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Addiction Specialist Offering Psychospiritual Integration

Susan Goodridge

Certified Nutritionist, Addiction Recovery and Psycho-spiritual Integration Coach


Boulder, CO

Boulder, Colorado, 80302 United States


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How I work with Clients

I offer a number of services including tantra work, inner child work, journey work, and integration work. Integration is an essential part of journeys if one wants her experience of seeing and healing to translate into their lives. Otherwise, one would have an experience that would feel isolated and a result of taking a “drug”. These experiences are truths wanting to be expressed and incorporated into one’s mind and life. This process is less about achieving abstinence and more about the integration of the Wildheart, one chakra at a time. It takes will and dedication, but it’s powerful work that helps uncover your True Self.

The “conversion experience”, the final transitional moment when you end the addictive behavior once and for all, comes as a result of maturing from your wound to your underlying essence, your Wildheart. There are sudden and gradual ways to arrive here.

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