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Albany Ketamine Infusions

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Albany Ketamine Infusions

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  • Anonymous

    Dr Hansen is professional and caring, and even though my husband and I are both lawyers and we asked a lot of questions and I can be a pretty sqeamish and picky patient, I was very comfortable with him. We ended up trusting him fully. He seems to know what he is doing in giving ketamine infusions, and he seems to be doing it because he wants to help people who need his expertise. I went to him because of severe refractory depression. I did not enjoy the dissociation I had during the entire infusions, but Dr Hansen and my psychiatrist were helpful, and the treatments lifted the depression when nothing else did. Dr Hansen’s qualifications and manner are top-notch, and these are very important with ketamine infusions. We did a lot of research before and during this process, and we wouldn’t recommend going to anyone else if you’re considering ketamine infusions for depression or pain.

  • Mrs Sutton

    He is the epitome of what a Dr. should be. He truly cares about his patients and is so professional and also empathetic…After so many years of disability from depression and anxiety, I have hope. I just completed my sixth infusion yesterday and for the first time was able to get on the treadmill this morning. Try this if you are desperate… what a reprieve if not a cure!

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