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Albany Ketamine Infusions

523 Western Ave.

Albany, New York, 12203 United States


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  • L B.

    Dr Hansen and Dr Atkinson are professional and caring, and even though my husband and I are both lawyers and we asked a lot of questions and I can be a pretty sqeamish and picky patient, the treatments turned out well and I was very comfortable here. We ended up trusting these doctors fully. They know what they’re doing, and they seem to be doing it because they want to help people who need their expertise. I went there for severe refractory depression. I did not enjoy the dissociation I had during the entire infusions, but Dr Hansen and my psychiatrist were helpful, and the treatments lifted the depression when nothing else did. Dr Hansen’s qualifications and manner are top-notch, and these are very important with ketamine infusions. We did a lot of research before and during this process, and we wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else if you’re considering ketamine infusions for depression or pain. The info on the Ketamine Advocacy Network was also helpful.

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