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Ketamine Institute of Michigan

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Ketamine Institute of Michigan

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  • Terri

    Dr. Aharonov is truly a physician who cares for her patients. She spends time before and after the procedure. Very professional and caring. The staff is excellent. We have been to another rapid detox center and there is no comparison as to how much better Dr. Aharonov and her staff are. Thank you for saving my sons life.

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Aharonov is amazing. Super compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and everyone. She made me feel extremely comfortable. I have referred several people to her who have said that she is wonderful as well.

  • Sara

    I am beyond happy that I chose Dr. A and Advanced Detox. Everything was explained to me so we knew what to expect every step of the way and Ben ran such a professional staff! Sleeping thru my withdrawals was the best idea. The Vivitrol injection has given me almost a year without any desire for opiates too! I love my new ‘ Advanced Detox family’ in Michigan and look forward to calls and texts from Laura checking on me! My mom and I remain eternally grateful. I am finally free!

  • Robert

    In addition to being super intelligent, the doctor is kind, patient and warm. She speaks to you in a personable way and offers you understanding in a difficult situation. She saved my life and got me on the right path. It has been the best year of my life not to be dependent on drugs and I followed her instructions for a better life.

  • Anonymous

    Easily the best decision of my life. Was headed down the worst possible path of self destruction with imminent death peaking around every corner. Dr. Aharonov saved my life, without a doubt. Every day is a blessing, and I cannot thank Dr. Aharonov and her team enough. Without them, I wouldn’t be alive.

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