ve recommended this office to so many already; if you’re looking for help you should absolutely give them a call.

Laura Boss

Nick is amazing. He is very kind and personable while also being extremely educated and professional. He works very hard to adjust his schedule to accommodate you. Ketamine has been a life saver for me. I can’t thank Nick and West Michigan Ketamine Clinic enough for what they do.

Chris Fitch

My wife and I have both been getting treatments and I have to say I feel incredible. I had lost my will to live and now my future looks bright and clear. We have done the depression and a pain session, my chronic pain is not gone but I’m not focused on it and have reduced the amount of pain medicine required to get through the day. I highly recommend this to anyone having problems with anxiety/depression or chronic pain. The staff is professional and the treatment center is clean and comfortable.

Lori Koebler

I I was so frustrated when my psychiatrist wanted me to go on yet a third medication. That’s when I threw my hands up And started doing research on alternative therapies for medication resistant depression. Something which I have struggled with my whole life. After a litany of different medications only to have the side effects and never the benefit. I had done some research online for a few weeks and found Dr. Botkiss. I decided that I was going to commit to the treatment not really knowing exactly what to expect. After meeting the staff and talking extensively to Dr. Botkiss And Dr. Gillin, I felt comfortable with going forward. After my first treatment I immediately felt better. I have had no anxiety since treatment number one. During the next week there was some fine tuning on the dosage. I am so thrilled that I found a place that has offered me real hope and real results in a very short time. I cannot tell you enough about the staff. They are so professional and made me feel so safe during this process. As it can be a little daunting doing a treatment of this nature. Thank you Amanda for your sincerity and your experience with the treatments!!!
I was comfortable and confident during every session. I truly feel during the treatment my mind had expanded and brought me in to A place of peace and deep meditation. The medication does the work when you are relaxed and your mind is open. I am eager to continue this treatment in the future. I cannot express enough my gratitude.
If you are on the fence about if this treatment will be advantageous to you in treating depression, I urge you to contact Dr. Botkiss and get a bit of education on this treatment. I am so glad that I did. Thank you for a wonderful experience and hope to never have to return to the dark cave of depression again….
Lori von K

Lauren Valentino

My first experience was a phone conversation with Dr. Botkiss and explained my current situation, my TBI 20 years ago, struggles with migraines, daily headaches that will lead to migraine if I don’t take medication after medication and I’m at my whits end…
My second conversation was with Dr. Gillin about the Ketamine treatments, dosing and a past experience that I had over 10 years ago during a Ketamine study. It was all very easy and seamless, I also had both of their cell numbers if I had any questions or concerns (love that)!
My first treatment was 12/19/20 and all went well but my headaches did not resolve and a migraine set in later that day. I dealt with it and already had my second appt scheduled. I texted Dr. Gillin prior to my second appt last night and he adjusted the doses and changed a few things. (as this treatment should be tailored to each persons needs).
**Last night after my treatment I sat outside the steps of their amazing space that is very serene and tranquil, and cried. My husband looked and me and asked “what’s wrong, are you okay”…

Last night was the FIRST TIME in many many years I have not had any type of headache, needed to take a pill to go to sleep, take a pill in the middle of the night due to a migraine setting in, or best yet, wake up with some sort of headache or migraine.
I have lived with headaches (not always migraines) but headaches daily for over 20 years! Most people take a Tylenol or Excedrine and your good – not me! I loved with that ache for all these years and if I tried to ignore them they turned into migraines, left me bed bound for days or in urgent care.
I can not say how amazing and also different it is to feel headache free. I really could go on and on but I won’t and end with if you are spending a fortune on medications and/or other treatments to help – You deserve to give West Coast Ketamine a try. It could save your life!😍😇

Lina Litvak

When I decided to move forward in seeking treatment I was very nervous . I was nervous about every aspect of it . I could not begin to tell you how much these doctors have helped me . Yes it’s a strange experience . You sit in a room with people you don’t know and it’s kinda awkward at first . But once you get used to the people and what to expect during treatment.. you begin to feel like you have one hour a week or month dedicated to a type of therapy/meditation that you just can’t recreate any where else . Dr. Botkiss and Amanda text and call to check up and scheduling is a breeze . I wish all my medical professionals showed as much care and dedication to my well being as they do . If you’re on the fence , get off it and into this office .

Denise Figueroa

I went to Restorative Infusions for Botox, IV vitamin infusions and also purchased the CBD pain and sleep
sprays! Melissa and Dr. Moskowitz were extremely knowledgeable and personable. They answered any question that i had. The ease of making an appointment was effortless. I have received many compliments on my skin. I have energy from the vitamin infusion and have been sleeping so much better with the CBD spray. They made the whole experience pleasant and enjoyable!! I am looking forward to going back!

Jennifer Brown

Convenient scheduling and effective care, the staff is mindful, kind, and really interested in creating a positive experience

Chelsea Veneziano

I highly recommend Dr. Botkiss, Dr. Gillin and the nurses. I am currently getting ketamine treatments and it has changed my life.

Carol Malasits

Love this place! The staff is knowledgeable and caring. The office and atmosphere is calm and relaxing. I feel great! Can’t wait for my next drip!

Jason Hofer

Drug resistant depression left me with little to no options. I had three straight months with horrible, graphic nightmares and the only thing that helped was Ketamine. I work in the medical field and COVID has taken my PTDS to a level where I couldn’t survive. I am forever grateful for West Coast Ketamine Center’s Dr. Botkiss and Dr. Gillian for the lifesaving treatments they provided. Everything was handled professionally and I highly recommend anyone suffering from depression or PTSD consider this option. The staff took the time to call me at home, communicate with my family and even assist me in additional support with a specialized therapist who guided my treatments. I have relief and will continue maintenance treatments as needed. There is hope.

William M. Guthrie

Fantastic experience! Dr. Moskowitz and Nurse Melissa were very nice, accommodating and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services!

Michelle Ricard

Very nice facility here. Tina, the RN, was very nice a did a wonderful job with my mom. Very friendly and caring. I will request to come back if my mom is to continue the Infusion treatment. Comfortable setting, very nice rooms and chairs to sit in for the hours and hours of treatment time. Highly recommend coming here for you or a loved one. Thank you Tina for taking the extra time with my mom, you don’t know what it truly meant. You’re great at what you do. Thank you thank you 😊🙏🏼

Lauren Dotson

Just had such a great experience!From the beginning Melissa answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. The place was so clean and nice and relaxing. Already thinking about which vitamin drip I want next time.

Marcy Moore

Dr. Watson and his wife Tina are amazing and I recommend seeking their care and expertise if you are looking for a personalized, I mean really personalized, treatment plan.

They actually took the time to listen to what I had to say instead of trying to rush me out the door. How refreshing.

I’ve never met a more kind, caring and knowledgeable couple.

Lindsey Ashlock

WellCentric Health has changed my life. I have struggled with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder starting in my teens and lasting through my entire young adulthood. I also have an autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto’s Disease) which has compounded my depression and anxiety. After years and years of trying different medications, therapies and diets, I found my mental health still in decline. Frustrated and lost I stumbled across WellCentric Health and Dr. Watson while searching alternative depression treatments online. I quickly contacted the office and made an inquiry. Michelle, the office manager, quickly made me an appointment. She was so kind and welcoming when I came in for my consultation; she is without a doubt the kindest person I have ever worked with in the medical field. When I came in for my consultation, Dr. Watson gave me excellent guidance on infusion therapy and how it might benefit me. He also informed me of the many dietary changes I needed to make in order to improve my mental health. His intellect and insight are astounding and were exactly what I was looking for. I was immediately intrigued and decided to infuse that day. Nurse Tina guided my first infusion. Sensing I was nervous, she calmed me and reminded me of all the benefits this therapy would likely provide me with. She is so kind and understanding and has always made me feel welcomed and valued at their practice. After four months of treatment I was able to finish my degree and find a new, exciting job. These things were simply out of reach for me before my treatment at WellCentric Health due to my severe depressive/anxious state. I truly am so thankful for Dr. Watson, Nurse Tina and Michelle. They have changed my life and I could not be more thankful. I highly recommend their services to anyone struggling with depression, anxiety and autoimmune issues!

Alison Jacobs

Did my first Botox with Melissa. She did a fabulous job. So so happy with the results.i look refreshed! Not to mention how welcoming, professional, clean and relaxing the office is! I highly recommend coming here!

Saint Marys

Wellcentric is a team that cares for the whole person! Dr. Watson truly gets to know you while also getting to the root cause of the problem. His nurse and wife, Tina, demonstrates compassion and seeks to provide answers for overall quality care of the individual. They have a heart for the community and a passion for healing. I would 100% recommend Wellcentric!

Weston Farry

Dr. Watson treats you as a peer and is incredibly knowledgeable. As an information junkie that been trying to find ways to treat my anxiety and depression for my entire adult life, I was impressed by the sheer volume of what he knew just off the top of his head.

His therapy protocol helped me get back on my feet surprisingly quickly and helped me find new highs in my feeling of well being. Not to mention his staff are compassionate and flexible with whatever our needs were, nothing but positivity.

Thank you Dr. Watson

Lucas Meyer

Melissa and Dr. Moskowitz are very compassionate individuals and great practitioners. I highly recommend them for Ketamine IV therapy. Office is very nice, clean, relaxing, and easy to get to.

Francesca Venino

Did the anti-aging drip and botox. My forehead looks amazing! Melissa is my go-to person from now on. My face looks refreshed. I’ve received multiple compliments on how great my skin looks.

Ina Ovalles-Martinez

Came here for the first time with my parents to boost their immune system and we had such a great experience. I did the beauty & anti-aging iv! Great staff and friendly. Will definitely be coming back for more treatments!

Kim H.

Comfortable, relaxing, professional, and CRNA Charlotte is the best! I’ve had both vitamin infusion and ozone therapy at Vitality Medical Infusions, which finally knocked lingering COVID symptoms out entirely – as well as relieved localized pain in a repaired knee and bum shoulder. I now have the energy and no pain obstacles to start exercising again (the pandemic has not been kind to my waistline.)

Kevin M'Gill

Dr. Moskowitz, Melissa, Carol and the ketamine treatment have helped me more in a few months than all of my years of previous treatments for depression combined. They constantly demonstrate how they truly care about how I’m doing and are always willing to help any way that they can. I am eternally grateful to have found them.

Liz P.

It is especially important these days to stay healthy. With that in mind, I scheduled an appointment at Vitality Medical Infusions for a Myers Cocktail, essential vitamins and minerals, and the Ozone Therapy treatment. The entire process was great. Charlotte Romero, CRNA, was extremely knowledgeable and her caring professional manner immediately put me at ease. The process was very relaxing and afterwards I really feel great. I have a lot of energy and a wonderful sense of wellness. Scheduling was easy and they even have parking for clients. I would highly recommend this clinic to those who want to get healthy and stay healthy.

Catherine Y.

I’ve suffered with depression my whole life. It colored all my days and relationships. Now, I’m feeling hopeful. Vitality says it all! Thanks for your caring service.

Manvir Kehal

When I first stumbled upon Restorative Infusions I was at an all time high with my anxiety. Anti-depressants for 4 years weren’t helping either! Ever since I have regularly started getting NAD+ and Myers cocktails my health has improved so much! I get Infusions twice every month. The staff is super friendly and do everything possible to make your visit comfortable. I highly recommend!

Jason Z.

Charlotte, the Nurse Anesthetist, at Vitality Medical Infusions literally saved my life! I was suffering from a deep depression that was not responding to multiple antidepressants. I had almost given up on even trying one more option when I was exposed to an article about Ketamine Infusion Therapy. After much research, I thought I would give this one last option a try, and I am very happy to report that, after my six treatment regimen, I am able to get out of bed, go to work, and generally have an optimistic outlook in life. While I still take an antidepressant, I am able to be a high functioning, productive member of society and be present for my family and friends! Charlotte is amazingly compassionate and more than competent! The facility is first rate with private, comfortable treatment rooms. If you are suffering from depression that antidepressants and therapy are not helping with, then I highly recommend contacting Vitality Medical Infusions and starting to live life again!

Alexis B.

Dr. Wolfsohn has absolutely changed my life. If you have any doubts or are looking for help this is the place to go. Right when you walk in the staff greets you. Dr. Wolfsohn has a staff that is as nice and amazing as her. You check in then you go to your room. The whole office is beyond the standard of calm and puts you at ease right when you walk in. She makes sure every person has their own perfect dose to help with their specific problem. She also works with an AMAZING therapist for guided ketamine therapy named dr Pavlo.
Dr. Wolfsohn goes above and beyond the set standard of care. Also all of her referrals have been as amazing as her. You can tell she’s a doctor that puts her whole heart into her practice.

If you have ANY thoughts of going or looking into this I’d HIGHLY suggest going to her! She is literally god sent.


Thank you for sharing your story, I read your share and it touched me spiritually. I found this site from years of searching for answers to my non-stop voices and emotions that prevented me from moving forward in life. On the outside of what people saw was this man who has it going on with a business, beautiful wife and 2 girls and a german shepherd. On the inside, I was dying inside and it got to the point where I couldn’t hide it anymore. Something had to change or else all HELL was going to break loose and my family couldn’t understand how I could continue this way. They recommended I take medication and maybe get a less stressful job. I’m hoping this katamine infusion helps me push through this hurdle to continue to grow. Thank you

Arin S.

Amazing and so comfortable, if I could rate her 500 stars instead of 5 I would!!! I’m sure many of you want to know what a ketamine infusion is like so here’s my experience: The moment I walk in I feel relaxed and am greeted by Dr. Wolfsohn’s assistant Bre. She is extremely helpful and makes sure you are comfortable with a blanket, heated if you’d like, your shoes on or off, face mask if you’d like and each private room has a calming mist aromatherapy diffuser, light switch dimmer, soft music playing and have neutral and light colored decor and is decorated like a spa. Dr. Wolfsohn walks in and greets you and asks how your doing, this is after your initial few treatments those are much more in depth with interviewing of course, and if anything has changed. She leaves to mix your medicine and comes back in ready to go. I can’t believe I’m saying this but then Is my favorite part: when the doctor is looking for good veins and finds one she puts a nice comfortable heat pack on the chosen vein to get it to pronounce more. Then she sticks u but honestly and coming from someone who is super afraid of needles and has spent a life time of crying at every prick, this doctor is AMAZING and the gentlest stick I have ever had!!!!!! And thankfully so great at her job she almost always gets it on the first prick unless my vein is playing keep away and then it only took her one more try; very few times. And often time because my pain is so extreme she’ll begin with a dose of anti nausea meds in the IV then a shot of pure ketamine which knocks you out in less then a minute. It’s not scary I promise you just start to feel relaxed then pretty drunk and woozy but that goes away within seconds. Ketamine burns going in your arm but that is also only a few seconds. Next thing you know you wake up and your infusion is over! Most times you wake up because you have to pee. This part is great too because you are wobbly and can’t walk on your own from the infusion Bre and the Doctor both help you get into a wheelchair they bring into the room then roll you to the bathroom and assist you to get out of it and into the bathroom. They wait outside and check on you every few minutes to make sure you are okay. Again I never thought I’d say this about an IV in my life but I honestly look forward to my treatments with Doctor Wolfsohn. She is caring, down to earth, and very smart and outstanding at her job!! Only downsides are 1) the cost can get high but to me you get what you pay for and she offers first class treatment and care and comfort. Which during something as scary or not fun as an IV infusion is extremely important And 2) because she is so awesome sometimes it can be hard to get an appointment within that week lol but oh well she’s worth the wait!

Leeanne S.

I had such a good experience with Dr. Wolfsohn and her staff. I’m in healthcare and so would notice if something were amiss, but she runs a truly professional treatment program. There are a lot of shady places out there who will take your money without concern for what ails you. This is not the case here. But the most important thing is that the treatment I received worked beautifully. I’m months out now and still feel like a different person than I did prior to treatment in all the best ways.

Matthew M.

Horrible Doctor that does not care about patients at all. She basically abandoned me as a patient in extreme need, I almost feel like giving up completely after what she did to me (and how cruel she was to me). She acts all nice, but she is really vandative and mean I found out. She abandoned me over some of the most trivial reasons I have ever seen (like not wanting to deal with my insurance). Out of the many doctors I have had, I have never felt so hurt by a doctor before in my life. She left me deserted and feeling ar risk for my life, because of how cruel she was to me. She also asks all her patients to do a review or her on the first day, so her reviews are really not that credible to be honest.

Avi M.

Dr. Wolfsohn and her assistant Bonni provide a first class Ketamine experience. An elegant office setting with every amenity and concern for any issue or worry makes for a sense of confidence to accompany a professional caring approach. Dr. Wolfsohn is a serious and very knowledgeable practitioner who actively follows up on her patients. Like me, those who seek out Ketamine do so because the severity of their illnesses. Dr. Wolfsohn’s empathy and warmth draws her patients in. Her success makes a difference.


I can’t say enough good things about the Kismet Clinic. I have had the good fortune to be under the care and guidance of Dr. John Sortino and Mike “Zappy” Zapolin. Their first concern at all times is the welfare of the patient, and it shows in everything they do. The staff at Kismet are equally dedicated. Kismet Clinic treats the total person, applying tried-and-tested methods where appropriate but also willing to use novel approaches to get the patient where they need to be. In a sometimes jaded healthcare world, Kismet is a breath of fresh air: they put the “care” back in “healthcare”. I feel lucky to have discovered them.

James Pearson

If you’re doing this for the right reasons, you’re going to be nervous and anxious for your first appointment. The idea of going through a ketamine experience, disassociating, and losing perception of your own body sound intimidating and impractial for mental health. I want to come here and say forget all of it. On the other side of fear is a whole new life if you go into this with the right mindset.

Before I came here I was reaching the end of the psychological torment I could bare. I hated my life and myself. I had the training to be a therapist but not the objectivity to apply those skills and practices to my own life. I couldn’t see the picture because I was in the frame.

By my third ketamine treatment I was completely out of the frame. It was like I was looking at a movie of my life with no personal involvement and could once again put it all into the proper perspective. My depression was simply removed. The parallel I used after the first treatment is that my brain was completely rebooted, and all the memory and program issues were cleared out.

I think this treatment can save lives and revolutionize how we handle a variety of mental health issues. Give “Zappy” a call. They have an awesome plan for new patients. My only regret is not doing this sooner.


Top class care. I am very grateful to have had the experience of going to this clinic and meeting all the staff. Just Great! Thank you.

Lisa Gilmour

Dr. Sabater, of “True North Wellness”, was a very unpleasant, arrogant individual. He was totally unprofessional; he kept $465 of my money for a 45 minute session, during which, he appeared barefoot and disheveled and proceeded to consume his large lunch in front of me: 1) A large salad 2) A bowl of bean soup 3) Half of a roasted chicken. He never made eye contact. He was dismissive, rude, and threatening; when I voiced my concern, he told me that he would sue me if I caused him any loss of income by reporting him. He refused to return my personal information. I went to this “doctor” after having been assaulted during an incident of domestic violence. His behavior was incomprehensible! I was a victim of PTSD, and visiting this individual compounded my trauma exponentially. May God forgive him because I will not.

Sebastian S.

Sometimes when life is most difficult and everything can seem impossible… there comes a place like TMS & Brain Health which gave me both hope and feeling like life can really be awesome and get better and better. The whole team and their customized TMS program for me focused on both my chronic pain and depression and was without a doubt a life changing experience. I’m grateful for all their help and giving me positive possibilities for my future. THANK YOU all for everything! I highly recommend this treatment and this team to give you a phenomenal opportunity at having life feel like it’s all truly going to be ok! 🙂

Lynn P.

The TMS offered here is done in 3-5 minutes per session, unlike other providers who require 45-60 minutes per session! I’ve heard the longer sessions can be quite painful and inconvenient.

Recommended by my UCLA Geriatric Psychiatrist, 36 sessions of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation helped me tremendously. Both technicians, Ben and Dom, were very professional and each have more than four years of experience. Their front desk is well managed and all involved are dedicated to improving their clients’ brain health.

After my first session, suicide was off the table. It seemed like I had no desire for what was previously a real possibility. The sessions did not lead to a steady improvement; sometimes I was exhausted and doubted the efficacy of TMS. But I stuck with it and am truly a new person. PM me is you want more information, and all the best for your treatment!

Molly M.

Great service. I’ve been going to TMS and Brain Health for 36 sessions and I have to say the staff is great. I had a good experience and I would recommend to others.

Jacob Brothers

Honestly, I could never thank Thrive Wellness enough. I had been spiraling mental health-wise for about two years, having struggled with major depression, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder that made every day a genuine struggle. I had no energy, no motivation, no hope, and had exhaustively sought help down several avenues that all ultimately led to insignificant changes. At a loss for what to do, my family and I stumbled across Thrive’s Ketamine Infusion Therapy. We met with Mallory first, who was extremely kind and informative, and after the initial meeting, I worked with Christina, Mallory, and Dr. John Nichols. At the end of the two weeks, I was and still am at the best place I have been in mentally for years. John is still my therapist, and I really couldn’t imagine a more passionate, phenomenal team of people in mental health than the one I’ve worked with for months now.

charisma brei

I was recently in Tennessee for a Bachelorette party. Dr. Blaschke and his staff were amazing. We received the banana bags after drinking the night before. I felt so refreshed and not hungover after the IV. Dr. Blaschke and his staff were very friendly and professional. Highly recommend!

Amanda Forner

Such a great experience with Dr. Glen and his team!! Very professional and made the process so enjoyable and comfortable. Not to mention how wonderful we felt from their product. Can’t recommend them enough.

Fred Gardner

Their staff is top notch… you will not find a better and very professional group of individuals. They treat you like part of the family. I promise you will be well taken care of as soon as you walk through the doors of Thrive Wellness. Mr. Glen has one hell of a great team. Cheers yall and I hope to see yall soon.

Hannah Morgan

I was recently in Nashville for the weekend for my bachelorette party. After a long night out on Broadway, all of us girls received the IV vitamin infusion bag. It completely saved our day! We were able to enjoy the rest of the weekend by receiving the vitamins our bodies were lacking. Dr. Blaschke and his team were wonderful. They were extremely professional and answered all of our questions and concerns. I would absolutely use this service again!!

Katelyn Beemer

The staff is absolutely amazing, they are kind, compassionate, and do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable and at home. The office space is cozy and inviting. It’s backed up against a lovely wooded area, each infusion room has a large window with a view of the woods with plenty of creatures; squirrels, turkeys, hawks, owls (every so often), and many other precious birdies. I highly suggest Dr. Jugan and her staff!

Kristy LaCrosse

My 21 year old son has been going to Thrive for over a year. It’s been a life changing for him and our family. Due to several conditions, we have searched and searched for medications and alternatives to help him just function in day to day life. (ASD, depression, debilitating OCD, anxiety and social anxiety and narcolepsy) Out of everything he has tried over the last 15 years, Ketamine has had the greatest positive effect. The staff at Thrive have been exceptional during his infusions. They are caring, compassionate and truly want the best for their clients. If you have any interest, go for a consultation or call and ask questions. They are awesome at explaining the process and how to get the best results. I highly recommend following their recommendations and tracking your progress. It’s exciting to see the improvements!

Sarah C.

I believe their style of therapy delayed my getting a diagnosis for my physical health issues that were making my mental health issues worse. when i brought up that i had started to believe my regular therapist and spouse that my problems with fatigue where not being caused by depression alone i was asked repeatedly what if i was wrong and started to trust myself less. luckily i did eventually trust myself enough although i got very ill first but i managed to get to a specialist and have a very needed surgery which has greatly improved both my physical and mental health. i have noticed that there are a number of reviews of Philip talking about how he has given other clients the impression that he believed their physical health issues where mental illness and those reviews helped me to trust myself and therapist and friends and spouse. I have also found other psychiatrists who also prescribe ketamine in the same ways for same price and seem to be able to connect to me and help me feel safe in ways that is far more helpful. i have found out many people besides myself find Phillip to come across as arrogant and have had problems with both Phillip and Julane similar to the ones I had. I am grateful that i found out how helpful ketamine can be for me but wish I had gone to someone else in the first place.

P. Lynn M.

Called for help with my ketamine treatments when mixed with other pharmaceuticals from my outside psychiatrist. The problem with these ketamine clinics is all patients are seen by OTHER OUTSIDE PSYCHIATRISTS. Patients are caught in the middle with poor coordination of treatment..esp. as a Kaiser patient!


I first met Wendy a few years back, while seeking healing, after trying countless modalities- conventional and unconventional, to treat deeply rooted physical, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease. Wendy was highly recommended to me after Kambo first came into my radar, but I was reluctant and scared. I was full of nerves, questions, and fears, yet from the first moment I reached out, she was there in such a profound way. Wendy holds an impeccable space allowing you to go so deep, while knowing you are in the safest hands. From the beginning, I knew that I finally found the right medicine and practitioner to heal in ways I couldn’t for decades, so I continued to work with Wendy often, eventually with other medicines, and notably with integration work, as I quickly learned this is a crucial part of the process. And wow, how much I grew and learned from this process with her, in such unimaginable ways, is one of the most invaluable gifts of my life, that I’m forever grateful for. Her presence and guidance is so strong, yet gentle, so wise, yet humble… Three years later, I have immensely healed chronic illness, emotional distress, and have a whole new life, much thanks to my work with Wendy.


Rima’s warm and casual demeanor make her easy to open up to. She is a great listener first, and offers support, reassurance, and advice/suggestions second, which I like.


Rima is wonderful, she helps me through my most difficult time of my life and encourages me to move forward, with her encouragement, I slowly step out of my own “trap”. And she is always able to seek the best way to help me and guide me. Thanks Rima!


I have been talking to Rima for about 6 months. It’s a life-changing experience. Although we never met in person like what you expect from traditional therapy, I’ve got a tremendous amount of support and kindness from our conversations. The way I was raised and my personality makes it hard for me to talk about personal struggles in general, but through sessions with Rima, I start to open myself and even get the courage to face a lot of tough issues and willing to dig into it. I truly appreciate all this

Lisa Clark

Rima is a great listener and offers a tremendous amount of support! Over the past couple of months, I have felt seen and validated, and I also feel inspired to venture outside of myself to do good for myself and the world.

Michelle G.

Dr. Ginger saw my daughter quickly after 2 days of vomiting and suffering from dehydration. She was professional, courteous, and got her to feeling better in no time. And she was much cheaper than an ER. I will definitely be using her services again when needed.

Michael Campbell

Had an awesome time getting my drip. Made me feel a ton better. Barbra was super sweet and awesome just like Ginger.

Michael Campbell

Had an awesome time getting my drip. Made me feel a ton better. Barbra was super sweet and awesome just like Ginger.

Toni Wardlow

My husband suffers from a condition known as gasteroparesis. It is a paralysis of stomach muscles. When he has a flare up he vomits for days at a time and loses nutrients and fluids. I found this clinic as I was researching treatments for his condition. We decided to try it since nothing else was working, including hospital visits. After receiving care at Revive, he finally got some relief. We will definitely be purchasing a membership in the near future and make Revive a part of his gasteroparesis treatment plan.

Shelley Gascoigne

I have suffered for major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and anxiety for over 25 years. I have exhausted all available medication remedies to help me to just barely function from my mental health disability. I went to Dr. Ginger at my lowest point and without any hope of ever feeling good again and immediately began receiving the ketamine iv treatment therapy. After finishing all my required initial doses, I am so happy to report I am not longer taking any depression medication or any mood stabilizers and now feel better than I can ever remember feeling in my entire life. Getting the ketamine therapy was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

Andrew Goodlett

The people that run it are the most dedicated, compassionate and loving people. They are always researching the most cutting edge ways to help their patients. Their number one priority is the best way to help and if they can’t help they will work to find a way to help. If you are needing help I would recommend them hands down!

Bruce Des Defourn

After being treated by numerous Doctors, hospitals and clinics I have found the most knowledgeable and compassionate doctors I have ever encountered.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED without any reservations at all.

Shannon Cobb

Very professional and compassionate group. They go above and beyond to understand individual factors and circumstances to help each patient’s needs. Highly recommend them – 10 stars.

Megan Sharp

These infusions have been so life changing for me. The ketamine stopped all of my suicidal thoughts. Also I just love love this place and the wonderful people that work here. They are so great at taking care of your every need and making you feel comfortable. I highly recommend serenity health.

Sherri Ramey Turner

The people at Serenity Health are so caring! I am beyond grateful for Kit, BethAnn, Nicole, Michael, etc. for their amazing support during my rough patches. They not only care beyond measure, but they are very skilled and place an emphasis on safety and comfort. I can’t imagine trusting my life in the hands of anyone else for these infusions.

Tim Burton

Serenity Health gave me my life back . I forgot what normal felt like . Now I feel normal . No depression no anxiety . My confidence , joy , enthusiasm and love for life has returned . With God the great physician and the unbelievable staff of Serenity Health I am back to the man God intended me to be .


God has answered my prayer! Finally, there is something that is helping my son and has given him hope when he had none. My son has treatment resistant depression and after years of trying different medications thought the only thing left was ECT. Well, it wasn’t. Not one psychiatrist has ever mentioned this treatment.
I learned about it by chance as I was researching online and am so thankful.
He has had 2 infusions and it is amazing, he is improving every day. He’s not only getting out of bed, he makes it as well!! Now that is a miracle!
The place is wonderful, so peaceful. Everyone was extremely kind, caring and patient. He was screened to make sure he was a good candidate for the treatment. I was so impressed at how thorough they were. This was very reassuring to me. It was very refreshing to be in a place that wasn’t just about getting your money. They genuinely want to help. All our questions were answered and our concerns put to rest.
If you’re hesitating about going, don’t. It may just be the miracle you need.

Julie Lamb

When I found Serenity, I was stumbling through a labyrinth of fancy buildings around the world that claimed they had the most expert professionals- and only offered me limiting boxes. I got the best advice from a trusted mentor: he said the most important thing is finding that grand human quality. When you find that, you’ll know. That’s a leap of faith worth taking. And the minute I called Serenity, I had an inkling I had quite possibly found the key to turn a new door. I knew it for sure in my first meeting, in an office that felt safe, and where every person I talked to put my family and I at ease. They were compassionate. They listened. They were *dedicated* and open to treating me like an individual, and not a number lost in a system. I came in with a slew of challenges, from severe CRPS for over a decade to a new migraine that hadn’t taken a breath inside my brain for months and months. My health was stealing the show and I was determined to take back my identity- and I knew that with the right team, I could make magic happen. It’s quite remarkable when every person on a team is genuine and caring- this team’s passion lies within people, and doing anything they can to transform your circumstances. The day I took a chance on them; they also took a chance on me. They didn’t see an unconventional, impossible case to treat- they saw me as a human, a human they’d do anything to help. Those infusions are a personal, extraordinary experience- and I am so glad I placed my trust in this heroic team. I had my own room for infusions. Each infusion, they listened to where I was at the next day and tweaked, re-tweaked. They fearlessly, fiercely cared, down to the Powerade after treatment, the cozy blanket if my body got cold. Down to an extra bolus for reinforcements, an addition of nausea meds, a subtraction of Lidocaine, if that’s what I needed. Each infusion, trying a new dose to allow my sensitive body to build up and tolerate what my system needed to reset. It’s those details that become the game changers in how your body learns to heal itself again. They’d research and brainstorm and together, we made some real healing magic happen. It’s not just the ketamine- it’s this team’s tireless approach to finding the right fit for you. It matters who you choose. Your perspective also is essential, and mine was wild with hope because I trusted the professionals helping me. I thank my lucky stars the universe led me here and I’d bet on them any day of the week, twice on Sunday. If you’re lost in the darkness, if your pain is taking over- this is your wonderland team, I promise. <3

Vikki M.

The staff at serenity wellness is fantastic – the care they provide is even better. I felt so safe and comfortable during IV ketamine infusions. Dr. JC “Kit” Afable is a very intelligent man who broke everything down step by step and made my experience wonderful despite my phobia of needles! I am now working with Bethann Nevius, Sarah Bennet and Susan Steitz to Continue my maintenance with Spravato – which is also covered my my insurance. My initial contact was with Bethann but I have had wonderful appointments with all 3 of those ladies and I am planning to book my telehealth therapy through them now. This has been one of the best experiences for my depression and I cannot thank Serenity every single one! They have been SO KIND! I know that medication is only one part of recovery and these people specialize in every aspect. Special shout out to GiGi, Michael and NICOLE! You are all are shining stars in my life!!! Thank you for everything! I will sing praises far and wide for all of you. You all have made a huge impact on my life!

Emilee Mann

The staff at serenity wellness is fantastic – the care they provide is even better. I felt so safe and comfortable during IV ketamine infusions. Dr. JC “Kit” Afable is a very intelligent man who broke everything down step by step and made my experience wonderful despite my phobia of needles! I am now working with Bethann Nevius, Sarah Bennet and Susan Steitz to Continue my maintenance with Spravato – which is also covered my my insurance. My initial contact was with Bethann but I have had wonderful appointments with all 3 of those ladies and I am planning to book my telehealth therapy through them now. This has been one of the best experiences for my depression and I cannot thank Serenity every single one! They have been SO KIND! I know that medication is only one part of recovery and these people specialize in every aspect. Special shout out to GiGi, Michael and NICOLE! You are all are shining stars in my life!!! Thank you for everything! I will sing praises far and wide for all of you. You all have made a huge impact on my life!

Stephanie Jackson

The atmosphere here is very positive.
The staff are very friendly. I had a good experience with Beth Ann and her husband.

Cody Walston

Everyone is really nice and caring! I just did my first spravato treatment the other day and everything went great! I would highly recommend!

Jessica Murray

I have been struggling with anxiety the majority of my adult life. Depression here and there. Tried several medications. In September of 2020, I was rushed to the emergency room due to a perforated bowel. I was already in septic shock upon arrival. I had to have emergency life saving surgery. This event took the anxiety and depression to a whole new level. I couldn’t leave the house, crying non stop and just all around couldn’t function well.
I began treatment with Serenity Health in mid November 2020 and I am here to tell you I have began to feel like the “old” me again. My depression medication is working at half the dose! The PTSD has eased and I’m not scared to leave home anymore! I’m back to enjoying the small blessings I have in my life!
I cannot recommend Serenity Health enough! They have helped me become me again! The entire staff are the most professional, sweetest and caring! I feel truly cared for and like I’m the only patient, even though I know they stay busy! The office is warm and inviting! It’s very relaxing and extremely therapeutic! The love and compassion they share for their patients is amazing! Words can’t describe the gratitude I have for them for helping me get my life back!
If you know someone struggling with depression/anxiety/ptsd, reach out and get the help you or your friend/family needs! It’s has been a life saver for me!
Thanks for all you do!

Katie B.

The caliber of care and service I have received as a patient of Serenity Health has been a literal lifesaver for me. They truly are concerned about your health and well-being: when my first chosen treatment option was not producing the results I needed, they pivoted along with me to a different plan of action which has yielded an amazing, life-altering outcome. Not once was I ever made to feel as if I was a failure or an inconvenience – not once did they ever give up on me. I’m so very eternally grateful to the entire staff at Serenity Health and would absolutely recommend them to anyone in need.

Caprena richie

I have battled CRPS for over 15 years and my affected areas are all four limbs and my upper back-pretty much systemically. I have been through most every modality you can think of both with allopathic (traditional) as well as alternative medicine-all to no avail. CRPS is a beast of a disease and can leave one hopeless and in despair. But I am a fighter and REFUSED to give in to it or let it take me down…completely! So with the loving support of my husband, we continued researching and looking to find SOMETHING…ANYTHING that could help me in managing my pain level. I started periodic Ketamine Infusions out of state starting in 2014. Even it met with tremendous resistance in my body. I have been treating with Serenity Health since August 2020 and they have been an absolute blessing in my life. I can’t begin to express my appreciation for Kit, BethAnn, Nicole and Michael. The time, attention and determination to help me they’ve invested has been immeasurable. They care…and that is what makes them stand out beyond most other Drs and facilities! CRPS is very multifaceted, difficult, and very COMPLEX disease to treat and manage. You need both caring, knowledgeable AND determined people to help you manage it successfully. If you’re looking for that…Serenity Health is your place!

Ginny F.

I’ve worked with this office to address chronic pain related to neuralgia and various types of headaches for approximately two years. They are caring, compassionate, and well-educated providers. An individualized treatment protocol is established, questions or concerns are addressed, and care is routinely modified as needed to optimize results. I highly recommend this practice!

Jenny R.

Ketamine gave me hope and Dr. Belnap made that hope possible. A ketamine infusion is a medical procedure and you want someone who knows what they are doing to administer it to you. You want Dr. Belnap. Not only is he the only anesthesiologist in San Diego County who does them, he genuinely cares about his patients. Dr. Belnap will take the time to know you and to see how he can help you. People on my team (family and friends) have thrown hundreds of questions his way and he takes the time to answer every single one of them. He is extremely intelligent and his answers and what he does are backed by research and years of professional experience. Ketamine infusions were not something I wanted to do but I was desperate. Just the thought/idea of them brought me anxiety. Dr. Belnap completely eased that anxiety. Dr. Belnap tailors the ketamine infusion experience to you and provides multiple ways to help you relax (music, pillow, blanket, etc.). He even has a comfy chair in the room for a guest. Dr. Belnap sits next to you during your infusion, monitors your vitals (blood pressure, etc.), and if the experience you are having is too intense or you need something, he is right there the help. I bruise very easily and Dr. Belnap is so gentle and has made the putting in of the iv painless. From the moment I step in to Dr. Belnap’s office, I feel welcomed, warm, safe, and taken care of. Ketamine works! I haven’t felt this good in decades. Thank you Dr. Belnap!

Caroline C.

My first review was apparently somehow linked to not recommended..but I do highly recommend. I am a navy veteran who had surgery on My hand that the va did and left me with chronic regional pain syndrome or crps. Dr. Belmar was a life saver..the process was easy…he personally called and spent time talking to me and explaining procedure. IV insertion was perfect..didn’t even feel it. He sat in the room the entire time and I could relax and let the treatment work. I appreciate all he has done and has after just 2 treatments made me feel 95% better already…

Mackenzie L.

I am so thankful I met Dr. Belnap! I have suffered from depression/anxiety for years now and battled postpartum depression after my daughter was born. I have tried everything from therapy, medications, acupuncture, etc for the past 4 years and unfortunately for me nothing seemed to help.
I had heard about Ketamine as a treatment and researched it. I came across Dr. Belnap and decided to contact him since he is an anesthesiologist and that is the only type of doctor that is actually trained in Ketamine. He answered all my questions over the phone and gave me a lot of information. I scheduled my appt and did 6 treatments like recommended. It was night and day difference. I felt calm, content, and it made me see the world and my struggles in a totally different light. My husband and mother noticed a huge difference in me and said they haven’t seen me like this in years! I am scheduled to go back and see him 1x a month for maintenance. I have been able to cut my medications in half and am in the process of weaning off completely!
If you are thinking about giving Ketamine infusions a try, you MUST contact Dr. Belnap! It is so important to go to an anesthesialogist vs. a psychiatrist because they are trained and use it on a frequent basis. The whole time during my infusion all of my vitals were taken along with blood pressure and heart rate. He never leaves the room and watches the whole time which made me feel extremely safe. He allowed my mom to go in the room with me the first time since I was nervous. If you are like me and have tried everything, don’t give up and give this a try! It honestly has been life changing.

David M.

Let me tell you this. Ketamine infusion therapy is the real deal. I’ve suffered and I mean SUFFERED from depression for 40 plus years and been through the whole array of antidepressants. After my 3rd treatment I knew I was one of the lucky 75% of people this treatment helps. If you’re suffering you absolutely must give this a shot and do it with Belnap. Ketamine is an anesthesia. Dr Belnap is an anesthesiologist. This has nothing to do with psychiatry in the physical sense. Physically it is anesthesia with psychiatric results. Psychiatrists don’t know how to administer anesthesia. Trust me, Dr Belnap is worth the extra money. He’s a comforting vibe in the room and he has a very comfy chair. It’s all about you and he’s on point monitoring your vitals the whole time. You can close your eyes and be in your own space or you can laugh with Doc and your designated driver. Either way or any other way you can come up with it will be a very pleasant experience. If you think you might need this then you need this. And Doc Belnap is your best bet. I’m happy. I’m happy.

Katie H.

Before i tell my story, i want to first start with Dr. Drew- he is so kind, gentle and calming. I have never once felt judged. Hes an anesthesiologist so i feel extremely safe. Hes humble, and everything is very comfortable and at your pace.

Starting ketamine it was pretty much ive run out of options, and i was at the point where i was going to try ketamine or do something permanently drastic. As dramatic as that is, that was exactly the place i was in. Id reached the end of my rope and honestly didn’t think it would work. I have made plenty of “attempts” in the last 10 years, and some were very serious and almost cost me my life.
I am extremely treatment resistant. So many times i would be crying with my parents and id list off all the things I’ve done to try and help and “NOTHING has worked” i would scream. I was hopeless. I didn’t trust myself and i didn’t know if something was going to happen that day to trigger me into doing something permanent.
I didn’t know what it felt like to NOT have suici dal thoughts or be in that dark place. I almost didn’t even think it existed, for me at least.
After my first 6 doses of ketamine in a 3 week time span, i was disappointed. I was so hyper focused on it and was quick to throw my hands up that it failed. But gradually, in the next couple weeks as i relaxed and let go a little, i was getting better. And it wasn’t a sudden euphoric feeling like dr drew will tell you, but it creeps up on you and suddenly you’re doing things like cleaning your bedroom- *gasp* And vacuuming, and putting a little makeup on before work. Showering a little more often. Basically giving a crap.
I, personally, also have stopped drinking for over 3 months and quit smoking for over 3 months. I was a smoker for 10 years, 1 pack to a pack and a half a day. Im not sure ketamine had a direct effect on it, but it certainly made me happier, more motivated and made me WANT to quit and made me see a reason to quit.
I have had another low cycle again, but it didn’t last nearly as long as usual and the good and stable times last for months (before it was maybe a week or two). The low point wasn’t as severe either. More just normal sadness.
Ketamine is kind of a miracle in my eyes. It was such a sad life, and i truly felt like a wasted life too. There was so much more i could experience and experience joy in but my mental illness was always holding me back.
Not anymore though. I can say with absolute certainty i never thought i would be writing something like this and meaning it.
Just like most of the other reviews, it turned my life around. Dr. Drew Belnap is the guy to go to. I feel safe and comfortable, and the person who brings u and drives u home can sit in the room and they have a comfy chair too.
Hope this helps someone make the plunge!!!

Alison H.

In a nutshell, if you are at the point where you are considering ketamine infusion therapy, this is where you need to be. Dr. Belnap is a lifesaver and an absolute angel. Even if it had not worked for me, I was glad that I chose Dr. Belnap because he is compassionate, calming, and truly cares about his patients. But it did work for me, better than I could have hoped for.

Long story: I had been going through severe, treatment-resistant depression and anxiety, on a dow