Spirit of Woman With Beáta Alföldi

About the Hosts & Speakers

The SPIRIT OF WOMAN RETREAT should only be considered by women who are fully committed to participating in deep processes, plant medicine ceremonies and personal transformation. It is founded on principles which show women how to uplevel every area of their lives and to understand that our lives and interpersonal relationships are a deep reflection of ourselves. When women are in contact with their deepest desires and the longings of their soul, they learn an entirely new way of being and creating in the world. They are freed from the limiting and exhausting confines of seemingly endless and meaningless goal-oriented productivity and ways of ‘doing’. During this retreat women will discover how to access an inner wisdom, radiance, and power that when cultivated, will give them a potent resource to create a life of deep meaning, freedom, authenticity and joy! *** Don’t worry, we’ll have lots of fun too! I am by nature a very playful person. The Huachuma Cactus is cherished by the Andean people as a powerful medicine, a sacred teacher, master healing plant, and a doorway to the spiritual world. It has been used in Peru for over 4,000 years as a powerful catalyst for healing, connection, transformation and personal awakening. Each ceremony with the cactus produces a gentle yet profound shift in consciousness, helping us cleanse and heal the wounds of the past, while opening us to a more heart centred and conscious way of being in the world. Huachuma can produce visions and dream-like states. It is during these experiences that many users have received valuable lessons, guidance, clarity, breakthroughs, healing, and awareness of their divinity. People attending ceremonies have reported meeting their spirit guides, ancestors, and otherworldly beings who helped them in some way. Many users will experience bliss-like states, heightened senses, waves of emotions, and a sense of being connected with all life. Each person’s experience is unique – a personal journey of self-discovery, awareness and connection to the Divine.


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Type of Event In Person
Price 1800 pounds (shared accommodation)

Monte Velho, Carrapateira 8670-230 Aljezur Portugal

Faro, Faro, 8670



Phone +52 998 482 4507
Email beata@beataalfoldi.com


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