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Desert Ketamine Clinic

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Desert Ketamine Clinic

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  • Craig

    Dr. Munk has been the ideal clinician to undertake ketamine treatment with. I’ve struggled with treatment-resistant anxiety and depression for most of my life, and he’s been really helpful in making me feel like ketamine was the right option for me. He’s great at communicating and answering any questions or responding to any concerns I have, and he’s very thoughtful about making the sessions themselves feel as safe and relaxing as possible. I’m still waiting to see how effective ketamine treatment will be for me, but I feel very positively about going through this practice to get it.

  • Ben

    I cannot speak highly enough about Dr Munk. There are doctors and there’s Dr Munk-(in a class of his own) no judgment on patients & one of the best people I’ve ever met. Period. Best ketamine infusion Anesthesiologist in the country- go see him If you need help. There’s not a kinder, more compassionate and understanding doctor that I’ve ever met. Plus, if you need treatment- he’s on the cutting edge with technology. Dr Munk understands psychedelics, the healing benefits. Dr Munk & Ruth are people you want to be around. Not many Doctors make you feel that way. True healer.

  • Anonymous

    My wife has been going to see Dr Munk for about 2 years now. Since her first transfusion I have seen an absolute 180° turn around with her depression and anxiety. I really appreciate Dr Munk, he is a great Dr and a great guy.

  • Christina

    First of all the office is beautiful! Very modern and comfortable. The staff is amazing! Making sure you are comfortable and your needs are met. The rooms are spacious and the chairs are extremely comfortable. They even have weighted blankets to help with anxiety. Dr Munk is extremely knowledgeable and has an amazing bedside manner. He explains everything in depth and takes the time to listen to questions and concerns. He called me back the first day I reached out and let me know what to expect with the process. These treatments changed my mood completely. I have suffered with bipolar depression, severe anxiety, PTSD and substance abuse for more than 20 years! I’ve tried every antidepressant twice, had ECTs and the SGB shot. I’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing has worked until I did this. I’m comfortable in my own skin again and very content. I would trust the care of my own children to Dr Munk and staff. Thank you Dr Munk and staff for giving me my life back!

  • Erica

    I love Dr. Munk. At first, I was nervous about the ketamine treatment and now I love it. I have mental health issues/anger issues and I feel like the treatment has helped me with those issues. The treatments has also helped me understand other certain things that I didn’t understand before.

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