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Psychedelic Practitioner Mastermind: How Psychedelics Interact With The Brain featuring Dr. Trina Nguyen

Join us for a monthly mastermind covering peer support, reviewing case studies and discussing contraindications.
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Dr. Trina Nguyen

Join us for a monthly mastermind curated exclusively for you, featuring the incredible Dr. Trina Nguyen, also known as the Dharmacist.

Our goal is to provide you with the peer support you need, review relevant case studies, and engage in stimulating discussions around contraindications.

This month’s focus is on the intriguing question of how psychedelics interact with the brain. Dr. Trina Nguyen, with nearly two decades of experience in pharmacy and medicinal research, will share her valuable insights on this topic.

We also we invite you to bring your own questions around contraindications and issues encountered in your practice to the table. This is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your knowledge, enhance your skills, and engage with like-minded practitioners.

As an attendee, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to a private channel dedicated solely to this event. This means you’ll have ongoing access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also dedicated to thriving in their psychedelic therapy practices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay connected and continue to support each other beyond the Mastermind. Register now to secure your spot!

About Dr. Trina Nguyen

Dr. Trina Nguyen, the Dharmacist, is expanding access to earth medicine by training a generation of guides.

With nearly two decades of experience in pharmacy, hospital administration, and medicinal research, Dr. Trina brings a wealth of pharmaceutical knowledge into the spirit plant medicine world (commonly referred to as psychedelics or entheogens).

Previously a co-author on a Cochran Review, she leveraged her background in systematic review and meta-analysis to develop a contraindications and interactions guide for pharmaceuticals and earth medicines, which appears in the appendix of the Manual for Psychedelic Guides.

As a founder of Toad.School, she created a decentralized training for aspiring guides, which establishes standards of practice to ensure set, setting, and safety in earth medicine ceremonies.

With all that she has accomplished and learned, she will tell you that her most important and cherished title is Mother.

“I believe in medicine that works. After bearing witness to countless loved ones transform with earth medicine, my life has taken on a different path. Because I know now there’s a more connected way to live, I’m using two decades of formal pharmacy education and experience to facilitate ceremonies and train a generation of guides. We are here because of the seven generations before us, and we must act in consideration of the seven generations to come. I’d like to show the world what can be done in a lifetime. Always remember, you are the medicine.” ~ Dr. Trina Nguyen, the Dharmacist

Date and time

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
12:00pm – 1:00pm PT // 3:00pm – 4:00pm ET


Online via Zoom.
Reserve your spot through the registration link.
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