All of Our Services Are Aimed at Helping You Feel Better and Look Better


Injection and Infusion Clinic

8400 Osuna Road NE, Suite 5C, 5

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87111 United States


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6 Reviews on “All of Our Services Are Aimed at Helping You Feel Better and Look Better”

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  • Marishka Yazzie

    I felt so much better after leaving, compared to how I went in. Everyone was incredibly nice and went out of their way to get me any information I needed or wanted. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

  • Frances Rodriguez Bonilla

    The service was good, fast and save with COVID 19 protocols. Totally recommended!

  • Angela Romero

    I always receive first rate care from the very knowledgeable staff at The Injection and Infusion Clinic.

  • Jamie Talamante

    Went cause I want to boost my immune system now with Covid cases so high. Had a great experience. Friendly safe, felt really safe was in my own room for the infusion. Also got a package of three infusions. So I’m definitely going back!!

  • K.E. van der Gaarden

    Started my road to healing for a progressive neuroinflammatory disorder (adhesive arachnoiditis, causes intractable pain) with outpatient infusions at the excellent Ketamine Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona. This was in 2017 before The Injections and Infusion Center opened.

    I’ve also had three hospitalizations at UNMH for ketamine infusions, and for me, ketamine is a lifesaver. My pain levels go from 10 to 0, but the ICU can be a tad noisy and because of an upcoming TedXAbq talk I needed immediate help as my pain levels were back to 7-8.

    It was daunting to switch to a new center with new providers, and this clinic couldn’t have been more professional and compassionate. Having a center like this in Albuquerque is a godsend. I had an infusion on Friday, the day before the talk. Ironically, my TEDx talk was on comedy and Ketamine!

    This has been a great experience, whether you’re seeking help with physical pain disorders or the pain of mental health disorders, give ketamine a chance. It may not work for all patients, just like medications don’t, but if ketamine works you’ll have another tool to help you through life. You’re in great hands with the staff at The Injections and Infusion Clinic!

  • Sandra Geary

    Very friendly staff, prompt visits, informative, and I love the Well Life membership option…and I am super picky about customer service!

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