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  • Liz Jarrard

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  • Interests: Addiction, Art, Ayahuasca, Body Work, Cannabis, Energy Work, Hiking, Listening to Music, Meditation, Microdosing, Optimization, Psilocybin, PTSD, Reading, Traveling
Bio :
Liz Jarrard is a writer for Psychable. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Rhetoric and Composition with an emphasis in understanding how language informs our society and culture. She is nearly completed with her internships in Clinical Mental Health counseling and is mostly interested in learning how to offer trauma informed care to her clients. She believes that psychedelics may be instrumental in helping people heal from various types of trauma —including religious trauma— which is of special interest to her. Liz is hoping to integrate her interests in Depth Psychology as a writer at JungPlatform with her counseling services.