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  • Shea Prueger

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Hi! I am an ibogaine provider and writer.

I have been working with ibogaine for over a decade since my own experience of using ibogaine for Suboxone and opiate dependency. I have worked in Central America, South Africa, and Southeast Asia.

I currently run individualized pre-booked retreats for two weeks at a time with the option of flood dosing or low and repeated dosing. We offer a headstart on integration and work with one person at a time. My business is called Ibogaine Revelations.

I am also a co-founder of the Root Ibogaine Collective. I spend half of my time in Hawaii freediving, talking and writing about ibogaine, consulting on microdosing, and working with RIC - we are a collective focused on inclusion, safety, and ethics within the ibogaine industry.

I like writing about ibogaine, harm reduction, and substances. I'm also writing a book!

Message me to learn more!