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  • Daniel McQueen

    (He | Him)
  • Interests: Cannabis, Ketamine
Bio :
Daniel McQueen is a Psychedelic Specialist, Psychedelic Therapy Educator, Activist, and Author of the book Psychedelic Cannabis.
"This work is complex and takes on many forms, from facilitating individual Psychedelic Cannabis and Ketamine experiences with medical oversight, guided meditation sessions, individual coaching, classes, and community support. Although I am trained as a clinical psychotherapist, with a Masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University, I identify professionally as a Psychedelic Specialist, meaning an expert professional consultant in the field of psychedelics. I’ve worked professionally with cannabis as a psychedelic since legalization in 2014, and I am continually amazed (and even still regularly surprised) by its potential as both a tool for healing, as well as a profound tool for psychedelic exploration. I specifically coach and educate new journeyers, the psychedelic curious, as well as advanced psychedelic journeywork practitioners."