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Lance Johns

Licensed Therapist | LMFT



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Redlands, California, 92374 United States

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How I work with Clients

I am a drummer, avid reader, and MMA fan. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which suggests that suffering is partially caused by sailing away from pain. The result is that you never quite make it ashore, you are lost in the sea of life. Your psychedelic journey is like setting sail on a vast ocean of self-discovery. Integrating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is like having a skilled navigator guiding your voyage. I help clients navigate the depths their inner world and chart a course that aligns with their values. The goal is to enhance flexibility--psychological flexibility. This is the ability to evolve or adapt according to the context--for you to act in accordance with what the current situation calls for you to do.

Treatment Approach

Picture Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as a powerful lantern that illuminates the darkest corners of your psyche. It allows you to shine a gentle light on the shadows and integrate the wisdom hidden within. Through ACT, you will develop the resilience to sit with uncomfortable emotions. You'll learn to navigate their ebbs and flows, transforming them into opportunities for growth and self-discovery. ACT also acts as a magnifying glass, helping you focus on the present moment and fully absorb the profound insights gained during your psychedelic journey.

ACT isn't just about profound insights and self-reflection; it's about taking bold steps and manifesting change in your life. Imagine ACT as a sturdy bridge that connects the visionary realms of your psychedelic experience with the practical reality of your everyday existence. It empowers you to cross this bridge, bringing back the transformative treasures from your journey and infusing them into your daily actions. Like a skilled alchemist, ACT equips you with practical tools and strategies to transmute these insights into lasting positive changes. With ACT by your side, you can turn the wisdom gained from your psychedelic odyssey into tangible transformation in your relationships, work, and personal growth.


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School: CSUSB

Graduated: 2017

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School: CSUSB

Graduated: 2015

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