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Are you looking to build a thriving psychedelic practice and help your clients achieve true healing and transformation?

The Psychable Immersion Program

The Psychable Practitioner Immersion Program is a transformative journey that will equip you with the tools, insights, and support you need to excel in the world of psychedelic therapy.

Our intention is to help you step into your path with confidence and longevity, ensuring you can do what you do best — facilitate healing and growth.

When you successfully complete the Immersion Program, you’ll become eligible for an interview to join the team of Psychable Providers.

As a Psychable Provider, you’ll be integrated into our carefully curated network and gain exclusive access to a clientele of paying clients.

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Is This The Right Program For You?

This program is for you if you fit one of the following criteria:
Starting Your Practice

You’re starting to realize your vision and hear the calling, whether you’ve just finished your training or you’re one year into your practice. You need clarity and the tools to launch into your soul’s calling.

Expanding Your Practice

If you’re 3-5 years into your practice and want to elevate and expand your offerings while attracting more clients, this program is your next step.

Adding to Your Practice

If you’ve been in the field for 10+ years and are looking to add psychedelic therapy as a component of your practice, and transform your skillset into a thriving business, this program is for you.

What You Will Gain

  • Actionable, practical tools and knowledge that’s not available anywhere else, even in a master’s program or coaching program.
  • Support in implementation and building your practice.
  • Personal guidance and mentorship from Jemie, a practitioner who generated 6 figures in a year for her private practice.
  • Expertise in holistic integration approaches, branding, marketing, and client relations.
Step forward in this path with confidence and open the door to abundance.

The Psychable Immersion Program

Program Length: 5 weeks of live coursework, 1 week pre-coursework, and 1 week post-coursework.
Values and mission

Discover how your mission and values can be the foundation and serve as a guiding compass for your a successful practice. 


Explore how a consistent and well-defined brand can become the cornerstone of trust with your potential clients. When clients understand your brand and what it represents, they are more likely to trust your services.


Defining your Offering and Service

Articulate your distinctive services designed to facilitate transformation and healing. This process ensures that your services resonate with your expertise, passion, and the unparalleled value you offer to your clients. This alignment is crucial for delivering high-value services and establishing your credibility.

Messaging and marketing

Learn the strategies and techniques to attract and retain clients, build trust, and establish brand recognition, all of which are key components in fostering the growth and success of your practice.


Operations and Support

Learn how to implement smooth operations and strong support systems contribute to a positive client experience. This can lead to better outcomes, improved client satisfaction, and positive word-of-mouth referrals. As your practice grows, it is easier to scale your services and manage an increasing number of clients.

Agreements and Protection

Explore real-world agreements that include informed consent, ensuring that clients are fully aware of the risks and benefits of the services. This protects you from liability by demonstrating that clients were aware of the potential outcomes.



Curate a method that supports your client’s readiness for the sacred ceremony or psychedelic treatment. Discover how to navigate the intricate process of preparation, ensuring your clients embark on their psychedelic experience with clarity and intention.

Ceremony / Treatment

Learn the art and technique of creating high-value treatment or ceremonial experiences or psychedelic treatment that truly transform. Understand the ins and outs of itinerary curation and how to show up as a fully prepared and authentic guide/facilitator/practitioner for your clients.



Learn a more holistic approach to psychedelic integration work. Explore the techniques and strategies to create a high-value program to help your clients not only heal but thrive in the wake of their transformative journey. 

Community and Network

Build deep and lasting relationships in the world of psychedelic therapy. A strong network often serves as a source of referrals and recommendations. When others trust your work, they are more likely to refer clients or opportunities your way.


12 x Live 60-minute teaching and coaching sessions with Jemie Sae Koo (video + audio available on replay)

10 x Live 30-minute Q&A and hot seat sessions

8 x accountability coaching sessions throughout the year

1 x private session with Jemie Sae Koo for Q&A and feedback specific to your practice (Value: $1,500)

Private Immersion Program channel to connect with peers

Lifetime access to Psychable Knowledge Vault

Library of trusted done-for-you templates along with recorded masterclasses and modules (Value: $6,000)

A certification of completion

Bonus: 1 year Psychable Enlightened plan (Value: $12,000, for FREE)



Regular Price: $12,500

Pay in Full Bonus

1 additional 60-minute deep dive with Jemie (Value: $1,500)


3 X $4,400

Regular Price: 3 x $4,500

Discover Testimonials from Our Practitioners and Private Clients

Jemie has a special gift of being able to really listen with her heart and let her intuition guide her to speak words of healing and truth in an authentic and practical way.

Jemie is a lifelong learner with a heart of gold and she truly works to serve her clients with 110% of her effort. She is a wealth of knowledge in so many areas, is so generous of her time and compassion, and has the utmost integrity in everything she does. 

She has been helping me with my practice and I feel so full of inspiration and the sense that anything is possible now that I am taking my path truly in my own hands. It has been invaluable to have Jemie guide me along this part of my journey. 

I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me.

C.K., Life Coach
Pasadena, CA

By joining the program, I was able to start transitioning from my day job into my soul’s work. It has also given me the opportunity to have enough clients to support my livelihood while also paying for my daughter’s college education.

J.W., Psychedelic Facilitator
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Rarely do you encounter someone like Jemie, whose love, passion, and exceptional expertise consistently propel those she interacts with to new heights.

After working with her for over a year, her unwavering commitment has been clear – sharing the best from herself and her curated expertise positions her at the forefront of helping practitioners excel.

With Jemie’s specially designed Immersion Program, you’re not only taking your practice to the next level but also securing a strong foundation for long-term, unmatched growth.

If you’re seeking a partner who can guide you as a practitioner to lasting success, Jemie has the game-changing program to get you there.
C.M., Private Client
Ladera Heights, CA

I have seen therapists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists regularly for 5 years now and in just two sessions with Jemie I had the type of breakthrough you see in films – a breakthrough I needed to have but didn’t know I needed. 

When dealing with matters of recovery from substance abuse, we can easily get caught up with and overwhelmed by personal choices. To placate our friends’ and family’s expectations as our support network, we easily lose track of what we want for our own recovery to look like; taking on friendly advice that is well-intentioned but not in line with our own vision of recovery. I was in this sand trap myself, but Jemie was quick to identify this and helped me slow down every time to check that the recovery I was undertaking after treatment was in line with my essence. 

This has allowed me to fall in love with the process of my recovery and not see it just as a list of obstacles and difficulties to overcome, but as a trajectory to reach my full potential and to be loyal to myself in doing so.

Jemie is very friendly, she is personable, always professional, but genuinely interested in helping people. Her care is values-centered and not just prescriptive or generic; it is bespoken to our individual needs. 

You don’t need to know exactly what you need help with when meeting with Jemie but you will most certainly find out for yourself by working with her.

Y.B., Private Client
San Diego, CA

About Jemie Sae Koo

Jemie is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Psychable, the #1 trusted and comprehensive online community dedicated to connecting those interested in legally exploring psychedelic-assisted therapy with practitioners who can support them.

Jemie has her masters degree in the field of Psychology, specializing in Gestalt and psychedelic-assisted therapy. She blends her deep knowledge of healing symptoms of root causes with therapy, nutrition/detox, energy, and body work. She has developed a unique method that allows one to connect back to their body’s intelligence and to therefore, allow the individual to heal their own body. She provides personalized healing services to corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and high achievers who struggle with burnout, exhaustion, mental health issues, auto-immune conditions, etc.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The 5 live teaching modules will run in January 2024. The coaching portion of the program will conclude in August 2024. 

At this time, our calls will take place at 12pm ET or 3pm ET. Generally, calls will take place morning PT, afternoon ET, and evening GT to accommodate as many timezones as possible. You will also have access to the recordings. Please note: call times are subject to change. 

You’ll save 10% on a pay in full plan and also receive an additional private session with Jemie where you will have a 60-minute deep dive on your practice (Value: $1,500).

Yes, we offer a 3-part payment plan.

20% off early bird special ends November 17th at 11:59pm ET

This is our one time offering to support you to step further into your calling. We may not run the same program again. 

We provide a limited amount of scholarships. Contact us to inquire.

Given the investment our team will make in your onboarding process and given the nature of the program. All sales are full and final. Refunds will not be issued.

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