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Treatment Approach

Advanced Wellness and Pain has a philosophy – “to heal from within”. We begin by prepping your treatment with specialized coaching to set your intentions and understand the process. We teach new skills to integrate into your life with individualized coaching sessions. Then we cultivate these positive changes with ongoing life coaching which optimizes your long-term outcome. This is a comprehensive transformative process.

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  • Doreen N.

    I’ve been dealing with knee pain since 2012 as a result of being a long distance runner. I’ve visited many doctors and physical therapists, used knee support sleeves, orthotics, and ultimately gave up running. I did not want surgery so my physical therapist recommended that I try PRP at Advanced Wellness and Pain.

    I was really impressed the moment I walked into the clinic, it was really clean and professional. Dr. Leathem who’s an anesthesiologist did the procedure and made the whole experience essentially pain-free. He took my blood, spun it in a centrifuge for 5-10 mins and under live X-ray, injected my PRP (liquid gold) into my knee joint. He said that I may experience some knee pain or inflammation due to the healing response, but it’s been 2 weeks and I’m happy to report that I’m pain-free for the first time in years!!

    While I was there, I found out that they also do vitamin infusions. I wanted to boost my immune system during this pandemic and since I was already getting my blood drawn for the PRP, it was easy to accomplish both. My vitamin infusion consisted of the Meyers cocktail and I added on high dose vitamin C, zinc, glutathione and vitamin D3. The setting for the infusion was so relaxing while I laid back on a zero-gravity chair with serene music.

    I felt so rejuvenated after this visit and plan to return for future visits. Thank you Dr. Leathem for your expertise and care! I highly recommend anyone who’s experiencing knee pain and wants to explore non-surgical options to visit Advanced Wellness & Pain!

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